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My habit affects my heath, not yours. I am NOT smoking in your home, I am smoking in mine.


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Originally posted by GEO

My habit affects my heath, not yours. I am NOT smoking in your home, I am smoking in mine.

but we have to breath your second hand smoke which is worse than your filtered smoke! hard to find a smoke free restraunt or bar, not to mention just trying to walk through the smoke from people at the entrances to hospitals as well as other public establishments. SO YOU SEE YES YOUR SMOKING DOES AFFECT MY HEALTH.

one more thing look at the cost to provide health care to smokers it costs MORE. which drives up insurance and health care costs for everyone.AND THAT IS A PROVEN FACT!

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To the OP:

Awfully defensive if it's supposedly no big deal?

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GEO..........You obviously haven't seen the commercial of late where the mother sits down at the breakfast table smoking. Her young daughter is sitting there eating breakfast. As the mother takes in a puff of the cig, the daughter is shown exhaling the smoke. :o

Second hand smoke is actually proven to be more harmful than the one smoking the cig.

As a grandmother to children with Asthma and Eczema, I am 100% anti-smoking! As a former pedi nurse, I could not convince the parents that it was the smoking chemicals that lingered in the air, on their clothing, furniture, and drapes that aggravated their children's asthma, Eczema, and other upper respiratory problems.

They listened to reason in that regard like a heroin addict listens to reason. :rolleyes:

My children's father and my parents were chain smokers. I grew up with major health issues due to cig smoke. My children's father and I did NOT smoke, nor did we have our children around smokers, and did not allow it in our homes or on our property.

Lo and behold........guess who grew up smoking? Our kids! :o

It's taken yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssss to get those kids to kick the habit for the sake of their children's health due to some of them having asthma and one whom has asthma coupled with severe Eczema. One of my son-in-laws still smokes.......but his rationale is that he "smokes outside away from the children". Another stubborn one truly addicted to his cigs to the point of overlooking the benefits of quitting...even for my grandchildren's sake. :rolleyes:

P.S.......Cigerette smoke has also been linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

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Good post, cheerfuldoer.

My husband (we're separated, but kind of with an on-again, off-again relationship) promised he would quit smoking when I was diagnosed with asthma, but it hasn't happened yet.

It is a disgusting habit, and to each his own... until you endanger the health of another person. And when so many public places still allow smoking, you ARE affecting the health of others. I've been writing lots of letters to offices of restaurants and other businesses in our local area trying to get them to become non-smoking facilities only. So far, one has changed its policy. :)

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You already know the dangers of smoking all I can say is smokers STINK, you can smell them coming a mile away. It is offensive to people with bad allergies, smokers abuse breaks and non smokers have to cover for them, this thread is just more of the same old debate. :rolleyes:


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Suffered from severe asthma as a child, and spent lots of time ina hospital for it. Had issues d/t the fact that I had to pop pills and suck on inhalers for YEARS, and was a bit sickly as a kid. Had a dad that smoked 2+ packs a day. I wonder if the second hand smoke had anything to do with my sickliness as a child?

Just hope you don't have kids, and if you do, you don't smoke in your home.

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Originally posted by GEO

My habit affects my heath, not yours. I am NOT smoking in your home, I am smoking in mine.

I can say with assurance, since I don't know you or live with you that your smoking does not affect my health. That part is true.

It does indirectly affect the high cost of my insurance and a host of other costs to the society I live in.

We all aren't innocent and have habits that indirectly affect others. Smokings a biggie and affects us all.

Of course, we benefit from the high taxes you pay on those cigarettes. Guess I could look at it like that. :)


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I remember that button that said:


I can't agree more......

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smokers smell like walking ashtrays

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There are several cities/towns in Colorado who are discussing making no smoking a low within the city limits (private homes excepted) bars, restaurants, public buildings, etc. Some also want to prevent smoking period in their towns. No smoking in cars, outside buildings (where the air is fowled), and this is causing some stir, but the activists for the ban are beginning to take hold. Broomfield has now passed a no smoking law.

Have you seen the Liggit and Myers commercial? It is so anti-smoking! It even says that the only way to prevent illness, is never to start, and if you smoke now, to quit. The even have a help-line to assist in quitting.

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