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Chart for developmental milestones of fetus?



I'm wondering if anyone has a great chart they would be willin to share on growth and development of the fetus. I have found some based for teaching with parents, but am looking for something more specific. For example, at what age reflexes have been developed, lung development, etc, to be able to use this regarding gestational age of a prem and how this may complicate care in NI. I will be doing senior here in June. If you have any other resources you think may be helpful as well for a new student, please let me know! Thank you! My email is also xamburr@yahoo.ca in case you would prefer to email.

Hopefully someone can help us out!

I am looking for a week by week development chart that is aimed for nurses as a pocket guide. Sort of what you could find for moms like at what week organs develop but more geared for nurses. Ie, age you are concerned about lung development and will most likely need surfactant tx, what week is considered viable and percentages of mortality, etc. A chart to basically let you know what you can expect when workin with a specific aged neonate.