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  1. doublehelix

    Chart for developmental milestones of fetus?

    I am looking for a week by week development chart that is aimed for nurses as a pocket guide. Sort of what you could find for moms like at what week organs develop but more geared for nurses. Ie, age you are concerned about lung development and will most likely need surfactant tx, what week is considered viable and percentages of mortality, etc. A chart to basically let you know what you can expect when workin with a specific aged neonate.
  2. doublehelix

    Chart for developmental milestones of fetus?

    Hopefully someone can help us out!
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has a great chart they would be willin to share on growth and development of the fetus. I have found some based for teaching with parents, but am looking for something more specific. For example, at what age reflexes have been developed, lung development, etc, to be able to use this regarding gestational age of a prem and how this may complicate care in NI. I will be doing senior here in June. If you have any other resources you think may be helpful as well for a new student, please let me know! Thank you! My email is also xamburr@yahoo.ca in case you would prefer to email.
  4. doublehelix

    Senior in NICU! Phone interview...

    Good Morning! For those who may remember, I posted months ago about wanting to do my senior in NICU following a job shadow. I applied for a NICU spot as my #1 choice for senior practicum, and was told yesterday they are only accepting one student, and I have been chosen! I was so ecstatic!! I feel like all of my hard work and studying has finally paid off. For those who say grades don't matter, they do! I will have to do a phone interview with the unit manager beforehand, my understanding is they will take students who have a high preference for this area and want to seek employment following senior (high expenses to train, etc). I've heard the phone interview is quite general, and am excited to have the opportunity to speak with the manager beforehand, I have some questions prepared I would like to ask, too. I am going into finals next week, then have a week off following. I have been searching for books and journals to feed my mind. Does anyone subscribe to the Neonatal Network? I have been trying to track down articles or a handbook on neonatal assessment, but mostly come up with books. Any recommendations? This is probably the most relevant one I have found. http://www.amazon.com/Physical-Assessment-Newborn-Comprehensive-Examination/dp/1887571175/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1361457284&sr=1-1&keywords=neonatal+assessment
  5. doublehelix

    NICU for senior practicum

    Not a problem. Most of Canada is experiencing a nursin shortage, over the past few years they have been bringing nurses in from the Philippines. We are very fortunate there should be many positions upon graduation.
  6. doublehelix

    NICU for senior practicum

    Hi, I'm from Manitoba, Canada.
  7. doublehelix

    feeling like giving up.... all the time! :(

    This is true! Try doing job shadows, or look into other options for nursing... Home care, clinics, etc. I'm sure you will find something. All of us have felt discouraged at some point or another. Nursin school is not for the faint!
  8. doublehelix

    NICU for senior practicum

    We have a fairly good job outlook here, currently there are around 800 nursing vacancies in my city, with 5 open positions in NICU currently. Thank you for sharing your story
  9. doublehelix

    NICU for senior practicum

    I'm also wondering, for those that did your senior in peds/neonatal areas, did you find it more difficult to write the RN exam, which I assume is mainly on adults? Thanks again.
  10. doublehelix

