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Single mom of 2 boys starting nursing school this semester!

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  1. Nurse Connie

    QCC higher chance of getting to the nursing program

    I graduated from QCC. It's a very competeive program and the only thing that matters is your grades in the pre-req classes. They don't look at activities.
  2. Nurse Connie

    How did you change?

    I wanted to work in the NICU or L&D. I was lucky to get hired in the NICU right out of nursing school. I've been there ever since and absolutely love it! I couldn't see myself anywhere else.
  3. Nurse Connie

    Who/what keeps track of your hours?

    We have a computer time clock, we punch in our employee number and scan our fingerprint.
  4. Nurse Connie

    What is the most overtime you've ever worked

    I don't do a lot of OT. I have 2 kids and am in school part-time for my BSN so I already feel overwhelmed! The most I'll ever do is an extra shift in a pay period.
  5. Nurse Connie

    Survey on how many patients you get in a shift

    We have one aide that only works with us in the NICU, she is absolutely amazing. When she is off or we need more help we get aides that float but typically there is a pool of 4-5 aides that are familiar with NICU and work with us often.
  6. Nurse Connie

    Survey on how many patients you get in a shift

    I must work at the same hospital. We are so short staffed right now! It wasn't like this when I first started here. It's not uncommon to have up to 5 feeders, but we usually do have an aide, sometimes 2 if we are very busy. But recently we've had ridiculous ratios on the vent babies as well. The other night I had 4 in the ICU, 2 on vents, 1 on high flow O2 and one on NEC watch! I did have an aide with me that night. Last night I had 2 who are both on isolation, one on an oscillator and the other on a vent. Tonight, by some miracle, there are 6 nurses on and I have the oscillator baby 1:1, which is the way it's supposed to be! We have been filling out protest of assignment papers almost on every shift, but nothing changes. It's scary.
  7. Nurse Connie

    How Not To Bring Germs Home...

    I don't do anything special either. My scrubs get washed with everything else, I don't change out of my shoes before I get into my car. I rarely get sick, neither do my kids.
  8. Nurse Connie

    Charge and Resus --How does your facility do it?

    We are a small Level III 30 bed unit. We don't attend births, since we do have residents and the OB nurses are NRP certified. The charge nurse takes an assignment and we are assigned admissions.
  9. Nurse Connie

    Washing scrubs

    Every time, no matter what.
  10. Nurse Connie

    QueensBorough Community College Help!

    I graduated from QCC in 2011, and from what I remember, the A&P 1 grade is what really counts for admission. If it's still as competitive as when I applied, that C- is not going to cut it. I'm sorry.
  11. Nurse Connie

    What is your Achilles heel?

    This is the only thing I REALLY, REALLY HATE! Luckily, working nights, we don't do too many!
  12. Nurse Connie

    use of diapers during phototherapy

    We always use diapers too.
  13. Nurse Connie


    No difference in units at my hospital either.
  14. Nurse Connie

    New Grad and would like advice about NICU

    I was lucky. One of my professors at school recommended me to the ADN and got me an interview.
  15. Nurse Connie

    Breast milk storage in NICU

    We are a smll unit, less than 50 beds, with 3 rooms. We have one large freezer for all the breast milk, (like a refrigerator, but it's just a freezer). East patient has their own bin and it's stored according to pumped date. Two rooms have a mini fridge. It works for us. No idea about the brands though
  16. Nurse Connie

    12 hour shift

    I LOVE working 12 hour shifts. I would hate to work 8 hours, 5 days a week. In my hospital, we do get paid if we miss breaks.