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SillyStudent has 8 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in ER/ICU, CCL, EP.

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  1. SillyStudent

    Impaired Colleague

    I work in a procedural area that administers moderate sedation. One of my coworkers is extremely unhealthy, takes many medications, and falls asleep at work constantly. Like....ALL THE TIME. Like while she is sedating a patient. While she is charting, while she is running our specialized devices. I had an intervention with her. I told her what she was doing and suggested she see her physician. I tried to express that I cared about her and that I didn't want to see anything bad happen. She cried, promised to get better, got new medications, etc. Did not work. I finally told my manager about it. Multiple times. In writing. She has avoided dealing with the situation. I can only see two choices and they are both bad: 1. Tell my manager that I refuse to work in the area until she gets another nurse who is not impaired. 2. Go over my manager's head. She is extremely vindictive. Any suggestions?
  2. SillyStudent

    Hostile work environment

    I got this new job.... Fabulous schedule, good pay, ridiculously awesome benefits, and no weekends, holidays or call. I hate it. HATE it. It's a tiny and very dysfunctional department. The people who work there are entrenched. We are talking 10 plus years in most cases. They hate each other. They constantly talk about each other, but I have not fallen into this trap. I mostly keep to myself, but they are a seething cauldron of negativity. To add to the problem, this is a new specialty for me, so I am forced to closely interact with them to learn what I need to do. I would hate to quit this job, but I don't want to be dragged into this negativity. It makes me dread going to work. Also, I caught one of them talking behind my back recently, and politely asked him to stop. I am now a target. Any of you have to deal with something like this? What did you do?
  3. SillyStudent

    Cath lab newbie

    You were very helpful! I finally start the job this Monday. Hopefully, it will be a good fit!
  4. SillyStudent

    Violence in the ER

    I told my employer last year that I had a New Years resolution. Any patient that assaulted me while drunk/on drugs was going To see a cop. My manager understood, though she didn't appear to like it.
  5. SillyStudent

    When to offer prayer.

    I am not a future nurse. I just never changed my name. . I am still silly, and I will always be a student. 6 years ER/ ICU We actually have a hospital system here that asks if we are willing to pray with the patients as an application question. Something about their mission, apparently. They are a different Catholic system. I am not obnoxious about it, and I may never ask someone again. I have no idea why I DID ask on the occasions I have. It seemed to fly out of my mouth. This is why I sought opinions from my brilliant all nurses colleagues. :)
  6. SillyStudent

    When to offer prayer.

    I am a Catholic nurse, working in a Catholic hospital. I have generally kept my faith quiet with my patients, as we treat those of all faiths and I have no desire to offend anyone. However, my faith is very active in the background. When someone asks me to stick a patient in the ER for an IV because they have been stuck 5 times, I silently ask for St Jude's intercession. In the middle of a cardiac arrest, I silently ask God to help us save this person, if it is His will. The only thing I have ever done out loud is... I have asked very sick patients (or their families) if they would mind if I offered a decade of the Rosary for their intentions. I have never been turned down! I had a Jewish man say, "Maybe if we both pray, He will listen." Is it offensive to ask?
  7. SillyStudent

    Violence in the ER

    If the patient is not actively hallucinating or demented, I call the cops. ESPECIALLY if they are drunk.
  8. SillyStudent

    Cath lab newbie

    I have been doing ER/ICU for 6 years, and was just hired for a cath lab position. I will start in their pre/post op area and eventually train for the actual lab. I have experience with sheath pulls. IABP, vasopressors, and all the normal CCU/MICU duties. I have been doing ER for the last few years, so I am familiar with the acute pre-op for STEMI. What do I need to brush up on? In SICU/CCU I recovered my own patients. My EKG and ACLS skills are used all the time. . I am worried about what I don't know. Thanks!
  9. SillyStudent

    Best way to get to cath lab?

    It took me almost 6 years of combined ER/ICU experience to get to Cath lab. I was notified yesterday that I got the job. Most of the people there have a lot of experience. I was shocked that they hired me. Any ICU experience counts. I have never worked CVICU. My ICU experience was SICU/MICU/CCU.
  10. SillyStudent

    Family Members/Patients Who Write Down Your Name

    If someone asks for my last name I state that the information is private for my safety and politely tell them my employee number.
  11. SillyStudent

    ED computer systems

    We use EPIC housewide. I hated medhost. we see upwards of 50000 patients a year.
  12. SillyStudent


    LandD, I have a job on my résumé that I walked out of with no notice. The ICU was so dangerous in this hospital that I was afraid for my license. When my prospective employers call there, they say I am ineligible for rehire. (This looks like I got fired) I have NEVER had an issue getting a job. Likely, if the place you worked is that toxic, hiring managers all over your city know it. In my case they were all aware how bad it was. Good luck!
  13. SillyStudent

    Chf and fluid boluses

    Better wet than dead.
  14. SillyStudent

    Why do nurses constantly say they don't hire ASN?

    I was just offered a permanent charge position over 2 BSN applicants. I would like to get my BSN someday, but I am not stressed about it.
  15. SillyStudent

    Will ER nurses help me answer a few questions, please??

    Don't get me wrong, I loved the unit. However, ED nursing is pretty diverse. My patient load could consist of a finger laceration, a headache and an indigestion or a degloving, a head bleed and an MI. I love the puzzle. We have absolutely no idea what's wrong with a patient when they hit the door and have to figure it out. In the unit, I got patients that had already been 'figured out' for the most part. I love using my assessment skills like this. Stuff that you think is BS can turn out to be a huge medical problem and you can make such a difference if you just listen to the patients. The whole time I was in the ICU I got a card and some flowers from a patient one time. In the last 18 months it has happened about 8 times. People really appreciate compassionate emergency care, and that is what I try to deliver.
  16. SillyStudent

    Will ER nurses help me answer a few questions, please??

    Our ER hires new grads that have gone through our nursing residency program. I started in SICU, and when I was in the critical care float pool, I floated to ER a lot. I changed specialties because I enjoyed it so much. As for education, it might depend on your area but we have to get TNCC within 2 years and maintain ACLS, BLS and CPI. We hire diploma nurses, ADN, and BSN.

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