$450 scrub top... yeah, I know, for real.


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You are reading page 2 of $450 scrub top... yeah, I know, for real.

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Geesh, at least the baby Phat scrubs are cute.

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Designers must be running out of things to be "inspired" by... especially since these look more than just inspired- they look like exact copies of actual scrub tops, just "styled" with regular clothes.

There actually are non-healthcare women out there who think it's cool to wear scrub tops as regular clothes.

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i just bought two...be jealous.. ((( Yeaaaah riiight)) LOL


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That's not for working in, silly. It's FASHION. cheerleader%202.gif


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Some "high fashion" designs are just so stupid.

How can anyone seriously think that looks good?

I don't get it.


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Yeah, sometimes I think fashion designers just come up with the stupidest looking outfits to see who will wear it just because it has Prada or whatever on it.

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Of course the day you wear it will be the day a GIANT code brown happens...but when you spend that much for a top it's pretty much guaranteed to happen.

Yeah I think it's a law of nature-- and if you wear shorts and no socks to work like the model it's like an open invitation for someone to come up and throw up in your shoes! :no:

I love this quote from the article:

Shapes are cut boxily on the body and rendered in classic scrub green. Evolving to encompass optimistic sportswear rather than a harbinger of ill-health,

Huh? My scrub top just sort of lays there looking bored. They actually paid somebody to write that. :lol2: