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  1. No, you can't be a RN right now. You need to concentrate on your health first. Pls see a good neuro. I also agree with the above to stop driving before you kill yourself or someone else. I'll be praying for you. Don't give up on your dream but do put it on hold for a bit until you are well.
  2. Batman25

    Do I have to give my job information about my court hearing?

    She did give them enough notice to get the day off and it's shameful they didn't just comply. I wouldn't submit a thing and I wouldn't have shared you had a court date either but consider that a lesson learned for next time.
  3. Batman25

    Does your facility do this?

    What they are suggesting is illegal. You are to be paid for all the time you work. If they don't you call the Dept of Labor and report them. It is taken seriously by them. Don't let them get away with taking advantage of you and behaving in an unethical and illegal way. Also, if you punch out and work you aren't covered by worker's comp and insurance because you aren't on the clock at that time. They will hang you out to dry.
  4. Batman25

    Privacy rules for reproductive history

    The doctor clearly forgot their earlier conversation and I'm really sorry to read that. Shame that her private info wasn't kept that way. I do always tell people if you want to keep your private health info private it is wise to leave people out of the exam room. I do ask people to leave the room before asking private questions.
  5. Batman25

    Terminated illegally I believe

    Typically when terminated your employment ends immediately. There is no notice. Employees often give notice to their employer and not the other way around. Scummy as the situation is with the non-compete that part is legal. I have signed them in the past but not as a nurse and only when I knew it wouldn't hurt my future chances at employment. If he is now adjusting the doc for some legally I do think he would have to adjust them for all but he has already since terminated you. If you don't plan on signing and staying I wouldn't return to work. They can set you up and I would avoid that at all costs. I would talk to a lawyer and get some advice. It can't hurt any.
  6. Batman25

    Bitter dried up nurses that need to RETIRE

    Be very careful that in your quest to provide good customer service you don't provide bad patient care. That can and does happen. The customer isn't always right when they are the patient and you need to be mindful of that. Something that could make the patient very happy could also have dire health consequences. Be open to learning from those with more experience. Good luck in your new endeavors.
  7. Batman25

    Salary on offer letter different than verbal offer

    They made a written offer of $32 and that's what he signed. That's now the written and binding contract.
  8. I'd put it at a 10/10. It sounds like in your case the person should have failed. If they put people through that struggle that defeats the whole purpose.
  9. Batman25

    My friend was fired - Was she wrong?

    Yes, she was wrong. It is an offense that is serious enough that it could lead to a firing. Did it have to? Not necessarily. They could have written her up or suspended her. I would like to know how anyone even found out. The RN shouldn't have asked her to do it so I can't see the RN telling anyone. I can't imagine the RT sharing the info either. Was there a prob with the patient or did someone see it and report it?
  10. Excellent news. Now let's hope more justice is to follow and the doc and county prosecutor gets their asses handed to them as well. I feel for these nurses and think of them often. I pray both can fin new jobs and get the income and peace they so deserve.
  11. Batman25

    Patient rights v. Clinical instructor?

    Your instructor is dead wrong here. If they say no and you proceed to touch them that is legal battery. They could press charges. You educate, document refusal, and move on. On a side note you don't bathe a patient that can bathe themselves. You can give them supplies, etc. but you let the patient do as much for themselves as they are able to do. You seem to understand this and it's sad your instructor doesn't. She sounds like she has no respect for patients and/or their privacy let alone their legal right to refuse.
  12. Batman25

    So Sick of Pushy Patients and Verbal Abuse

    It pretty much sums up all the is wrong with our system in so many hospitals. They wouldn't have gotten the milkshake in mine. The surgeons would have said they can sign out AMA and have their milkshake or stay and be treated. Period. We are a much more united front where patient safety is at play. This is how it should be everywhere. Imagine if this patient needed surgery and died because they got a milkshake. A lawyer would have a field day and the hospital would be screwed to the tunes of millions. The idiocy is astounding. Call a RRT for a milkshake at our hospital and expect a nice big bill and a well deserved verbal thrashing to boot. Hope another patient wasn't in dire and real need at the time. I honestly can't believe they would give in to it. Ours would have chewed them up and spit them out in the nicest most professional way of course. lol
  13. Batman25

    Patient complaint filed

    I'm really sorry. What did they actually fire you for? Did you have any disciplinary action against you in the past? Did they put your dismissal in writing and give cause for the firing?
  14. Just to echo so many others in this thread pls let the woman hold her husband. The man is dying. Let her enjoy the end of his life as much as she can. Let her be in peace and find some closure. She needs that.
  15. Batman25

    My horrible hospital stay. What would you do?

    Call your surgeon RIGHT NOW. Always listen to your instincts. It does sound like an infection and you would know. Pls give them a ring and see what they say. You can deal with the bad stay at a later time. Get well first.
  16. As far as the taping goes get Risk Management/Legal Dept involved ASAP. They need to be notified immediately. Thhey will advise you how to prceed or take over. Thy are looking to sue down the line. It is wise that none of you provide care alone. DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT. If you see abuse you are a mandated reporter. Get Social Services, APS, Tthe police, etc. involved immediately. I know you haven't witnessed it as of yet but if this truly happening and others haven't gotten the proper authorities involved it is shameful. A big part of our job is advocating for those who can't advocate for themselves. This woman is in such a vulnerable position. Pls step up and do the right thing for her. I would also not leave him in the room alone with her either. God knows what he does when no one is around. Do thorough skin assessment for bruising, burns, etc.

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