Sketchers for clinicals?


I am starting nursing process 1 on Monday and my first clinical day will be on Saturday:yeah: Our school requires all white shoes, which were hard to find since most have some kind of logo in color. I was glad to find the sketchers in all white so I ordered them. I overheard other students talking about these shoes and how they were not designed for all day wear. Does anybody own a pair of shape us for clinicals, and if so, how do you like them?

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there is step up sketchers that most nurses used in the floor. its $100+. i once owned one but it just doesnt fit my feet. im uncomfortable. but most of my co workers suggest it though


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I wore sketchers for my clinicals and they were great! Some of the nurses in the unit became converts too!

Aside from that...when I am not at my regular job, I wear my sketchers. No problems with all day wear.

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I see many nurses on the floor wearing them, my professor even wears them! We were required to buy specific Nurse Mates shoes, but otherwise I would get the Sketchers. I've heard they are extremely comfortable!


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I've seen nurses and aides wearing them. They seem to like them. I've also seem some wear the Reebok Easy Tone.


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The Skechers are great...good for your feet and back. I would NOT recommend the Reebok easy-tones. The soles are VERY hard and uncomfortable, Skechers are soft and cushy. I wound up taking the Reeboks back and bought the Skechers. :)


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Thanks guys!:)

I went to foot locker to pick mine up today, my kids and hubby were laughing at my big shoes:clown:

I love them, I'm set for my 12 hr shift:up:


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Sketchers are great, but make sure you break them in slowly. You don't want to go into a full shift on your first day wearing them! :lol2:


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those shape ups are soo ugly. sigh. but they do seem comfortable when i tried them. better than the easy tones.


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I bought a pair for clinicals - I hope they're comfortable, I haven't worn them yet!

I agree about the Shape-Ups. Blech.


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They may be ugly, but they are the best shoes I've ever put on my feet.


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Sketchers are great, but make sure you break them in slowly. You don't want to go into a full shift on your first day wearing them! :lol2:

I agree. I wore them for the 1st time to a 12 hr shift and when I took them off that night, my calves were killing me.

It's a good idea to wear them for a few days for several hours before hand so you can get past the initial leg shock that occurs. Other than that, I love them. They are very comfortable now, even when I work a few 12's in a row.