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Nike Shox! Love them, and so do my feet!

EmmaG, RN

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I always wore Nike Airs until I tried on a pair on Danskos. Now I'm sold and have them in black and white. They took a little getting used to, but now you couldn't pay me to wear anything else.


See, that is what makes me leery --- I keep hearing people say 'oh, you just have to get used to them'.


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No matter who I talk to, everyone has different opinions on shoes. I realize that everyone's comfort varies and different shoes fit people differently.

So...what is your shoe of choice and why? Also, what color shoe do you usually wear?

Me..I wear Dansko shoes in black. They were rotten to break in the first two weeks and I could only wear them part of the day. Now, they are super comfortable. I see a lot of nurses wearing Crocs and I wonder if they offer good support and comfort?

Thanks for sharing

I wear Zcoils,because they have been the shoe that works for me

I am older and 12 hours is a very long time to be on my feet.I am an ER

nurse in a busy place.

I have them in white,black,brown,navy , and gray.

The Zcoil made a world of difference in my feet,ankles,knees,and my back

I went from lots of pain in all areas to felling like I am walking on a cloud.

thank you


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I wear the washable prophet sneakers. It is like not wearing anything on your feet!


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new balance white leather walking shoe! I love them! I have flat feet and wear an ortho insert and they fit perfect! even after a 14 hour shift my feet don't hurt, I wouldn't buy anything else

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The amount of time it takes to "break in" a shoe can be a deal-breaker for me. The dansko's I bought took about two twelve-hour shifts to get right with, during my practicum at the end of nursing school. The ONLY problem with dansko's, for me, is the lack of lateral arch support. So for those of us who roll their feet laterally (is it called pronate? I think it is), we'll just wear out that one spot on the heel and start falling off the shoes. I dunno about you guys but it HURTS to turn both my ankles at once.

So my well-loved dansko's come out about once a month for work when I'm feeling lucky. One thing's for sure, if you're gonna get bled and peed on, or wind up walking around in yuck, those are the ones to have on your feet! They clean up nice.

Currently I alternate mostly between Klogs (look dingy and squeak but feel good) and New Balance slide looking things. New Balance has a lateral arch thingy! Weeeee! They feel pretty good. Do NOT try to run and turn 180 degrees in them at the same time, shoes go flying up in the air. (That's probably not good for any shoe.) The other night I put my birkenstocks back on to try for a part of a shift and in less than 3 hours I was ready to cry. I'd love to "get used to" those $130 shoes! They have arches in the right places, dunno what on earth the problem is. They just hurt from the bottom of my feet right on up the spine.

I did try some squishy croc knockoffs and they were okay. I tripped a lot and they wore out in less than 6 months. Straps catch on IV lines, electrical cords, etc. MBT's and SAS are on my "someday" I'll try list... someday when I have money and my hubby forgot about how much I've already spent.


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I feel your pain about the Birkie's. I love the styles and the arch is good, but my heel absolutly kills me after about 3 hours in them.

It makes my heel feel like it's walking on cement after a while. I tend then to "grip" with my toes way too much to compensate for the discomfort and then my shin(s) start to hurt.

I lurve my Dansko's and I agree about the lateral roll. If your lateral roll is that bad than the Dansko rep I talked with actually recommended that you see someone about orthopedic insoles.

Lateral rolling is common to most people, but if it's wearing out the 1 1/2 inch sole on a Dansko quickly and making ankles turn then it might be time to see someone.

I've noticed that over the years as a nurse, my feet have gotten bigger, flatter and the arches are slowly falling.

I own five pair of Dansko's. I rotate my shoes everyday so that they all get even wear. I'm going on 5 years with the same 5 pairs and it has helped the lateral wear on the shoe.

I saw a Dansko rep in a shoe store the other day and they were very helpful.

I'm wondering if all of us with the lateral problem write to Dansko and/or Sanita, if they might look into a solution?


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I'm just a the shifts and times on my feet aren't as heavily as most of you, but I wear nike shox. They are mostly white mesh, with some other harder (don't know if its leather) near the sole and around the toes. They are great. Since they are mesh they are really breathable and I throw them in the washer all the time and they look new.

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Interesting. I got my ruler out and it seems I've worn just over 1/4 inch off the lateral sole of the heel of my dansko's. Just the work ones though; I have a brown pair that don't see very much wear and they are still in good shape. Maybe I'll look into anti-pronation insoles. Or maybe I'll try filleting a pair of dr. scholls insoles from the grocery store.

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for work, i own 6 pairs of crocs all different colors that i have put insoles in. i love how light they are. these are the most comfy for me because i have huge feet and i havent found any other pair of comfy shoes that i can wear all the time without having throbbing feet at the end of the day.

for clinicials, i wear white leather converse sneakers. i got them on sale at foot locker and they actually fit my foot pretty good. they are easy to clean too. i just throw them in the wash. don't plan on wearing them after i graduate though. :)

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Just got a pair of Red Cross brand shoes in "courtney" (a clog type in white leather) Jasco uniforms had them on sale for 29.99-originally 79.00. They are very comfy.

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Crocs & Shox for me!!!! I switch between the two & my feet & legs do not hurt. I have a couple ( well more than a couple) of pairs of each in dif. colors......

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