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TheMoonisMyLantern has 15 years experience as a ADN, LPN, RN and specializes in Mental health, substance abuse, geriatrics, PCU.

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  1. Things I wish my patients understood

    I couldn't remember who had said that on here a while back, thanks for posting it again, I've used it a few times since reading it way back when 😀
  2. NP Please help!!

    And of course the OP automatically goes for the "I hope you're never my nurse!" buckshot as though that should send a quake of dread through the community and cause us all to clutch our pearls having been given the ultimate insult by some random anon...
  3. NGT medications

    In LTC the regulations actually require medications to be given individually through a PEG tube, which is absolute lunacy. Whether it's compounding or not I can't say either way. But the rationale given to nurses for this is often due to possible "in...
  4. Things I wish my patients understood

    I wish patients understood that as nurses we are pretty much cogs on a wheel and have very little influence of policy and medical decisions In the hospital as bedside staff. I have this conversation weekly with at least one patient and I don't sugar ...
  5. Getting Fired

    Have you considered private duty? You would be with only one patient for the duration of your shift as opposed to being pulled into many directions between the care needs of multiple patients. Be aware that pay tends to be lower and there can be diff...
  6. Glad to see the families back

    At my facility (LTC) we began allowing visitation from families/friends a few weeks ago. Our residents had gone over 1 year without physical contact with their families, spouses, friends which had devastating consequences. Sure, we all know how...
  7. Nursing: Virtual Simulation vs Real Life Clinical, which is better?

    On one hand I'm skeptical of "virtual clinicals", on the other hand clinical experiences overall seem to get more neutered with each passing year. Less time per day, per semester, per program. Less hands on instructors. Fewer hours per clinical day. ...
  8. Buying a House on a Nurse's Income: How Do Nurses Afford $450,000+ Houses?

    @Curious1997 I've found your posts in this thread really interesting and kudos to you for finding so many opportunities for putting your money to work. I do believe you're underestimating your intelligence and business acumen to a great degree a...
  9. Buying a House on a Nurse's Income: How Do Nurses Afford $450,000+ Houses?

    No judgement here, I always enjoy hearing people's experiences.
  10. Private vs. Community College

    79k is problematic price for tuition for a couple reasons. For one, the starting salary for an RN in most places in the U.S. is NOT going to be 79k and it's usually a very bad idea to take out loans to cover an education that will cost more than your...
  11. I got a verbal warning for not greeting the new Director of Care?

    Well, this doesn't bode well for how the manager's "reign" is going to go. This post is an excellent reason why I have always worked night shift.
  12. Best practice for comforting embarassed patient?

    Usually the conversation goes something like "Oh I peed/pooped the bed, I'm so sorry." I hate it when someone apologizes for being incontinent because it's just one of those things that can happen when you're ill/old/dying etc. so I usually make a po...
  13. Best Ways for Managers to Help Nurses and Other Colleagues

    What were things you needed/wanted help with when you were working the floor? What things slowed you down, made your day less convenient, etc? Some things to consider, in my facility we have to call all lab results and imaging results to the provider...
  14. Buying a House on a Nurse's Income: How Do Nurses Afford $450,000+ Houses?

    Thanks for sharing this information. I always wanted to work somewhere with a union and I've always heard positive things about Minneapolis in general. I agree with you on the house, my grandparents had a home built in the 1800's, beautiful hous...
  15. Patients Viewing Nursing Notes In Real Time

    I really agree with this. We can get very valuable information from other parties even if we can't release information. Now, sometimes it's a load of bull and the person is just trying to stir the pot but many times they provide a more complete pictu...