$450 scrub top... yeah, I know, for real.


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You are reading page 3 of $450 scrub top... yeah, I know, for real.


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Wonder what their harbinger of ill health looks like.

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Yeah I think it's a law of nature-- and if you wear shorts and no socks to work like the model it's like an open invitation for someone to come up and throw up in your shoes! :no:

I love this quote from the article:

Huh? My scrub top just sort of lays there looking bored. They actually paid somebody to write that. :lol2:

If mine got anything but bored, I'd be ripping it off in a nanosecond :D

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Hehe, I will put my Jockey's up to par with these and win all around :lol2:

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It is really ugly. and it doesn't even have pockets!! what the heck??

it looks like the scrubs they wear in the OR.!! who would pay $450 for that? i wouldn't pay $1.50


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I kept pushing the 'next' button.....and under the Twin Fashionography , photo # 5......looks VERY MUCH like HOSPITAL GOWNS!!!!!!!!:hhmth::hpygrp:

Dang. I was going to make a joke along the lines of "next thing you know, they'll be making designer hospital gowns...." and turns out you actually found them! I can't find them, I got all turned around when I got to the underwear with tails.

But really. So this is where couture is heading? High fashion based on hideous scrubs. What will they think of next? How about isolation gear. That bright yellow is very appealing, not to mention transparent, which will go nicely with the underwear with tails. And those goggles can be darkened to wear as sunglasses on the beach.

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I'm getting visuals of a hospital gown w/undies with tails sneaking out the back...... the visuals are not especially good :D


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I wouldn't think too many nurses are shopping at Prada! I know I don't, in fact, I shop resale! All of my current scrubs are resale and I have some jackets that are just so pretty, at no more than $2.45 each!


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they look like OR scrubs. If you are going to price a scrub top at $450 at least make it cute.


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they look like OR scrubs. If you are going to price a scrub top at $450 at least make it cute.

It's au-THEN-tic! Authentic always costs more 'coz, it's like, REAL. :cool:

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Geeezzz, guys & gals ... :smackingf

I'm no fashionista, but these ARE NOT SCRUBS. They are a "trendhunter" pick for upcoming fashion -- couture inspired by scrubs. No one thinks you're going to buy this to wear to a job where actual scrubs are appropriate.