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  1. happy2learn

    Nursing Student Lifetime Lifting Restriction?

    Please do check with your school. We also had to have no lifting restrictions. I hope they can help you. good luck to you!
  2. Huh? He was ordered 50 - 75 in a 3 hour window. He had received 25. 2 1/2 hours later, she gave him 50. That equals 75 in a 3 hour window. Something must be missing from this story...
  3. happy2learn

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    Some people are probably forgetting that not all ED's are equal. An ED in the rural country will be a completely different world than an ED at a Level 1 trauma center in the downtown of a large city. Gsw's, od's, assaults, rapes, mvc's, police bringing in justice center patients, ambulances lined up to get in, trauma rooms full but the medical helicopter keeps taking off to pick up more trauma patients, waiting room full with people waiting 8 hours, triage rooms being used as regular rooms because rooms are not ready upstairs and some people are too sick to be out in the waiting room. ...typical day during the summer... The ED nurses I know are awesome. I'm sure our floor nurses are too. But until you have worked in THAT kind of ED... You just wont understand.
  4. happy2learn

    National Nurse's Week vs. National Hospital Week

    Mine celebrates both. The nurses get a little something extra on top of what is received for hospital week.
  5. happy2learn

    lazy preceptor I need help

    Someone always has to assume the new grad is automatically wrong. God forbid the experienced nurse just might be lazy. No.... The new grad must be the lazy one..... Sigh... I hope my preceptor doesn't make assumptions about me based on other experiences with new grads. No one is without faults. Just because someone has experience does not mean they do not make mistakes. Just as the OP could probably be more proactive, it seems the preceptor is not great (based on lack of handwashing, flirting, and being bossy). Also, it seems that he is a good nurse because he gets things done, but it seems he is set in a routine that is not really good for people trying to learn. Some people just aren't good teachers. Doesn't make them a bad person or a bad nurse though. Of course we can never really know, so why side with anyone? Who knows, maybe no one is lazy, there just might not be much to do. and the whole handwashing comments are absurd. Yeah, I'm sure the OP is singing their ABC's out loud while washing away. Lol! hang in there. You can make it. One day you will be a preceptor and remember this experience.
  6. happy2learn

    A Nurse CAN be both sexy & smart

    Well, yeah! I've met a few sexy male nurses. To me, "sexy" is a combination of physically attractive and having a great personality. Yes some people ooze sexy but they should never ooze sex object!
  7. happy2learn

    Offensive Portrayal of Nurses in Ocean City, New Jersey?

    Jennie Mccarthy? What does that celebrity have to do with nursing? Totally off track. Life is too short...
  8. I work with families at a hospital in some very emotional situations. When I see someone cry, I find myself holding back tears. Doesn't matter how long I have known them. I don't like to see people in emotional turmoil. There are moments when tears are appropriate. You will learn which ones. There have been a few families that have really touched me and when their loved ones passed. I shed some tears, and I was looking right at them (they came up to thank me as they were leaving the hospital when their loved one passed ) The families were very sweet and they knew, even before I shed those tears, that I cared about them. I try not to cry while the patient is still fighting for their life. The reason is because I want to be strong for the families. If I feel my eyes watering, I turn so they cannot see (of course, there are some extreme cases where I break that rule.) I believe showing emotions, to an extent, shows them that you are human, just as they are. Many people would love to see that their caregiver cares enough for their loved one that they brought a tear to their eye. Don't let people pick on you for being emotional and caring. That's what makes you beautiful. I see traumas, death, and tears all the time. I don't cry every day though. And when I do cry, it doesn't burn me out or anything. It is a relief to let it out, versus holding it in. Now, I don't sit and sob, my eyes will water and I will (attempt to) catch a few tears before they run down my face. As long as you can still do your job well, then I do not see it as unprofessional. Now, you can't be crying every few minutes at every little thing , but a few tears is not unprofessional. You will learn with time when it is appropriate and not. You will be able to read the vibe off the families. And you will learn to be strong when needed. But don't EVER change who you are because someone said it's unprofessional to show emotion.
  9. happy2learn

    Dealing with frustrating family and supervisor

    Was she on her cell phone? We don't allow cell phone use in patient's rooms. Hospital policy. Even if it's not a cell phone, it's kinda rude of her to be chatting on the phone in her mom's room. Poor mom. Why doesn't she step out to do that? I hate sitting next to people while they are chatting on the phone. Clearly she cannot pay attention to a single thing when she is on the phone. Hope she doesn't talk on the phone while she drives! I don't necessarily agree with "confronting" her. She thinks she is right, and you have already told your side and she doesn't believe you. So telling your side to her face to face isn't going to help the situation, it will only make it worse. However, the next time you have to do this treatment, I would make it very noticeable that you are doing it even if that means saying what you are doing REALLY loud. lol. Try to get her off the dang phone too somehow.
  10. My volunteering is the reason I got a job (not as an RN though, I'm still in school.) It was my way into HR, and it really pushed me through the process. I absolutely do not think I would've gotten a job at this place had I not volunteered there. Of course I was qualified for the position, but there were so many applicants that my volunteering is what set me apart. I believe it can help you get a job. Of course, it is NO guarantee. But it is not going to hurt you! Of course it is not nursing experience, but every connection you make counts.
  11. happy2learn

    A disgruntled ex calling the bon on me.

