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  1. TheMoonisMyLantern

    At a Crossroad

    This is very harsh, you cannot blame a toxic workplace on the OP. It is in fact possible to be offended without "looking" to be offended. And some healthcare providers can look down on others though thankfully in my experience they've been in the minority. I think one of the problems with nursing is that we sink our claws into each other instead of supporting and encouraging each other.
  2. TheMoonisMyLantern

    If the government legalizes marijuana in the US...

    I'm too tired at the moment to argue with you. All I'll say is try floating that idea over on the recovery form, I'm sure they'd all love to hear how weak they are.
  3. TheMoonisMyLantern

    If the government legalizes marijuana in the US...

    As a psych nurse surely you realize that being addicted to a substance doesn't mean that person is "weak", right?
  4. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Nurses not caring

    I see this where I work as well both with the nurses and the CNA's. It's so frustrating when people have such a crappy attitude, I don't understand why some people can't take pride in what they're doing. Nursing is so much more rewarding when you clock out knowing you did everything you could to take adequate care of your residents. I have CNA's that will refuse to answer call lights, refuse to change people, and when you call them out on their bull **** they either say "I don't care." or report you for being "confrontational". Oh and of course there's the "I didn't have time." excuse even though they sat on their fat butts playing with their cell phone or went out to smoke 500 times. I am fortunate that I do have shifts where the nurses and aides DO care and work together as a team to take excellent care of our residents. Man, I love those shifts. If only we could find a way to inspire some of the less motivated staff to look beyond themselves and take pride in what they do.
  5. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Since when is it okay to be late ?

    You certainly have a point and I do agree with you. However, I don't believe the OP is inferring that this generalization is applicable only at her place of employment, I interpreted that this is how she feels in general towards the younger generations everywhere. I could be wrong, but that's how I took it.
  6. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Since when is it okay to be late ?

    As an older nurse you should have learned in your experience that anecdotal data is often the least accurate. I also sincerely doubt that even with your vast experience that you've worked with millions of nurses nationwide and have observed 99% of the younger ones show up late. Yes I'm being a smart ass and maybe your thread just hit me the wrong way, but what I'm trying to point out is that your experience no matter how valid it is is localized and cannot speak for the entire population of "younger" nurses nationwide.
  7. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Since when is it okay to be late ?

    With all your knowledge and all your decades of experience, you still make sweeping generalizations about an entire age group of people. Believe it or not, not all of us younger nurses are entitled pieces of scum with no work ethic. I've worked with excellent nurses some older and some younger, I don't really think of age be they young or old as an indicator of competence and anyone who does is woefully ignorant in my opinion. I know you've been a long time poster, and I have a lot of respect for your experience but respect is a two way street you weren't born an older nurse after all.
  8. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Nurses Smoking: Compassion Instead of Judgement

    It's amazing how intense nicotine addiction and withdrawal can be. I think we sometimes downplay its intensity in comparison to other substances, "Oh it's just cigarettes." but damn when they have a hold of you, it's an iron grip.
  9. TheMoonisMyLantern

    I need an experts opinions please !!

    I think you did the right thing, I'm sorry they treated you that way. No one should be made fun of because of the way they talk. Hopefully HR can assign some cultural awareness training to these knuckleheads so that it doesn't happen again.
  10. TheMoonisMyLantern


    I actually worked at one hospital that had a special code they'd announce on the intercom when Joint Commission arrived. It'd be announced and everyone in management would be scrambling around, it was kind of funny actually, like they were announcing the beginning of an invasion.
  11. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Dangers of teaching kids they can be boys or girls

    Can someone banish this troll back to the bridge they climbed out from under?
  12. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Dangers of teaching kids they can be boys or girls

    Did it ever occur to you that more people are identifying as trans because there is increasing support and less stigma that 20 years ago? Don't be so judgmental it's not up to you to control how people live their lives. If you don't approve of being transgender, than I would recommend you not transition yourself. :)
  13. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Nursing nightmares.

    I have 2 recurring nightmares. One is where I make it to the end of the shift and have forgotten about a patient and haven't seen them all night. The other is where I'm at the nurses station and I have all this work to do but I keep falling asleep. I always wake up very stressed with both if these dreams.
  14. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Career in flames

    Thanks for your reply, Viva. I do take my medications as ordered, I have learned the hard way that I have to take them. I really don't want to consider disability at this point in my life because I have so many working years left, though I will keep it in mind if I don't remain stable. I'm glad you have found peace in your life, I hope I can do the same.
  15. TheMoonisMyLantern

    Career in flames

    This is solid advice, thank you.