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I just had (what I feel is) the shortest interview ever. I am a new grad, scheduled to take the NCLEX July 1. I have been applying for jobs and have had one interview where I didn't get the job.

Fast forward yesterday I received a call from my dream hospital. They wanted an interview with me today. I showed up a little early, waited in the lobby. Once inside the conference room the interviewer asked me what I was looking for. I responded and then she tells me about their facility and proceeds to show me around the hall I interviewed for. She introduced me to RT and one of the charge nurses. As we were walking she asked me about my shift preference. After that we went back to the conference room and she allowed me to as some questions. Following that she gave me her card and told me to call/email with additional questions..and that was it. As I was leaving I asked her if it was to forward of me to ask that if I was selected for candidacy would I hear back within 2 weeks or a month or so? She responded that it usually takes 2-3 weeks but she hopes that it would be sooner, so she hopes about 2 weeks.

I felt like this was an extremely short interview. She didn't inquire about skills or ask me any questions about myself. Have you ever had an interview like this?


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If it was as you described really doesn't sound like she was interested in you. Something either "put her off" about you initially, and she went through the motions of completing the interview....or.....the job was really going to go to someone else and she had to go through the motions of interviewing X number of candidates before it would be handed off to the preferred choice.

I'm sorry, but if she asked you nothing about yourself, asked you no questions other than what shift you wanted to doesn't bode well.

I had one such interview, actually. I got the impression I was far more interested in the facility than the interviewer was interested in ME, and as it turns out, I was right! Didn't get that job. But hey, got another one, a better one, so we can chalk up another "everything turns out for the best" :)

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If you're a new grad, I guess there's not much to talk about. My first interview was a lot like that and they did hire me, so who knows...

I got the impression that they wanted to make sure I would like it there before they wasted time and effort training me.


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Yea, I was going to say if they showed you around the unit, etc. that may be a good thing. Maybe it's a screening, then they will narrow it down and ask more in depth questions.


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OP, be sure to tell us how it worked out! The other people posting had valid viewpoints, so....who knows?

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All of my interviews have been short, and I have gotten every nursing job I ever applied for. Why would anyone ask about your skills if you are a new grad and this would be your first nursing job? They have to do a background check, etc., anyway, which accounts for some of the time. Anyway, good luck and I hope you get the job!

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It could just be a place who is desperate and hires anyone within reason? I've had interviews where I got that vibe. And they did exactly as you are describing.


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I had a 9 minute phone interview. At the end she said "Well the next step is to get you here for an in-person interview (which ended up being 5 minute interview and a tour". I ended up getting the job.


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Thanks guys :D I thought it was kind of bizarre! I really want a job at this facility so I am crossing my fingers. I am going to send a thank you email later tonight.

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I'd say it's a possibility you got hired. Some facilities are severely understaffed and need to fill those positions STAT. :)

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I think a walk through of the unit is an additional part of the interview. If you remained professional and cordial to everyone you came across... it could be a go!

Good luck, please let us know how it ends.