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  1. happy2learn

    Credit check along with background? *****??

    We had more free money after filing. We filed and I was still offered my job at a large hospital.
  2. happy2learn

    Protocol for HIV partner notification

    Its the responsibility of the HIV+ person to inform the partner before they engage in sexual activity.
  3. happy2learn

    E.R Security

    We have a dedicated police staff 24/7 that are stationed in the ER as well as hospital security. The hospital mainly uses hospital security though and we use the officers. Our officers have guns and tazers. They watch the cameras and I have seen them make a few arrests. I feel safe with them. Its a large inner city level 1 trauma center.
  4. happy2learn

    Nursing Student Lifetime Lifting Restriction?

    Please do check with your school. We also had to have no lifting restrictions. I hope they can help you. good luck to you!
  5. Huh? He was ordered 50 - 75 in a 3 hour window. He had received 25. 2 1/2 hours later, she gave him 50. That equals 75 in a 3 hour window. Something must be missing from this story...
  6. happy2learn

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    Some people are probably forgetting that not all ED's are equal. An ED in the rural country will be a completely different world than an ED at a Level 1 trauma center in the downtown of a large city. Gsw's, od's, assaults, rapes, mvc's, police bringing in justice center patients, ambulances lined up to get in, trauma rooms full but the medical helicopter keeps taking off to pick up more trauma patients, waiting room full with people waiting 8 hours, triage rooms being used as regular rooms because rooms are not ready upstairs and some people are too sick to be out in the waiting room. ...typical day during the summer... The ED nurses I know are awesome. I'm sure our floor nurses are too. But until you have worked in THAT kind of ED... You just wont understand.
  7. happy2learn

    Rash from hand sanitizer?

    I've used the Gold Bond, loved it too. However, we were told that it doesn't kill as much as the hospital grade sanitizer. Plus they'll confiscate it if they see it. Same as lotion. We are not permitted to use non hospital lotions. They say the lotion breaks down the sanitizer, so we much use the hospital provided lotion. They will confiscate our personal lotions if they see them. So I just use Gold Bond when I'm not at work, and my smell good lotions.
  8. happy2learn

    Rash from hand sanitizer?

    We have a lotion that is made to match our hand sanitizer. I always use the lotion after, and I only use the sanitizer when I do not have easy access to the sink.
  9. happy2learn

    Ashamed of nursing school

    I don't think it's insulting at all. It's the truth, at least in my experience. I can definitely relate. My school is more concerned with the business over the quality of education. They just let anyone and everyone in. Does that mean all of these people will pass the NCLEX-RN and become nurses? Nope. Is it the majority of students as well? No. And I'm pretty sure there are these people in every major. You know it's not good when they spell the number "four" as "foe." I mean, come on!!!!!!
  10. happy2learn

    Pet Peeve: Poor Grammar by Nurses

    Oh my yes. I take a lot of online classes. Last week our discussion board was labeled Week Four. So when we would start a thread, we would just titled it "Week Four DB" This one girl puts: Week Foe :lol2::lol2:
  11. happy2learn

    Christmas with Patient

    I work at a large hospital and I interact with patients and families. I only say Merry Christmas if they say it first. I do celebrate Christmas, but I also don't assume everyone else does. I can't say the same about some of my coworkers though. The funny thing is, I used to work for a large retail company and about 5 years ago, we stopped saying Merry Christmas and switched to Happy Holidays. I have gotten so used to this, that I never blurt out Merry Christmas anymore. I only respond to it.
  12. happy2learn

    Handling chauvinistic male charge nurse

    This thread cracks me up! What goes around comes around.... Do you all see how many pages you have gone on to debate on whether or not this person is really a chauvinist? Let me ask you, how can you really tell what this person is like if you have never met them? Do you not understand that a lot of the story relies on the body language, which cannot be communicated via text? Anyways, just talk to him. And if that doesn't work, bring up his unprofessional behavior to his boss. I just didn't understand why you insist on religion being the reason he is a chauvinist. That's quite judgmental. Why wait until (IF) he brings up his religion? If you feel he is already in the wrong, there is nothing stopping you from letting someone know about his unprofessional behavior. Religion is a belief. Behavior is a choice. While religion may influence our behaviors, it is ultimately a person's choice to behave that way.
  13. happy2learn

    How do I handel this like a professional?

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. I am in the exact same position (just not a nursing job, a job at a hospital.) Now, I know there will be 2 open positions that come with benefits in May and June, and if they do not offer me one of those (by that time I will have been at this place for 10 months) then I will be looking for a new job. I've offered to help plenty of times, but will refuse to help out if they deny me a benefited position. And I will leave as soon as I find a new job.
  14. happy2learn

    So, I interviewed last week and I thought it went well...

    My hospital took a month before they invited me to a 2nd interview. Then 3 weeks before they hired me.
  15. happy2learn

    Study to be A nurse without program

    I think you will be getting ahead of yourself and it will only make things worse for you. Work hard at what you are studying now in high school. That needs to be your focus. There will be help in college. They have tutors (free) and other assistance if you just tell the teacher.
  16. happy2learn


    I LOVE our male nurses. Almost all of them are incredibly nice, and some of them are just flat out hilarious. They seem more laid back. Also, it seems like when there are male nurses around, the female nurses tend to be a little more laid back. Just from my experience.