Should we chart in 24-hour time?


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HM2VikingRN, RN

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it doesn't take a rocket scientist to add 12 or substract 12....

IOW it should be universal time for charting...

Flare, ASN, BSN

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I think it should be the standard. Less errors that way.

Balder_LPN, LPN

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If I were asked to give that in real person time, I would just tell them , "Subtract 12"

24 hr time seems to be the standard of practice.

I even use military time at home :)

I've only worked at one nursing home that used a 12 hour clock, and I still charted in military time.

Elvish, BSN, DNP, RN, NP

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All the hospitals I've ever worked at used military time. At one point I worked in a clinic that didn't, but I still did. There was never any question about my times. :)


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I've never heard of any facility not using the 24-hour clock. I'm surprised that someone would actually ask for "real person time". I would probably suggest that this person subtract 12 as well.

SillyStudent, ASN, RN

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I am also surprised that a facility would still be using a 12-hour clock. How confusing! I can barely keep today/yesterday straight because I work nights :)


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Another case for continuity! At our facility ICU is the only unit that reports pt temps in C.!

Roy Fokker, BSN, RN

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I use military time in real life anyway :p

Then again, I also use the NATO Phonetic when I'm spelling out a difficult word (like my last name :icon_roll)


Romeo Oscar Yankee :p


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I have always used the 24 hour clock and have never worked in a facility where it wasn't used.

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At our Hospital, we have used the 24-hour clock for about 20+ yrs. We use Kg for wt. and C. for Temp. cm fot ht.

Lorie P.

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always military time.... less chance of errors and no questions about what timea med was given.

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