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  1. Would you care to update on your situation? I understand if you don't want to but please know that there is support here from folks who have been through all you are experiencing (and MORE) and lived to tell the tale. Good luck!
  2. This is the understatement of my day! I know this is a terrible situation for the OP, but I had to laugh at the idea of going before the BON and saying: "Sure I lied on my license renewal, but who hasn't?" OMG the expressions on the board members'...
  3. catmom1

    Permanent Restrictions

    Hi hbpa2021, Similar to my state of Nebraska, Ohio has one of the most punitive programs for nurses with disciplinary action on their licenses. The only way for you to get a real answer to your question is to consult an administrative law attorney w...
  4. Hi OhioFNP, I live in Nebraska where any transgressions related to addiction leave the nurse with a permanent black mark. My career was destroyed by this consequence. I wish you the best in your journey.
  5. Thanks to all who responded to my first post here. I used to prowl the recovery forum here at least once a day, but I hadn't checked back here since the beginning of August. I am glad to know that even though I am not active here any more, I have ki...
  6. catmom1

    What would happen if I just surrendered my license?

    OP needs a lawyer with expertise in administrative law, which is different from criminal law if you want to try to keep your license. That being said, because my state makes sure I have a "black mark" on my license for the rest of my life, no matter ...
  7. catmom1

    Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty.....

    My career was completely destroyed when I "diverted" drugs at my first nursing job 20 years ago. Just within the last month, I had a company turn their nose up at me because of my "black mark." Do those fools have any idea what I went through to ge...
  8. catmom1

    Nurses, Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019

    Prime Day is more about marketing than anything else. I have Prime but if I take the time to shop around I can usually find a better price for what I need.
  9. Thanks for your comment. Just recently, I had to reapply to a contract job I have had for five years because the company was bought out by a bigger one. They did a background check, e-verify, and a urine drug screen. During that last one, I had to ...
  10. Hi fellow nurses in recovery! I used to come to this forum quite a bit when I was going through my six years of license probation that has left me with a permanent black mark. My state never lets us evil addicts off the hook so my career was destro...
  11. catmom1


    I will go to my grave bitter as hell at my destroyed career. I have been through with the daily call-ins that lasted SIX YEARS since 2012. I was never able to get a decent job because I have a permanent black mark from one mistake that I made durin...
  12. catmom1

    It all depends on how you look at it

    I heartily agree with this sentiment. And you can be sure that I am one of those "destroyed nurses." I diverted oxycodone in 2000, have been clean since 2004 with a so-called "unencumbered" license but the black mark is forever in my state. I manag...
  13. catmom1

    Finding employment with IPN contract

    "They" don't have to justify anything. My nursing career was destroyed even AFTER I completed six years of monitoring because I have a permanent black mark on my license. Employers with decent jobs want no part of "my kind." If I had to do it ove...
  14. catmom1

    Throwing in the towel, and feeling liberated

    I just noticed this old post & wanted to correct my mistake. My license has been unencumbered since 2012 NOT 2016!
  15. catmom1

    Dental work

    I asked my case manager this question back when I was being monitored. She told me that it was a myth that getting dental work done with a local anesthetic would cause a false positive for cocaine. I got the work done with no problems.