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wearingmanyhats has 23 years experience as a RN.

agency LPN, CNA clinical instructor, classroom sub teacher for health Occupations, camp nurse

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  1. wearingmanyhats

    Clothing protection ideas

    I work with learning support students, and several of them drool... they wear "bandana" type scarfs tied around their necks...
  2. wearingmanyhats

    Help with Major CNA Problems

    I would also write up EVERY thing that needed addressed... AND KEEP A COPY for yourself!!! Good Luck!
  3. wearingmanyhats

    Giving injections question....

    I have been giving flu vaccines for a major company... and we have syringes that we cannot change the needle, and 90%+ of my patients say they hardly felt it at all... we are using small needles (I would have to look next time, but I think they are 28 gauge)
  4. wearingmanyhats

    Did you get anything?

    We were advised not to have any thing on our car that identifies us as a nurse....
  5. wearingmanyhats

    Alzheimer's: You Might Have A Problem If . . . .

    OMG!!! Thanks for the laugh... I work mostly in dementia... and THERE are days you begin to wonder if you don't need to be assigned a bed there (hmmmm.... why did I come down in the basement???) And you are so right... if you are caring for a loved one... you do need to laugh to keep from bawling...
  6. wearingmanyhats

    Clinical instructor/student 10:1?

    I was hired (as an LPN) last August to be the Clinical Supervisor for CNA students... Our state (PA) allows me to have 10 students out in the clinical setting. I am expected to be there WATCHING when they transfer a resident, and I am only with them for 5 days (40 hours out of the 100 hour class) and I really feel that they are not truly getting enough time in total... 100 hours is not very long to learn all the things that are required for them to pass their certification test.
  7. wearingmanyhats

    Do you wear your engagement rings at work?

    I wear both my wedding band, and my diamond, and on my right hand, a birthstone ring... always have, always will (I ALWAYS wear gloves, wash my hands WELL, and use alcohol wipes on my rings) Even if I wanted to, I cannot get my rings off... I have arthritis, and my knuckles are large
  8. wearingmanyhats

    Cant keep a watch working!

    I am wearing a Pulsar -- don't know the model number, but it is WATERPROOF (I wear it all the time except to shower... including swimming, fishing, and jetsking...) I never have any problem with it.
  9. wearingmanyhats

    Need comments and support for hysterectomy

    I had a hyst 6 yrs ago (still have both ovaries) and I am ever so happy I did... I had fibroids so bad that I couldn't get thru a med pass without a trip to the "little girl's room" I had a TAH -- had 3 c sections prior, and it wasn't much worse than that as far as the surgery went. I was restricted to activities for 8 weeks, but after about 2, was feeling pretty good. I agree... abide by your MD's orders, and you should be fine...
  10. wearingmanyhats

    Impaired nursing not cool

    I think I would call the BON... this person is an accident looking to happen...
  11. wearingmanyhats

    What shoes do you wear at work?

    I LIVE in my Birkies... clogs in winter (or in summer if I am wearing socks) -- Always clogs for work... or sandals. I have plantar fascitis and since I started wearing them.... much less pain. I still have the arthritis pain, but wayyyyyyyyyyy better
  12. wearingmanyhats

    Nurse Educators, Introduce Yourselves!

    I am an LPN who was just hired by our local Career and Tech Center (think VoTech) to be the clinical supervisor for the CNA students in the clinical area... I attended a certification class a few weeks ago...
  13. wearingmanyhats

    Whats the worst that can happen?

    If I was the "top" medical person there and felt 911 was warranted, I would NOT hesitate to grab my cell and dial...
  14. wearingmanyhats

    Methods of instruction for LPN's to become cna instructors

    I was recently hired at our local Career and Tech Center (formerly VoTech) and here in PA... I had to have a "Teach The Educator" certification... is was a 4 day class and was really interesting. I would say to check your state regs... you never know. GOOD LUCK!
  15. wearingmanyhats

    Anyone teach High School CNA/Health Careers classes?

    WOW.... I am glad I decided to look on here... I am an LPN (live in PA) I just found out on Monday that I will be an assistant instructor at our local Career and Technology Center (formerly Vo-Tech) working with High School students -- my job will be the clinical supervisor of CNA students in the LTC where they will be training. They will also use my as a substitute classroom instructor, as well as a sub building nurse. I will be taking the Teach the Teacher course next week... got the materials already... it is a TON of paper... hoping they don't intend to spoon feed it to us. Any hints/tips etc would be welcome!