    NICU for senior practicum

    Hi everyone!I've been working as a HCA since before starting nursing, and always knew I loved acute care settings. I had my heart set on emerg for senior. I did a job shadow in NICU an ER at a nearby hospital to get an idea of some options I could see myself doing. I have worked in children's pacu and or, but had no idea how awesome NICU is. I had previously debated applying for a adult icu program as well, but now I think I'm hooked! I fell in love with the teamwork, that holistic care of caring not just for the baby but the parents and family ws well and respect for the nurses by everyone in the department and the constant learning. I must've filled a notebook full of things to research when i had gotten home. I am not sure how many students will be applying for this program, but I know that if I chose it as my first option and don't get it, I will be very discouraged. I have a high GPA and have received A's for all my clinicals, as well as a reward this year for clinical exellence ( only given to two students ). What does NICU and schools look for of someone applying there? I'm also concerned that if I put my last option for emerg to fall back on, it will be harder for me later to go from Adult to peds/neonate care. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated! I am stressing myself out about making this decision for my future.
  11. I'm in my second term of first year nursing in a new BN program, and for our very first rotation i'm one of the 7/225 students on a surgical unit. I have experience working on ortho as a HCA at my local hospital (geriatrics) which i'm hoping will benefit me quite a bit! I'm still a little bit nervous but mostly excited. We had orientation today, and covered alot about the kinds of surgeries that comes through our units (mostly hips and knees), weight bearing restrictions, pain managemtn postop, etc. A lot of information to digest. So, we don't have any surgical theory experience, or pharmacology, and we're just learning injections now in skills. (IV's will be next term, after this rotation.) I'm hoping someone has some information or experiences to share that would be benefical to me! What things should I research ahead of time? What are some things you wish someone told you before your surigical practicum? We are on Christmas break starting monday, so I plan on looking more into the fractures and the process of hip & knee surgeries. Are there any sites that really helped you out? Thank you! Amber
  12. doublehelix

    Feeling overwhelmed

    I just need some support... I just started term two of my condensed 3 year BN program on Monday. Our lecture videos for skills class was posted Sunday night, so I figured I would get a head start and watch one of the videos and do some medmath for an upcoming dosage test on insulin/injections in two weeks. I've been working everyday from 1pm (after morning classes from 7:30AM-12:30PM) till 10:30 at night preparing JUST for my skills labs... We had 3 lecture videos 1 hr 40 min each to watch on top of in class lectures for prep for tomorrow's lab and five drugs to research. Tomorrow's lab is on blood glucose, surgical asepsis, and subcutaneous injections. I don't understand how we can get a good understanding of performing these skills in just four hours of lab time. I haven't even found time to do any more dosage calc or review notes from other classes. Some of my friends left all of their work to do until tonight, and I just can't understand how they could manage to complete it in time. I don't understand what i'm doing wrong; I don't know if i'm preparing too much, reading too much into the material or what... I try to use multiple sources for researching drugs and skills, but not include things that aren't necesasary or I already know. I don't know what else I could do to better prepare myself. I get A's in all of my courses, and would like to maintain that as much as possible... I'm prepared to accept a lower grade, but I gave up my job to go to school so I feel I have to do my best as a result. Does anyone else ever feel like no one understands how time consuming nrsg school is? My boyfriend works full time evenings as a custodian at local schools, and we get into fights almost daily because he says he is overtired. We've had various talks about it but he doesn't seem to understand we are both tired at the end of the day regardless of our workload... I am also basically "in charge" of household duties because of two family illnesses, and have a pet dog, diagnosed with SAD in highschool, so I guess it also doesn't help that it's already winter and dark at 4:30PM here in Canada. I don't feel as if I can talk with any of my friends at school about this because many have their own life issues, some of them have min. life commitments and only study the night before and end up with B's. I'm just hoping someone can share some words of wisdom with me, any tips on what you do when feeling overwhelmed and depressed. Sorry if that ended up as a little of a rant. I guess i've been bottling things up for quite a while.
  13. doublehelix

    I want the answer

    My bad, I misread the entire thread as checking for blood glucose levels, completely missed the injection especially after seeing comments about cleaning with soap and water. Oops!
  14. doublehelix

    Failing barely

    There was a girl in my class who failed her skills (min of 60% to pass) by .7 of a percent, No joke you're going to have your good classes and your bad classes... even your good semesters and bad ones as well! Hang in there!
  15. doublehelix

    I want the answer

    My class was taught NOT to use alcohol swabs because people will rarely let the finger dry before sticking & cause irritation, alter the result (not majorly but I guess still noticeably.) As with anything, soap and water is the best method so it makes sense to me. As long as you teach your patients the proper way to wash their hands it should be fine. You have to wash your hands as well before giving the injection, so you may as well do some teaching! We were also told that it really depends on hospital policy, so It will differ with which school you're in, and the hospital you are doing your clinical