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I just wanted to leave a complimentary thread about the new Sketcher sneakers advertised on television with the rocker bottom-which is very similar to MBT. I purchased two pair last week, a white for work and black for casual wear and they feel like heaven. I was interested in purchasing MBT at first, but they were too expensive. Thank goodness I waited, because now, I was able to get these for $99. each. Well worth the money, folks!:up::yeah:

I love my new pair of ShapeUps. Can't believe how much better my knees and feet feel at the end of the day. I'm a big dude, 6'3" tall and 200lbs, so I'm hard on my shoes. These are the best I've had so far, but I'm only 3 days in. I'm curious to see how long they last...

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I finally got a pair for work. I love them. I am very picky about my shoes since recovering from 2 broken feet 5 months ago and I finally finished a 13 hour shift without the extreme soreness. :D

I've been in physical therapy working on strengthening my legs and learning to walk normally again.....these shoes have helped tremendously!!!

I'm about to go get another pair to wear at home! :nurse:

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I had a pair of Jungle Mocs by Merrill for NS and I had to put gel inserts in them, they were still just "okay".

I mentioned in another thread, I'm shocked how great these are. I too, have zero back, feet, or knee pain. I have a high instep and I'm on the small boned slender side which translates as no padding or support on my own! These shoes feel like I'm literally bouncing on squishy clouds all shift.

I wanted to try a pair of Nike Shox to switch off, but it's hard to beat zero pain or fatigue. I've had them almost 3 mos and they still feel great, so even if they need to be replaced q 4 mos, definitely worth it.

Very good to know! :up: I was going to go with the Nurse Mate sneakers because I'm a sneaker person ALL the way, but I used to wear Sketchers a lot & remember how comfortable they always were.

Going to need the best on my feet for both school & work!

And cutest sneakers, lol, & we all know Sketchers are cute.

I saw that Sketchers makes scrubs too. :up:

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I tried on a pair of Sketchers, but I cannot wear them. My foot is way too wide and chubby to fit into a pair of these shoes comfortably.

I guess I'll have to continue wearing the New Balance wide width shoes.

I will be starting nursing school this Fall and was thinking about getting Dansko's given all the great reviews. Do you think Sketchers are better? Also, what version of the shape-ups did you guys get - the S R?? I have to purchase an all white shoe so how easy are they to clean?

Thanks in advance!

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I have the same question as Ladybug15 too. How easy are these to clean? I know they're not like crocs where you can just wipe them down. Do you throw them in the washer?

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I put mine in the washer and let them soak overnight, gentle wash and rinse with whhite vinegar or fabric softner. Dry in front of the fridge or fan, not the dryer.

I wanted to spare myself from years of feet/back pain while I'm still young so I bought a pair of white ones last week. I work 12+ hour shifts, and thought it'd be a great way to tone up as well. I admit to feeling lower back pain at the end of the 1st day, but I figured it's because I needed more time to break them in. Now I'm more comfortable and my butt feels firmer! A bit early to say, but I think it's worth the buy. I'm looking forward to the results 1-3 months down the road =)

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Personally, I don't CARE about how the butt looks (although that would be a plus!). I DO care that since I started wearing the Sketchers (or now the "Champion" brand knock-offs--cheaper) I can sleep at night without the leg cramps keeping me awake. The shoes are awesome!!

I've been torn between Dansko and Sketchers for a long while now when it comes to which I was going to try first. But based on whoever said their heel pain disappeared, my choice is now made.

I never used to have that problem, but the past few months I come home from work and my heels are in horrible pain. I can't get comfortable, and the drive home is indeed awful. Next time I have a bit extra on my check, I'll be picking up a pair for work. If all goes well, I'll buy another all white pair once I bridge into the RN program.

After reading all of the great things you all had to say about sketchers shape ups i think that I am probably going to get a pair. I have one question though did you buy just the regular shape ups or the ones for work? I think the main difference is the slip resistant bottoms.

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