So if all nurses are heroes.......


Hey there! This is just for fun... Every now and then I like to start a post that's light and refreshing. Some of the posts here can really bring me down, LoL! :D Soooo with that said:

If nurses were a team of hereos:

a) What would your superhero name be?

b) What would be your superpower?

c) What would be your nemesis/villians name?


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Superhero name: "Super Ventriculator"

Special power: Can normalize an irregular heartbeat with mental powers

Nemesis: "Tachycardion Tamponadinator"

Ya like???

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Superhero: Bionic Woman Nurse

Special Power: Better than I was, stonger, faster

Nemisis: Destroyer of Negativity

Specializes in Making people feel better. more and I'll stop, I promise lol!!!

Superhero name: "Dischargertron"

Special power: Patients immediately recover when in my treatment required due to my enormous bionic healing forces.

Nemesis: "Admittinator-CBC"

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Superhero: Nurse Dynamite !

Special power: To blow up any disease process like cancer, URI's, infectious diseases and etc.

villian: UTI monster


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Whoo Hoo!! I feel healthier already!! YAY SUPER NURSES!!!

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can knock down pain with a single dose


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ROFL, emtb2rn - reminds me of a recurring joke with a few of our staff, discussing the event that we ever lost our jobs and licenses and had to take up "exotic dance" to pay the bills. #1 stage name? "Delada," * of course. :lol2:

* Say it fast and it sounds an awful lot like a very well-known trade name for hydromorphone...

That said, on to the Resuscitation League:

"The Cardioverter" - able to psychically convert any arrhythmia to NSR by staring at the patient's rhythm strip. "A-fib, begone!"

"Easy Breather" - with powers over ventilation and perfusion. Can tag-team with Electrolytra to get your patient out of respiratory acidosis. "A little BiPAP, a little bicarb, and we're in business."

"Electrolytra" - able to control electrolyte disturbances. Magic word: "KAYEXALATE!"

"He-Mostasis Man" - can use his "Clotting Factors" to stop bleeding and reverse coagulopathies. "DIC is no match for me!"

Opposed by the Crash Crew:

"The Edematous Flash" - can flood lungs with a single glance. "She was fine three minutes ago, I swear!"

"Triaginator" - ties up your triage station for hours gabbing about ingrown toenails while 35 patients wait in chairs. Usually works in tandem with The Silent MI.

"The Silent MI" - Alter ego: Joe Papercut. Sits in your waiting room for hours with a chief complaint of nothing, before magically transforming into a full-blown resuscitation case.

"Dr. Dismal" - can psychically erase physician orders for antibiotics, fluids, pain management and diets, thereby leaving your patients miserable and you with no recourse.

...This is entirely too much fun. :yeah:

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Name: The Rage Whisperer

Power: Capable of knocking the crazy out of anyone with my Geodon and Ativan radioactive rays.

Nemesis: Borderline Betty, Histrionic Hillary, and Narcissistic Nancy

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Name: Narcotico

Power: Transport to an alternate universe

Nemesis: Mr Letmsuffer


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I loved wearing my SUPERNURSE SUIT, but now there arent any phone booths anymore.

No pain no gain but I can stop the pain and you will start the gain.

My nemesis would be the idiot in management that says "A NURSE IS A NURSE"