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RN Zeke

Postpartum, Antepartum, Psych., SDS, OR
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RN Zeke specializes in Postpartum, Antepartum, Psych., SDS, OR.


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  1. RN Zeke

    Transitioning from full time nurse to travel nurse

    List yourself with a few companies maybe 4. Check to see how many companies are under the same parent company. That will save you from duplicate forms to fill out. If your Nursing license is in a compact state, you have 24 states to job hunt in. Your license will be verified online. Start looking now so you don't get caught without a job!
  2. RN Zeke

    Best Agencies in Houston, TX

    Maybe a cheap package offering....Epic is the best out there now, in my opinion.
  3. RN Zeke

    Is it time to leave Arizona?

    Worked a contract in Tucson last summer and loved it. Hot, Hot and Hot, love every minute of it and will go back in a heart beat. Years ago I worked in Phoenix, but not the small town atmosphere as Tucson. Tucson is spread out, easy to navigate, friendly people and many "things" to do. Don't hesitate to go there and experience many wonderful nature offerings, they are plentiful.
  4. RN Zeke

    Sidney MT

    Anyone looking at contract positions in Sidney MT? Let uk know about how things are there and where one has to live. Seems like there would be an increase in health care workers needed there.
  5. RN Zeke

    Cross Country??

    Remember the travel allowances are the same they were 10 years ago. Gas and motels aren't. Experience is needed before traveling, yes new ways are picked up too.
  6. RN Zeke

    Cross Country??

    talk with nurses that have workend in NY recently where you want to work. So much red tape to jump through, commute is a hastle and time involved. Car parking then storage, cost of living and all the other travel cost. Pay is not going up, neither is the travel pay from one location to another, still the same for many years. Companies are going to have to get with the program and quit hoarding the revenue for themselves. Permantent jobs are looking better all the time. secure retirement and benefits that we don't really have. If we can't get assignments before the end of a contract our benies are out the window!! I'm sure there are other sites one can veiw what is going on in the travel bus.
  7. RN Zeke

    RV's anyone???

    I love to travel, however it is time to re think this issue with the increase in gas prices and the lower pay RN's are getting as travel nurses. Travel pay has not increased as I have done this for a number of years. My RV sits idle as it is too expensive to travel with it.One car per year due to the many miles is a real killer. My husband's hrly wage is higher than mine, better benefits and has a much bigger input in his schedule as an RN. What is wrong with this pic?
  8. RN Zeke

    Getting overpaid. Should I tell payroll?

    Honesty is the best policy. If you didn't earn it, it is not yours. Run to them and tell them NOW???
  9. RN Zeke

    Traveling Telephone Nursing Positions

    Will you share how I may do this? I am very excited about an opportunity such as this. I'm NM heading that way, will be in AZ in the am, can't wait. To many this sounds insane, as they do not see the beauty AZ holds. the HOT days and cool nights, beautiful sunrises and sunsets are all back to nature and the very core of life to me. Thanks for the infor, Cay
  10. RN Zeke

    Why is Epic better than Cerner?

    Cerner charting/Example for discharge find PM Conversation on top of page with other information. Why not Discharge Conversation. There are multiple sites one must go to to do a D/C, not just one. Charting unit specific, one must hunt for various places to chart, hope one can figure out where they all are. Hope this makes some sense. I'm sure there are different packages hospitals may purchase, just like what ya want in a car? Classes needed to provide adequate training for nurses and others before going live is welcomed before going live with any program. Site navigation is difficult as there are so many ways to do one thing, this confuses me, don't know about the rest of the people.
  11. RN Zeke

    RV's anyone???

    Good for the both of you!! Been there and have done the same thing. Love our parents!!!
  12. RN Zeke

    Traveling Telephone Nursing Positions

    Need more information please!!!! I'm on my way to AZ. and love it there. Not a problem! Need information about Tiscon bar-b-que, where is the best smoked beef??? MUSST I prepare my own? Can do, just as the old Kentuck people do SOOOO wwellll. lOVE TO EXPERIENCE THE MANY CULTURES and be part of their daily life. There is so much to learn and share as I did the last working assignments in AZ. Love it so much!!!
  13. RN Zeke

    Why is Epic better than Cerner?

    Not user friendly, no resource backup, manager not on board with training...could be good if made user friendly and hospital friendly> .....
  14. RN Zeke

    Cross Country vs. American Mobile

    Not in Ca yet> Drop me a PM and let me know about your CO. If you get a few minutes please. thanks im advance.
  15. RN Zeke

    Tucson Medical Center

    Will bolt if it is anything similar to SB.
  16. RN Zeke

    RV's anyone???

    Just a reminder...you need 1 to 2 years current experience in the field you want to work in as a traveler! Hope you researched that before selling the baby and bath water?

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