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sweetnurse63 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC, Med-Surge, Ortho.

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  1. I want to quit during orientation...

    I wouldn't do five 12 hour shifts back to back in LTC, you will burn yourself out. Also, do not put your license and peace of mind in jeopardy for no one.
  2. Crabs In The Barrel

    Wow, you spoke the truth. I have recently lost about 45 pounds and i have been exercising and changing the way I eat. Anyway, i have a close friend that have not said congratulations one time and it is really disappointing because other people that h...
  3. What have I gotten myself into.....?

    Organization is definitely the key.
  4. Fired for writing a nursing order?

    Hang in there, you had good intentions and I am sure that you have learned a lesson from this situation. Always at all times get an order, I dont care if it is for a backrub.
  5. Fired for writing a nursing order?

    RNs who don't work in long term care may not know that most of these facilities are staffed with about 75% of LPNs and a lot of them are unit managers and supervisors with a lot of leadership responsibilities but there must be a RN in the bldg at all...
  6. I failed nursing school by 1 class

    Sorry to hear that you failed out of the program, however; all is not lost. I would check to see if you can take the LPN-NCLEX and if so, you could do a bridge to RN program later. Also, if nursing is really your dream, then start over at another sch...
  7. Passed the NCLEX RN on the 3rd time!!!

    Congratulations!!!!! God is awesome and faithful.
  8. How would you react to a corrective resignation letter?

    I recently resigned from a facility because it was such a toxic atmosphere filled will low morale, favoritism and backbiting, not to mention some nurses trying to always get other nurses in trouble. Instead of working togethther some worked against e...
  9. Nurses Masquerading As Doctors (INSULTING)

    This doctor talks like he is unsure of himself and he is intimidated by the fact that nurses are highly educated professionals that did not have to spend 8 to 10 yrs in medical school. Nurses do not compare to doctors we have two different scopes of ...
  10. What is the most interesting case you've seen in the ER?

    Now this story is bizzare
  11. What is the most interesting case you've seen in the ER?

    Oh my gosh!!!!! your er stories takes the cake.
  12. 18 years dream come true

    I would not pay 650 dollars,get your self a good NCLEX book and practice, practice and practice; when you answere questions, read the rationale whether you answered the question right or wrong. You will pass, believe in yourself.
  13. 18 years dream come true

  14. We don't hire new nurses.

    Have you ever thought about the fact that God is allowing you to wait for the right opportunity, on the right unit and under the right supervisor or maybe the job that is assigned to you will be vacant pretty soon. Hang in there, it will happen at th...
  15. Retired, now what?

    May God bless you financially and physically. You really do have the heart of a nurse and this profession was blessed to have you for all of those yrs. I know that it isn't easy giving up something that you love to do, but hang in there and try to do...