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No matter who I talk to, everyone has different opinions on shoes. I realize that everyone's comfort varies and different shoes fit people differently.

So...what is your shoe of choice and why? Also, what color shoe do you usually wear?

Me..I wear Dansko shoes in black. They were rotten to break in the first two weeks and I could only wear them part of the day. Now, they are super comfortable. I see a lot of nurses wearing Crocs and I wonder if they offer good support and comfort?

Thanks for sharing

Crocs are wonderful! I have problems with my feet if I wear just tennis shoes. I have new balance shoes, $130.00 , and they even hurt. My Crocs don't. I love them. I have navy and I had some purple.:lol2:


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Currently, I wear Crocs.....with the holes on top. In fact, I'd say about 50% of the staff on my unit(and many more people throughout the other units/depts) wear Crocs, with & without the holes. As of right now, the hospital I work at has not adopted &/or enforced a policy regarding these shoes. However, if it does become an issue down the road with the "holey" ones, I will go & buy a pair of closed top Crocs because I can't imagine not wearing these shoes. They are SO comfortable and I never leave work at the end of the day with sore, or sweaty, feet(that's why I like the "holey" ones...;)).

In the past, I've also worn Danskos. I love these shoes, too, but my feet don't breathe as well in them. Comfort-wise, however, they are right up there with the Crocs, IMO, and they last forever!!

I wanted to buy Danskos, but they are too narrow for my feet. :

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I wear dankso...right now i have white because i'm in school but for graduation (may:balloons: ) I am def getting a black pair!!!


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I am also a Nike Shox girl! In every color! I love them!!! It took a minute for me to get used to them but now that I am ...I love them! I also have a pretty comfy pair of KSwiss!


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Dansko's or Sanita (same shoes)! I've been a nurse for over 10 years and have tried just about every "nursing" type shoe under the sun.

I've found that when I started and was wearing running shoe or athletic type shoes, the support would wear out pretty quickly. I found myself replacing even the best brand shoes every year, or I would need to invenst in about 3 pairs at a time to rotate them. I also found that my feet would sweat in them more then leather shoes.

So about 6 years ago I switched to Dansko's. There is a "breaking in" period which I figured is better to do walking around in them in your house. After about two weeks time, they are good to go. I've had the same few pairs of Dansko's since then and they are all still in great shape.

They have great arch support and they are leather, so they breathe. They also have an anti-microbal insole, which is impressive.

Plus just a bonus for me...the rocker soles make you about 1 1/2 inches taller, which is great for a shorty 5'4 like me!

If you are interested in Dansko's or Sanita's, find a store in your area and try on a few pairs to find your right size. They usually retail from about $110.00 to over 200.00 for limited edition ones. Instead, after you've found your size, go to ebay and buy them there.

I've picked up alot of New in the box Dankso's for 60-70.00. Well worth it!

BTW...go home at night and put your feet up if you can for at least 20 minutes...that helps more then anything!:redpinkhe


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Crocs specialist do come in white. Go, click on work at top of page then to specialist. They have vent and no vent varieties. I have them and think they are more comfortable than the other crocs. I have many pairs in many colors.


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One of my colleagues was just in my office and we were discussing Dansko. They get our vote hands down! Take care of your feet!


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Dansko Professionals in brown. My feet have never felt better at then end of 12 hours of continuous standing/walking. I save my Crocs for the beach.


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Love NIKE!! Hands down. Esp. the ballo nikes which they no longer make but I have a secret place where I can still find them. I can wear these everyday, work out in them, run, go to work... right when you get a pair you slip them on they feel like youve been wearing them forever... no need to break them in with the comfortable mesh, feet never sweat and I cant RAVE enough about Nike products .. love love love them! I have a gray pair and black and white w/ pink ...


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for all you dankso lovers, here is some information i received via email from their customer service dept!

thank you for your email and interest in dansko. i have great news! we are actually introducing a few new patent leather colors in the professional clog to our fall/winter 2008 season. the colors available will be claret (a little darker than the red, they're gorgeous!), navy, and black. also, there will also be a limited edition brown leopard patent, red leopard patent, and grey leopard patent, just to jazz things up! (we're also bringing back the confetti professional due to popular demand!) they should start arriving at your local dansko dealer by mid-june, and mid-july for the limited editions.

(dansko actually made a pink lolita sandal in the past to benefit breast cancer awareness, there were a huge hit!)

we're so excited about these new colors, hope you are too!



dansko customer service :w00t::w00t:

ps - btw i spoke with someone also at sanita clogs, the actual manufacturer of dansko's clogs (or they were until aug 2007!). they said to stay away from the "brocade" clogs that are out now and expensive. they come in black,brown and red brocade with flower patterns stiched in.

sanita reps tell me they are having huge problems with the flowers that are sewn onto the shoe falling off. calling it a defect. if you have questions send an email by going to the sanita website at there is a link to send an email. they get back to you right away!

buyer beware!


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I always wore Nike Airs until I tried on a pair on Danskos. Now I'm sold and have them in black and white. They took a little getting used to, but now you couldn't pay me to wear anything else.


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