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  1. EmmaG

    Dumbest thing a student/newbie ever said/did?

    Whoa. Had a student give K+ elixir IV. But my favorite was an experienced nurse who struggled to get a patient out of bed, because she was told he had standing orders for a suppository. I kid you not.
  2. EmmaG

    Dumbest thing a student/newbie ever said/did?

    The "dumbest", biggest no-no is NOT to ask (what you think) are stupid questions, and instead blunder ahead pretending to know it all.
  3. EmmaG

    Are there any nurses who actually enjoy their jobs?

    After what I've put up with over the last month or so...no, I'm not enjoying my job all that much.
  4. EmmaG

    Entire ER crew will go to mandatory retreat

    Just when I think I've heard it all... So they're going to force you all to get along Here. You'll be needing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhY1fxQXa3A
  5. Excellent. Thank you for posting this.
  6. EmmaG

    I'm so confused.

    Between the short-staffing and her comment to you, consider yourself lucky you no longer work for that ass. Good luck in whatever you choose to do. Please don't make any impulsive decisions... there are plenty of areas that you can work as a nurse. But before you chuck it altogether, give yourself some time to recuperate from the stress you've been under.
  7. EmmaG

    Hippa - Wwyd?

    I've been on the receiving end too. If you don't feel comfortable going to the manager, you can make an anonymous report to your facility's compliance line.
  8. EmmaG

    "Failure to Rescue" - A product of the nursing shortage?

    Many a shift I've worked on the edge, praying that nothing like this happens. And I can't count the number of times I've had a patient going bad, with not enough staff to cover their own patients much less the rest of mine who I pray remain *ok* until I get through the current crisis. Kinda sad to think that far too often I consider it a 'good night' if everyone is breathing when I leave...
  9. EmmaG

    Sterotypes of Nurses Continues and Is Getting Worse

    What the hospital is doing is wrong. What FauxNews did was ignorant beyond description.
  10. EmmaG

    What do you wish for in a break room?

    Hi! *hugs*
  11. EmmaG

    ICU nurse/staff shot by family member

    This was obviously premeditated. I hope he gets the death penalty.
  12. EmmaG

    What do you wish for in a break room?

    I know what I don't want: that damned call-light panel that alarms every time a patient calls out. I've only worked one unit in all these years that had a break room that was truly a break room.
  13. If I had to choose another path, I'd have gone into PT or OT or possibly Speech.
  14. EmmaG

    "New Nurses's Don't Know Anything."

    You mean mostly dead...
  15. Don't ya just love that? I had one of those idiots just the other day. When they asked for my name, I took their pad and wrote out my full name in HUGE BLOCK LETTERS.
  16. EmmaG

    Lawsuit: Wesley has too few RN's

    HCA? Understaffing? Treating its employees like dirt? No way! [/sarcasm]