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motherof3sons has 22 years experience and specializes in LTC.

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  1. motherof3sons

    The Boy Who Loved Justin Bieber

    No words, but wow....what a powerful story! Thanks to "Justin" for making this little boys life so much richer.
  2. motherof3sons

    My first dump and run

    Just recently we had a resident that took a sudden turn for the worse and family decided to keep her comfortable. So next day family comes in spends a few minutes with the resident. As they were leaving they told the staff, "we trust that she is in good hands, call us when she passes" I don't know what type of life this lady led and I am not passing judgement....but I was floored. Thankfully she passed peacefully the next day.
  3. motherof3sons

    What's the meanest thing a patient has said to you?

    Considering that I work in LTC, not surprised at some comments. But one night I finished doing LLL blood sugar and she was waiting for a CNA to get her ready for bed. So I had a few minutes and did her HS care, lotion, powder ect. Get her PJ's on and she whispers "You're just trying to kill me, kill, KILL, KILL" Then went on to holler repeatedly "I'm dying"
  4. motherof3sons

    True anxiety and dementia??

    That is what I was thinking.....I am hoping that continued conversations with our MD will result in a change.
  5. motherof3sons

    True anxiety and dementia??

    We have a resident who has been with us a month and she is having a hard time. She has severe anxiety when left on her own(was this way prior to admit). She seeks out staff, other residents, visitors and anyone to stay with her(even in the hallways, dining room, activities). She is very fearful of being left alone and grabs/holds onto you and begs you not to leave her(when pushing her wheelchair or moving her or putting her to bed). We don't have 1:1 but us RN's will bring her in the office while doing charting....but don't get much done as she is always talking:yes: and we have tried everything....redirecting, folding laundry, walking, blowing bubbles, books on tape ect. We have given Ativan but it helps just a little. It is heart wrenching to hear her.....begging you not to leave but we just have to sometimes. Our facility MD is aware and doesn't want to start other meds as she isn't a harm to herself or others. But she is miserable..... what are some other things to help?
  6. motherof3sons

    The Last Dose

    One thing I try to remember is that the death would have happened regardless of the meds you gave. If it is their time, it is their time. You made their passing comfortable and peaceful by giving those meds. Pain meds are given to make the body comfortable so the soul can leave. hope that helps
  7. motherof3sons

    My bedside quirks...wakey wakey

    We had a resident that wasn't waking up so the charge nurse took cold wash cloth and lightly washer her face.....surprise the eyes opened and "came" to!
  8. motherof3sons

    It can be Done!

    Way to go....enjoy the snow!!
  9. motherof3sons

    Ending the old and starting a new

    Congrats and Happy New Year! Best of luck in your future!
  10. motherof3sons

    Home health and scary dogs!!

    One home I visited the owner always let the little yap-yap dogs(nipping at my heels) out before I got in my truck.....I always prayed they would get under my tires when backing out.
  11. motherof3sons

    Felt so Bad for Resident...so Impressed with CNAs

    Those CNA's deserve a raise! I work with some incredibly compassionate, caring CNA's that go above and beyond. My residents are blessed to have them in their lives!
  12. motherof3sons

    RRT on DNR

    The nurse who was assigned(not you) to the patient dropped the ball long before you called in the RRT. It makes you wonder what happened all the hours prior to the patient passing???
  13. motherof3sons

    I beat cancer

    It is great to hear good news like yours! Congrats and Merry Christmas!
  14. motherof3sons

    The Gift of Hope

    Awesome story, portrayed so well! Thank you for sharing!
  15. motherof3sons

    Are nurses able to shower after shift?

    Just shower in an empty patient room. However you might be thought of as a patient and treated like one....enemas and all!
  16. motherof3sons

    Perfume at work?

    Some scents are triggers for others around you.....not that I don't appreciate people smelling nice. You can't know how everyone will react to certain scents---so I just apply deodorant. I can't even wear perfume at home. We attended a funeral this week and just the light scent of some perfume/body spray was enough that it caused hubby to start coughing. I attended the reception after the funeral alone while hubby went home.