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I think you may have the job. Either she made up her mind ahead of time based on your resume, and/or formed an instant impression when she met you.

Introducing you to the Charge Nurse, RT, and asking which shift you prefer are very positive.

Good luck, this is so suspenseful :)

klone, MSN, RN

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I agree with Nurse Beth. Based on your description, she either knew immediately that you were absolutely a "no" or absolutely a "yes." The fact that she showed you around and introduced you has me leaning towards "yes."


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I hope the others are right! FWIW, on that short interview I mentioned, the one where I didn't get the job? I also got a tour of the facility. I honestly think the job was already intended for someone else and I was being given the tour and enough time to make it seem like I was given a fair shake, but....not really. So, sometimes.....the tour means nothing.

Still....I hope in your case it bodes well :)


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Could go either way, but from the looks of it, it sounds pretty positive.

Wishing you best of luck !!


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Any updates OP?

Not yet! :( Tuesday marks two weeks and she told me HR "should be in contact with you in about 2 weeks, but sometimes it takes longer". After the interview I sent a thank you email and she responded that I was nice to talk to and hopefully will hear from HR soon :unsure:

EEK I want to work at this facility so bad. I was thinking of following up again if I don't hear back after 3 weeks. I don't want to seem desperate (even though I am)