    I dont think the BON is interested in your numerous sexual activities. Unless you are sleeping with all yo patients..... I would file a police report. And if he does report you, then get a lawyer .
  12. happy2learn

    Questionable privacy violation on public forum?

    No one attacked your intentions. If you are that sensitive, an internet forum is not going to be an enjoyable place for you. Questioning and attacking are two different things. Just as you questioned this nurse, we are questioning you. If you don't like it, then you don't have to read it. Or better yet, don't let it get to you. Why get offended at what complete strangers say?:smackingf Just so you know, an internet forum is where you will probably find the most honesty, so you have to be prepared for it. Personally, I think your reaction was immature and unprofessional, but you admit to that, and I can respect that. There are people at work I don't like. But no matter how much I dislike them, I would ALWAYS go to them first when something serious arises. I don't believe in going over someone's head. It could have been as simple as sending a FB message (not a wall post) letting her know that her post may be a a HIPAA violation and that you just wanted to let her know so she wouldn't get in trouble. THAT is professional and called common courtesy. Now, if she blew you off after you warned her, then I can understand going up to her superior. That is IF you are 100% certain it is a HIPAA violation, otherwise, you will make yourself look like a fool to your boss and I'm sure you wouldn't want that. While I respect the fact that you want to make sure rules are followed, how would YOU feel if you were in her shoes? If you were hurt emotionally over the loss of this patient and you made an honest mistake but someone went ABOVE your head and reported you? Wouldn't feel too good would it? We don't always think when we are upset.... and that goes for you and for this nurse in question. If you are upset about something, always take time to think before you act. What if you DID make her lose her job, and in this economy, she may have had a hard time finding a new one. I don't know about you, but I would feel even crappier if I knew my actions caused someone who made an honest mistake to lose their job. Now, part of me wanted to rip you a new one, but you admitted that what you did was childish, so I respect you. That is very professional and mature of you. Many people have a hard time admitting things like that, so I always find it respectable of a person who does. Despite the mistakes you may have made, you came back to realize you were also in the wrong, that is the sign of a true professional. I hope you can learn to enjoy this forum. Always expect honesty, it can hurt, but you gotta just let it roll. It can be amusing too. :)
  13. happy2learn

    Anyone ever heard of anything like this?

    Run as far away and as fast as you can !!!!
  14. happy2learn

    Medic Sued For Swiping Foot From Crash Victim

    Whoa! Creepy. She should be banned from any career that would give her access to body parts ..... Never thought I would type that sentence.... But your jokes, as cheesy as they are, were crackin me up! My cheeks hurt from laughin!
  15. happy2learn

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    Im blown away by the number of judgmental posts on here that also tell the OP to not be judgmental. Ironic. I 100% agree with heron. We are all ALLOWED to feel as we do. Its whether or not we act on these feelings that determines our level of professionalism. I can't stand some of my coworkers. But I do not treat them different than the coworkers I like.Because that would be unprofessional . There are some families I work with that I dont like because they are rude. But I still make sure they are taken care of as well as the families I really enjoy. Why? Because they still deserve to be helped. Some of our regular rude ones have warmed up to me over time. I also love my job and my hospital and have never had a complaint against me and I would like to keep it that way. lol So to the ones who think it is impossible to set your feelings aside, you really want me to believe that you have NEVER met someone you don't like, or do you just always make your feelings known? Now as far as not feeling sorry for certain patients..... Well I can understand that. Look at it this way, there is a reason people make choices to do certain unhealthy things . I feel sorry that they choose to waste their life away. I am sad that they think their life is so invaluable that they just want to drink or eat. I wonder what happened in their lives that caused them to make that choice. I am sad for their loved ones. To watch someone you love drink, smoke, or eat themselves to death must be difficult and heartbreaking. Everything is not always what it seems at the surface level. Btw my mom smoked for many years. She quit about 10 years ago. Should she develop something from that, I could care less how her nurse feels. I care about how she treats and cares for my mom. There is a difference. It won't matter how you feel if you are a crappy nurse.