So is this economy hurting anyone else??????


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So I have a friend who has been an RN for about 2yrs now and is working at a small rural hospital. She was telling me last night that about 10 managers throughout the hsopital were let go the other day d/t financial reasons. All of their nurses are worried about their jobs and futures with this soecific hospital. I know at my facility they are changing some things around d/t the economic crisis as well. So is anyone else changing things around because of financial woes? Also, are there any facilities not hiring BSN nurses right now d/t this? I have been looking to go back to get my BSN, but with our economy, is it reasonably sound? Do you think that employers will be more likely to hire ADN instead of BSN to help pad their wallet a little more?

Thanks to all and keep up the work in this hard time!!!


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Well it has hurt my 401 k to the tune of about 150 k. But that will recover in time. But outside of that I am doing very well other than that. Life is very good for me.

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adn and bsn nurses make the same salary as entry level bedside nurses. give or take a dollar depending on the hospital. more education never hurt anyone. if time and finances allow, get your bsn.

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I don't know about your area, but ADN and BSN nurses are paid the same. You wouldn't know there is any economic issues by looking at my health system. We are opening new units, and opening a new hospital in March. We are also hiring when alot of our competitiors are on hiring freezes.

However the economy in Michigan stinks right now. My dad is laid off, I have friends who have family in the auto industry and their famlies are either out of work or are in fear of losing their jobs. In 2006 my dh lost his job and he didn't find another one until Feb, 2008. The problem was he would get interviews and they didn't hire him since they weren't even close to being competative with his previous pay. He has since kept the job he found in 2008, but is looking for a better job, especially one with better pay and benefits.

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I have been canceled 3 out of my last 4 12 hour shifts; I work per diem.

In the past, cancellation was a rare event happening every couple of years.

I occasionally scan the local job listings. Where have all the jobs gone? The job postings list has shrunk fewer positions and most of them on nights.

It reminds me of when I was a new grad looking for work in the 90's.


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The health system where I live is on a hiring freeze until further notice for the more "popular" areas like labor/delivery, ED, etc. This is scarey for me because I will be graduating this May. It's very disappointing and discouraging when I've worked so hard to get this far, and this happens. I will graduate from a 3 year diploma program and am going to start the BSN right away. Luckily I already have a BS so it will take me less than a year, but from what we're all hearing right now, BSN grads are preferred in this area.


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We will only hire a BSN unless it is a staff member who goes to nursing school. Bedside nurses here have no worries but anyone else who could be expendable has to worry

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The area I live in is in a hiring freeze also. I am an agency LPN (have been for 18yrs) and in the past, could have bee 3 of me, working 24/7 and turning down shifts.

This is the 3rd week that I have NO SHIFTS..... usually able to get 2 or 3 --- The newspaper here also has very few want ads..... usually RN, and/or 11-7. Most are very part time in offices.......

Been considering a career change..... but what????? I thought I had it made in the medical field.


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I'm working on my RN-BSN right now, despite the economy being as it is. The way I see it, more education will only help to make me more marketable. If I were to get laid off or hours cut or something, at least I'd be more marketable in finding a new job. Where I live, the hospital laid off around 500 staff members a couple months back. Direct patient care workers weren't affected, but RN's that were case managers were laid off. Also, my dad who works for the auto industry just got laid off. I'm fortunate that I've been working my 3 12's a week, and even able to pull extra hours per diem at my second job.


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I would say to go for the extra education. A BSN will be more marketable as, for better or worse, more education for entry is the way nursing is going.

In my area, our hospice still has trouble finding people, in-house or agency, who will do continuous care, especially nights.

Just came back from Costco and an Apple Store. Both doing good business. Coscto more than good, and it wasn't all consumer staples either.

A lot of the doom and gloom is just the normal sensationalism of the media. Kind of like the 10,000 deaths from Hurricane Katrina.


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I love costco stores. I love wandering around with all their free sampling. About the only time I shop there though is when I make an occasional run there to buy a donation of items for the local food pantry.

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Yeah - the hospital were I work laid off lots of low-paid workers, took away our banked earned time, is cutting our PTO time, wants us to buy new uniforms, and pay for parking, and the latest rumor, a 2% pay cut. Also, I'm sure no pay raises but we will have our health insurance raised.

But we still have lots and lots of vice-presidents collecting their bonus'!

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