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  1. TXRN2

    A dog chasing its tail, my health care licenses

    Geez, Sally- it seems like it never ends, huh?
  2. TXRN2


    These days, I am profoundly grateful to be dealing with a very messy, difficult family matter (involving my son & granddaughter- not mine, or my hubby's) in a very calm, clean & sober, rational manner! It really helps to have my emotions & reactions stable & sane!
  3. TXRN2

    Its my birthday...its my birthday!

    congrats, Big Blondie!! what an accomplishment!
  4. TXRN2

    Finally getting back license

    I have no idea what you should expect- but want to wish you all the best! Take care of yourself & the baby!! I'm happy for you!
  5. TXRN2

    Tough point in my life

    @ SleeepyRN & roser13- I so very much agree- this reply was un-necessarily snarky!! & not helpful at all!
  6. TXRN2

    What's the benefit of self reporting to tpapn?

    @ catsmeow- I "liked" your posts above- not because I like what has happened to you, but because the truth needs to be posted for those new to the recovery process. I am so sorry about what has happened to you- it is most unfortunate & detrimental to you- having only tried to do the right thing for yourself & your nursing career. I can only hope & pray for a positive outcome in the long run for you.....
  7. TXRN2

    Getting alternative AA meetings approved by your program?

    In TPAPN- quite a few years ago- I got approved to work nights. It had been my regular shift before, & I had spent some time on days, but then was allowed to go back to nightshift.
  8. TXRN2

    TX: TPAPN and seeking jobs

    @ajg1117- it would be helpful if we know what state, & what area of that state, you are in! Welcome!
  9. TXRN2

    Board Order

    so very glad for you! congrats!! does your TPAPN start now- or you already in that process?
  10. TXRN2

    Recovery trek completion

    ummm.....did you read the previous couple of posts?? js...
  11. TXRN2

    Positive alcohol test

    Oma: I, too, am sorry to hear this....wishing you all the best...hang in there....take care!
  12. TXRN2

    Is Houston Stipulation Friendly?

    Liberty- it sounds like you are in a fortunate position- to not have to take a job just to get through your monitoring period. Best of luck- keep us posted!
  13. TXRN2

    Positive alcohol test

    Omaapecm- please keep us posted! Keep your positive attitude- we are all just human! Take care, my friend!!
  14. TXRN2

    Faith restored

    Yeppers- parts of Texas are a big ole mess right now! So very glad this worked out so well for you!! So nice to hear!!
  15. TXRN2

    NC BON and past opiate abuse

    there is another very current thread about this exact same issue......it is directly under this thread....
  16. taking all things in to consideration- bottom line- being on Subox, even with an Rx from a doc (which might cover you for a drug screen)- most BON's will not allow any nurse to work while on Subox- even if you wean off & they ever find out about it- could be bad news for you. I would tread very carefully- get info ahead of time from your school & anonomously from your anticipated BON, if possible. Best of luck to you- & definintely keep your recovery first & foremost- your life depends on it!!