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catmom1 is a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC, Psych, Med/Surg.

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  1. catmom1

    Nurses, Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019

    Prime Day is more about marketing than anything else. I have Prime but if I take the time to shop around I can usually find a better price for what I need.
  2. Thanks for your comment. Just recently, I had to reapply to a contract job I have had for five years because the company was bought out by a bigger one. They did a background check, e-verify, and a urine drug screen. During that last one, I had to tell myself not to act too familiar with that procedure, lest the tech know that I had been doing observed screens for years. At least this recent one let me go into the stall by myself. The whole process was so mechanical that I was glad that there were no problems with any of it. Anyway, even though you are the only one who's responded to my post, I knew my homies here would get what I was saying. This is in spite of the fact that I haven't been posting here much lately.
  3. Hi fellow nurses in recovery! I used to come to this forum quite a bit when I was going through my six years of license probation that has left me with a permanent black mark. My state never lets us evil addicts off the hook so my career was destroyed although I've been clean for close to 15 years. For several years, I have managed to get enough contract/per diem work to survive in spite of having crippling knee arthritis and no health insurance. Anyway, I had recently applied for another contract, on call type job to add to my "collection" and just this morning got the door slammed in my face because of my "black mark." The weird thing is that I am not as emotionally upset about this as I normally would be. When I got the email, I mentally shrugged and even responded to it, saying that I know the HR person couldn't care less but wanted them to know that my "crime" happened once 20 years ago. I mentioned that it was because of the medical condition of addiction. Maybe, just maybe, after all these years, I am retaining some sense of self worth in spite of what my state has done to me professionally. I personally think that it's a miracle I am alive after all I have endured. This hatred of addicts is a HUGE component of why an average if 130 people die of an opiate overdose every day! Thanks for reading. You guys get it, even if non-addicts have no clue. Catmom :paw:
  4. catmom1

    Bathroom? What's a bathroom ... ???

    You and I are in full agreement on this one, as my previous post indicated. Well said. Catmom :paw:
  5. catmom1

    Bathroom? What's a bathroom ... ???

    I don't get why nurses seem to take a strange kind of pride in sacrificing oneself for "others." Even the person who said he/she always takes self care, says it's so they can take care of others better. What's wrong with self care just because we are human beings and deserve decent treatment? This pressure not to even take a bathroom break is symptomatic of how abysmal nurses' working conditions are. This is no way to live. Catmom :paw:
  6. catmom1

    Nurses Who Smoke Marijuana

    No, a misdemeanor is still a lesser criminal offense than a felony. If the penalty is civil, it wouldn't even be a misdemeanor.
  7. catmom1

    I Will Not Do This

    I second what dirty bird said. Unfortunately for me, I may be banned from nursing forever because of my history of having diverted some Percocet back in 2000 when I worked in Med/Surg. Ever since the economy took a dump, I have been unable to get any kind of nursing job although I have been C&S for almost 9 years. Catmom:paw:
  8. catmom1

    Conflicts of interest

    When I had a job, being monitored was not difficult since I had the money to easily pay for it. (Sorry if I posted this same comment elsewhere ) Plus, I didn't have to "air my dirty laundry" to anyone when I wasn't interviewing for jobs. I have no doubt that it helps immeasurably that I was C & S long before going back to nursing. The stress of trying to sneak something by the powers that be would be horrible! Anyway, I am glad your experience has been better than mine, TXRN2. Catmom :paw:
  9. catmom1

    Point me in the right direction

    I stopped all drugs of abuse (except caffeine, lol) on Dec 8, 2004. Stopped compulsive gambling on Dec 22 of that year. I'm hanging onto the coffee, though. I'm with you on that one diva rn Catmom :paw: :anmllvr:
  10. catmom1

    BON said my urine was diluted!!!!

    I just saw an ad on this page for pet urine odor removal. This amuses me because I believe the ads we see are based on keywords in our posts. All this talk of urine made the advertising program think we needed an odor removal product. See? It could be worse. At least we are all continent! Catmom :paw:
  11. catmom1

    BON said my urine was diluted!!!!

    I have been being monitored almost 5 years now. The day of my very first urine drug screen was hot (June of 2006) and I drank a bottle of diet iced green tea on the way to the testing site. The next day, I got a call from the MRO asking me if I had taken Lasix or any other diuretic. (I did not) He told me that the level of dilution was insignificant but that my CM had insisted that he call me anyway. I responded with: "So what you are saying is that she (the CM) isn't rational..." The MRO didn't answer that one but he did say that if a future urine of mine were ever at that level of dilution that he would sign off on it and I wouldn't be charged extra. I was freaked out anyway because I was unemployed at the time and my total cost for this one screen would be over $100 after the MRO fee was added in. Theoretically, I could be called every day for a screen and be unable to pay my rent. I was so freaked out that when I left a message on my sponsors voicemail about it, she couldn't understand what I was saying through all the blubbering. So I feel your pain, lovess. I wasn't accused of tampering and I freaked out. My guess is that with time, this will blow over, but I know it sucks for you right now. As long as you continue in your recovery, things WILL work out. Keep in mind that the state's judgement of your recovery is not the final word. You know that you have stayed clean and as long as that continues, you will succeed in life, whatever the nursing monitor co may say. ***HUGS*** Catmom :paw: P.S. Oh yeah, and I never drink extra liquids before a drop & have plenty to "give" anyway.
  12. catmom1

    Help Finding A Job

    I saw the below ad on another recovery site. I do not live in Illinois but I noticed the area code is one for Chicago. This ad was from March but may be of help. I am in Omaha and have been out of work for over 10 months. I have completed 4 of 5 years of probation and need to work to get that last year completed. Good luck & here's the ad: I am currently seeking resources to target recruitment efforts for Nurses who are currently in recovery for Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse. Our company is seeking qualified Nurses to work in outpatient and residential settings for individuals affected by substance abuse. Ideally we want to hire individuals who can relate with our patient population. The ideal candidate has strong clinical skills, and a drive to want to work in a clinic setting or Detox program. Two years of sobriety are required, probationary licensure is accepted. Contact Jeff Battinus at 312-913-2327 or email resumes to jxbattin@gatewayfoundation.org Catmom :paw:
  13. catmom1

    Turned down due to nursing probation

    I know how you feel Mona, but I have learned when I start thinking "always" and "never" about how I will be looked down on etc, that is my own shame talking. Although I have been having a terrible time since last May looking for work, even I have had people who were respectful of me despite my past. I had a job for 2 1/2 years where I was hired my someone who was thrilled to have me. Unfortunately she left & her replacement just didn't like me for whatever reason... My biggest obstacle is my own shame. I stayed away from nursing for 5 years after I got in trouble because of it. Catmom :paw: P.S. Whatever you do don't let feelings of shame and worthlessness drive you back into your addiction! CM
  14. catmom1

    Turned down due to nursing probation

    Unfortunately you are not alone. One director of nursing acted like I had soiled his carpet by daring to apply at his facility. I have more than 6 years C & S and over 4 years of 5 years of probation completed. Just be happy they asked you to reapply when your probation is over. I certainly didn't hear even that.
  15. catmom1

    NCBON: Is this an Invasion of privacy ?

    OMG, this sounds like the "observer" would have to have his/her head practically in the toilet if you are sitting to urinate. Wow. Catmom :paw: