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    COVID Faces

    I want to try this but I am afraid my face will break out.
  2. I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I wanted to thank you for the insight into your current feelings. I have often given condolences by saying, "I can't imagine what this must feel like for you." I find your description gives a slight glimpse of what you are feeling and I am sorry you have to go through it. If you don't mind me asking what's your plan for this year currently? Will you two continue to Facetime with your FIL or do you plan to see him in person? Both of which have their pros/cons. I am struggling with this situation myself. ❤Schweet
  3. No worries@PsychNurse24. This is a long thread 😉. Unfortunately, I have to agree we're in this for the long-haul with this despicable virus. ❤Schweet
  4. Spoke to my parents yesterday and we laughed more than we have in a long time, I can see why you also felt relieved after getting the vaccine. My hubby's also going through allergies right now, thank goodness Neg Covid. The post nasal drip cough is frustrating since there's nothing as stigmatizing as coughing right now 🤭😲.
  5. Freedom, freedom, Freedom. To be able to live this free again. I have a feeling psychologically this is a much easier way to live. ❤Schweet
  6. All things I think about also. - Schweet❤
  7. @londonflo I hope my family can do this, it has been 10 months since I have traveled to see my parents. Been texting and chatting on phone only 😕. They're in the high risk category. I normally see them 2-3 times a year. @KitigerI feel this way too, "let's cautiously move forward." @TheMoonisMyLantern, I agree. This is a large part of the "dark cloud" hanging over me. Will the Pfizer vaccine we got be effective against those variants is the question? Early studies show maybe partially but we'll see. With all the flip flopping regarding this virus I feel this quote to be so true, "The only constant in life is change." We just have to roll with the changes. Thanks for the responses you guys, I find I can't talk about Covid anymore, my husband said last year I can't mention covid more than once a day (apparently I was talking about it nonstop). I don't say anything to my friends except that work is crazy or at times getting better and my coworkers who would probably be the best outlet, are so busy and stressed like all of us, they can only seem to handle small talk or funny memes. -Schweet❤
  8. My parents cried, they were so elated to finally get the vaccine. "We can finally not worry anymore and have the whole family over!" My Mom said this with such enthusiasm and it was the first time over the last 10 months she seemed carefree. I wanted to immediately correct her since she had this "I am untouchable now I got the vaccine" way of thinking but I will let her revel in it until the 2nd Vaccine. Instead, I politely reminded her full immunity comes a week or so after the 2nd shot. If she starts planning an Easter party, I may need to have a discussion sooner. I thought to myself, how many people are thinking this way? Is this much anticipated, solution to our problems vaccine giving too many of us a false sense of security? (Of course, I'm exaggerating a little) After experiencing a similar emotion after my 2nd injection I sort of understand. I had a moment when I thought this changes everything, but does it really? As a nurse I already researched the vaccine, coming to the realization we don't know enough about the vaccine, and we can't to go back to regular life. I had to mourn the loss of my old life just like everyone else. Had to go thru the 5 stages of grief. The stages went something like this- 1-Denial This isn't happening! Covid Must be like another flu. (Boy were we wrong) 2- Anger Stay at Home! Can't tell me what to do...what, everything is closed...guess I will just stay home then. 3-Bargaining- Viva Las Vegas If I just wear my mask, stay far apart then my 2020 Vegas trip will be just like before...nope, not the same. Life just is not the same. 4-Depression My kids never going back to school, I am going out of my mind stuck in this house! On the super depressing side, I see patients, coworkers and friends dying. None of us have ever seen so much death. No time to dwell on this, no time to process these pesky emotions, back to work. I Will schedule appt with a therapist after all this is over... I.e. who knows when. 5- Acceptance Not sure I have reached this one yet. Is tolerating something the same as acceptance? If so then I wavier between this stage and the last three depending on the day. We all have our own version of this I assume. Every one of us going through this loss together but separately, not to mention the loved ones lost. I feel encouraged by the vaccine, all the while black clouds of uncertainty loom overhead. I read things like this and feel again like we have a long road ahead. - Safety and Effectiveness of a COVID-19 Vaccine What I mean is this, after I got the vaccine I felt relief knowing I am less likely to get COVID. Unfortunately, studies haven't been done yet to determine if I could still carry and transmit it. I think that's the part so many of us are forgetting, which is easy to do. Maybe they will do studies and find otherwise but until then I am considering every risk I take. Am I wearing a mask at home? Obviously not, but when my friends say to me we should go out now since I have the vaccine and my parents say come over, I think not yet. I am in the thick of this, working with COVID + patients every shift and the risk is still too great. I would rather not even think about it, any of it. Alas everywhere I turn these thoughts invade my mind, situations bring up these questions and others. I want to get out there so badly. I was even less cautious for maybe 4 months, back when things slowed down. Part of me wants to go out with them but wear a mask and be outside? I try to rationalize that if others see their extended families, then so could I. That's when my logical side kicks in and for me, at this point it's worth waiting a little while before a family reunion. I would feel horrible if I unknowingly brought an uninvited "guest". So, thanks for letting me say my piece (sometimes wondering off topic but will bring it full circle here😏) Now that you know my inner struggle on this topic (sometimes hopeful, sometimes reality gets too real), I am wondering about others point of view who have been vaccinated, are you staying away for now or is the vaccine a green light for you to be around others? I know it's a personal choice but want to see other nurses' inner dialogue to see the reasons behind those choices. Thanks, ❤ Schweet
  9. Schweet

    Doc Won't See Me Because I Treat Covid Patients

    I have experienced this at my doctors as well. It's very frustrating from our perspective, though, if the tables were turned I might be the same way as these offices (especially if they haven't had much Covid desensitization, like we have). Also experiencing this when I went to give blood. Their message was, "Donors Urgently Needed!" But healthcare workers must not have inpatient Covid pts for 14 days, which isn't going to happen. I understand their rationale but it sure feels like a slap in the face. Was on my way to work in clean scrubs picking up food and I got looks & questioned if I was coming or going to work. Do they think I would go in there after 12+ hrs with Covid patients? No ma'am. While I understand their hesitancy and reasons, not wanting exposure to the awful C19, I am disappointed I feel the need to hide my RN status. Don't know why anyone displays the RN car sticker anymore, but each to their own. On the flipside the free Starbucks and Frontline discounts have been nice.😉 So, I feel your frustration and alienation. One day we'll just be known as heroes. - Schweet
  10. Schweet

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    Got the 2nd Covid Pfizer Vaccine & here's my experience: Day 1(day of 2nd dose): slight injection site pain, mild swelling/redness, size of a dime and warm to touch. Day 2 (next day): Similar injection site pain/swelling with more pain in deltoid & mild armpit lymph node tenderness. In the afternoon I had a fever/chills, sweats, mild headache (responded to tylenol), fatigue the rest of the day. Tylenol made everything more tolerable. Would recommend getting it despite the day of S/E. I feel more at ease knowing that soon I am less likely to bring home Covid to my family thanks to the vaccine. -Schweet❤
  11. Schweet

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    Got the 1st Covid vaccine a few days ago, no pain during insertion. Slight soreness at site next day but no side effects otherwise.
  12. Also just found this Medscape article specific to HCP PPE skin probs: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/929590
  13. You know you are a Covid nurse when: Your "coworker" is not above wearing disposable underwear under a makeshift pillowcase hair cover when they forget their surgical cap and the unit is out of disposal hair covers 🤣 Need some humor in this mess.
  14. Schweet

    Official PPE

    CDC is the best resource for this. As you will see, your hospital becomes more and more lenient with the "new" guidelines according to factors such as: how many Covid patients and how much PPE they can access or have on hand. Unfortunately, these considerations don't always line up with the best interest of each worker. Here is what I have seen on a Covid unit, I assume this should be for ED also? Would you want to be less protected considering the # of asymptomatics? But I suppose supplies are an even bigger issue considering the patient turnover in ED. One of the reasons I left ED 9 years ago was how often you find out a patient had something you didn't PPE for I.e.:) TB, scabies and now there is this. Hopefully a current ED nurse will chime in but here is what I have seen on the Covid unit. Ideally for all Rule out/positive C19: Full PPE (N95/PAPR, face shield, gown, gloves, scrubs provided by hospital or disposable scrubs, foot covers and disposable hair net ( if not in PAPR), negative pressure room. Most items must be disposed at each room exit. Realistically for all Rule out/positive C19: Hopefully a N95 or PAPR (which is likely under re-use guidelines cleaned with special peroxide method), face shield (Reusable helmet version/not disposable), gown, hospital scrubs, from home cap/scarf for hair, door closed ( if there is a door ), negative pressure created with in room machines and makeshift duct work if available. Most items reused. This is a common de-evolution seen from what was given and worn initially to what is available now. Since there's back and forth arguments for airborne or not, the most restrictive should be in place for the safety of workers, ideally. I would go to this website to verify what you think, because not all hospitals are providing the "the most appropriate" items. You can see nurses on the news fighting for N95 masks for Covid +/rule out, and I wouldn't accept anything less. Those nurses won, by the way, and now get the N95s vs surgical mask. I also agree that Unions are the way to go, they help fight for these possibly life or death rights. I am on a Covid unit with N95 masks and I wouldn't work anywhere I didn't have a N95, personally. You never know who is asymptomatic, who the hospital has deemed not covid. Testing isn't even 100%. I have seen too many Covid (-) turn into (+) on the next test for whatever reason. But I suppose risk is one of the many reasons ED nurses get paid more. Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respirators -SW😎
  15. Schweet

    Was Covid-19 Here Already?

    Has anyone heard if CV can cause a long lasting temp but not as high ? We had all the symptoms but our temps remained the two weeks at 100.6, all other symptoms were typical of CV. They finally tested me at the end of the 2nd week, of course was negative for CV and Flu.
  16. Schweet

    What is a MUC

    Medical Unit Clerk makes sense. Thank you!