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  1. dwills302

    Possible LPN to RN program at Hocking College

    Hey Tina, I graduated from Hocking in 2003. I just wanted to add that Hocking makes sure the nursing students are ready for the real world when they graduate. I loved the program and the teaching staff are always there for you when you have a question. Anyone who would be questioning this college should know you won't get a better education experience anywhere else. I know a few LPN's who are interested in obtaining their RN so I will let them know about this new program, hopefully some of them will be interested.
  2. dwills302

    Va Pay Schedule

    Usually a Nurse I, step I unless you have experience.
  3. dwills302

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    you are never to old to achieve your dreams, i was 46 when i graduated nursing school. go for it and goodluck.
  4. dwills302

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    I had always wanted to be a nurse but with 3 small children thought my wants did not matter. Anyways the children grew up and my mom was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. I took care of her until the end and decided if I was able to insert pain medication vaginally to my mother I could handle anything else thrown at me by other patients. I applied and was accepted to nursing school, and by the way took my middle child with me. We graduated in 2003 (I was 46) and work together for Veterans Affairs Medical Center. My dad was a WWII vet and that's the only place I wanted to work. We both LOVE our jobs and know we made the right decision.
  5. dwills302

    Lessons From An Autopsy (Warning: Graphic)

    During nursing school I had a Professor who forbid us to test for Homan's sign, she had lost a fiance who threw a clot when the nurse tested for Homan's. He was in his early 20's and was a motorcycle accident victim.
  6. dwills302

    I just don't understand

    If I was in the wrong about a clinical judgement I would let the Dr. explain to me what I did wrong. But I will not let them berate me. One time I just walked away from a ranting physician, regrouped then returned. Not usually the best thing to do but it worked out fine. By the time I returned he and I had both calmed down and talked decently. To this day we have a good working relationship. Sometimes you just have to understand where the other person is coming from, maybe they lost a tough battle with another patient etc. Does that mean it's ok to vent on others---NO, but I believe we are all guilty of that at times. Every situation is different and you have to pick your battles. Sometimes it is just easier to listen to them, use the education given and let it go. I find it is rare that it happens in my facility anyways.
  7. dwills302

    Shoes...what do you wear?

    Crocs specialist do come in white. Go http://www.crocs.com, click on work at top of page then to specialist. They have vent and no vent varieties. I have them and think they are more comfortable than the other crocs. I have many pairs in many colors.
  8. dwills302

    CDiff Smell?

    Congratulations on passing your boards!!!
  9. dwills302

    Deathbed visions

    About 7 years ago my mother was dying of cancer. During her last 3 days she saw 3-5 angels surrounding her room staying close to the ceiling. She spoke of them to my sister and I several times. Talked about how beautiful they were. Two weeks before she died she had an out of body experience and when she came back to us she could not remember who my sister was, wondered if she had been sick and asked if she was dying. We answered all of her questions honestly. She then asked to speak to her hospice nurse alone. She told the nurse of being in a void and how peaceful it was. She eventually remembered my sister and passed away peacefully. She is the reason I went to nursing school at age 44. I want to be to other people what her nurse was to her. Thanks to everyone who replied to this post, it is a wonderful read.
  10. dwills302

    Best Brand of Shoes

    After trying several brands including Danskos, Birkenstock, New Balance, Nursemates etc I have chosen Crocs as my favorites. I can wear them 16 hours and feel great. I have not had any problems with them at all, not even slipping on wet floors. I have converted many nurses on my unit to them, even my daughter! Just my opinion, hope it helps.
  11. dwills302

    Funny patient names by nurses

    I have a niece named Shira Jenae. I had actually picked the name out when I was pregnant with my last child, but was a boy and could not use it. So when my sister got pregnant she asked if she could use the name.
  12. dwills302

    Hocking College?

    I attended Hocking College and loved every minute of it. The education and clinical experience you get is outstanding. I was in the regular day classes, but know others who attended evenings and weekends. They enjoyed the classes and ability to work through the week. You have made a wonderful choice. The staff is open and welcomes each and every students questions and ideas. They are there for you whenever you need them. The college is small but mighty, is rated among the top ten in the USA. In a large college setting you listen to lecture and have no opportunity to speak with the professor after class, at Hocking you have every opportunity for that. If you have something that you don't quite understand they will take the time to talk with you and help you get a better understanding. And they are very nice about it. Honestly I could not imagine going to another college. Hope this helps.
  13. dwills302

    Our Own Misconceptions

    Kevin, So Sorry for your loss. Been there and know how you are feeling. Know that you were a wonderful advocate for your mom. She must have been a wonderful lady to raise such a compassionate son. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  14. dwills302

    Wearing scrubs in public...

    I too believe we should not wear our scrubs to different public places if they are soiled or if we have taken care of MRSA patients during our shift. But to get back to what really bothers me is this woman, who has a column in most newspapers, assumed wrongly about every nurse changing at their work destination. Should she not have investigated this further than her own desk before she started writing with the poison ink? We nurses are looked at with trust from our patients, she has chiseled away some of that trust without even caring, and over something she obviously knows nothing about. I read her column that day and was amazed, I wondered if anyone else would read it and get as upset as I did.
  15. dwills302

    How Old Are You?

    47, been an RN for 1 year