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  1. Nurses Who Smoke Marijuana

    @ whatever comes: I'm not sure what prompted you to pick up an old thread & post as you did. I personally think you need to take your own advice before going off on a rant & bashing others. Bottom line, it doesn't matter one bit what you- or ...
  2. Need to vent!

    Txnursegal78: Yeppers, it is hard! But, if this is what you truly want, you have no choice other than to comply. Just continue to put one foot in front of the other, & do the next right thing. Try not to look at the whole big picture- just the ne...
  3. Just frustrated.

    Dekyrn: i certainly feel your frustration! If you seriously want the BSN, you have no choice but to tow the line- it's up to you! Personally, I'm not sure it would be worth it- but this is all up to you! If it's what you really want, you will do it.....
  4. Tpapn help

    Sally has put it succinctly (?) into a nutshell- know your contract requirements well- do what it says to the letter- fly under the radar & time will pass quickly! Best of luck!!
  5. A dog chasing its tail, my health care licenses

    Geez, Sally- it seems like it never ends, huh?
  6. Grateful

    These days, I am profoundly grateful to be dealing with a very messy, difficult family matter (involving my son & granddaughter- not mine, or my hubby's) in a very calm, clean & sober, rational manner! It really helps to have my emotions &...
  7. Its my birthday...its my birthday!

    congrats, Big Blondie!! what an accomplishment!
  8. Finally getting back license

    I have no idea what you should expect- but want to wish you all the best! Take care of yourself & the baby!! I'm happy for you!
  9. Tough point in my life

    @ SleeepyRN & roser13- I so very much agree- this reply was un-necessarily snarky!! & not helpful at all!
  10. What's the benefit of self reporting to tpapn?

    @ catsmeow- I "liked" your posts above- not because I like what has happened to you, but because the truth needs to be posted for those new to the recovery process. I am so sorry about what has happened to you- it is most unfortunate & detrimenta...
  11. Getting alternative AA meetings approved by your program?

    In TPAPN- quite a few years ago- I got approved to work nights. It had been my regular shift before, & I had spent some time on days, but then was allowed to go back to nightshift.
  12. TX: TPAPN and seeking jobs

    @ajg1117- it would be helpful if we know what state, & what area of that state, you are in! Welcome!
  13. Board Order

    so very glad for you! congrats!! does your TPAPN start now- or you already in that process?
  14. Recovery trek completion

    ummm.....did you read the previous couple of posts?? js...
  15. Positive alcohol test

    Oma: I, too, am sorry to hear this....wishing you all the best...hang in there....take care!