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RN Zeke

RN Zeke

Postpartum, Antepartum, Psych., SDS, OR
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RN Zeke specializes in Postpartum, Antepartum, Psych., SDS, OR.


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  1. RN Zeke

    Why is Epic better than Cerner?

    Epic and Cerner user here (others also), Epic rocks. I would enjoy working during another Epic going live on the consulting end.
  2. RN Zeke

    HCA Hospitals in Houston(Woman's Hospital and Clear Lake)

    Have you thought about other hospitals as well? There are so many to choose from. Driving time can be a big factor!
  3. RN Zeke

    Austin, Seton-Brackenridge

    ICURNGUY, Have you returned to Austin? Will you be working for Seton? Let us know if it is still the same, better or worse....Good Luck
  4. I have met many travelers that are married, children at home with Dad or Mom, or spouse home with the animals. That number has grown the last few years.
  5. RN Zeke

    Reputation of a travel company

    I keep getting job information from them too,was thinking about contacting them. Thanks for the information!
  6. RN Zeke

    Working in Hail Saudi Arabia

    I have only heard of the companies that make you leave the family behind, unless you are a DR.
  7. RN Zeke

    RN network or Intelistaff

    NO! It is not a good rate!
  8. RN Zeke

    Is EPIC coming to your facility??....

    I understand hospitals build their own EPIC programs pretty much. The charting can be very difficult as thre are so many places to do one thing, such as verify orders.....Try to D/C a patient....Wow, it isn't easy. I do love computer charting. versions of EPIC and the bad versions
  9. RN Zeke

    RV's anyone???

    These are questions only your DR can answer, YOU as a NURSE should know this!!! Are you physically and mentally ready for the challenge of traveling? Sure it is great fun, but Nurses must be ready to learn how it is done in ROME, not how they did it for 25 years else where because no one cares. We must have our eyes and ears wide open and our MOUTH shut most of the time! My 2 pennies worth.
  10. RN Zeke

    Where Are All The San Antonio Nurses!

    Same here....Please send me the information too!!!
  11. RN Zeke

    Working in D.C.?

    You can call the hospital and ask them. I have, don't be shy!
  12. RN Zeke

    They canceled the contact after we're here!

    Is there a company out there that we as travelers may purchase for our own protection? There should be if there isn't!!
  13. RN Zeke

    Austin, Seton-Brackenridge

    Would anyone share knowledge of Seton-Brackenridge. Hear it is a great place, but now from anyone that has worked there. Any information about the area, where to live (and not), safe areas to walk and activities will be appreciated.
  14. RN Zeke

    Housed in a hotel room??

    I'm in an extended stay with all the goodies. Laundry on site, not any food provided, great kitchen with apt size stove, d/w, sink, nice size frige with i/maker, bedroom, lge closets, lge living room/ dining room, and this is all I need, 2 tv's with dvd players also. I'm happy as a lark. Yes it might be a little noisy, no more than the last apt. Every place has its ups and downs, just like home.
  15. Think there are 24 compact states now.
  16. RN Zeke

    For those experienced travel nurses out there???????

    Love traveling....time off when I want it, see the world, make new friends....It's a good life!!