School Shootings

  1. Sad that we may need a category for this.
    Another school shooting in NoCal.
    Thinking of NoCalMimi and hoping she's okay.
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  3. by   AdobeRN
    Geez - makes me sick thinking of this. Hope all is ok.
  4. by   Flare
    I have really started to view the world quite differently in the last few years. Last week i took a class in tactical casualty care. Was a really great course, but at the same time, part of me was not sick, but angry at the fact that I even had to take a class like that and even more angry about the fact that I have several emergency plans laid out. But still - vigilance and preparation are on my forefront. Thinking out of the box and keeping an open mind. Especially in times of crisis.

    My prayers are with all those involved. The families who lost loved ones. The people that will never again feel totally safe and the communities that will never fully heal. You are loved
  5. by   NutmeggeRN
    I am heartsick.
  6. by   WineRN
    We have amped up our emergency preparedness training in our district because of these events.

    My heart hurts for the families affected and I hate how this is just becoming the norm.
  7. by   OldDude
    This is probably gonna be long so I under stand if you pass it over. I'm not intending on offering a political opinion so please don't read that into it if you choose to go on.

    Everyone who has kids understands this...few things scare me. I'm afraid of snakes; I hate snakes - snakes scare me (coincidentally as I was typing this a report came over the radio of a snake in one of our classrooms. I responded, it was a little non-poisonous snake, and I took it back outside - but I didn't like it). The other thing that scares me is the inability to protect my children as they've progressed to being out of my reach and my sight and are available to become carnage resulting from the action of some satan reincarnate with a gun, machete, vehicle, bomb, or some other mechanism used in a manner to purposefully kill others.

    Frankly, I think the fringes of our society have deteriorated to the degree that these hideous acts can not be prevented and will continue until "we the people" reel in our "tolerance" atmosphere and go back to enforcing acceptable behavior in a public place. I believe the genesis of today's violence is a product of progressively allowing a couple of generations of individuals to violate the public "peace" laws and mores with no accountability or consequences. For instance, nowadays, if a parent stands in the front office of a public school and continually drops the "F" bomb and "F" this and "F" that, their action is met with meekness, and apologies, and pleases to quiet them down and satisfy their complaint; out of fear of retribution, further complaints to higher administration, or whatever else lame reason. So what is the result? Incentive for the bad actor to repeat the behavior and, with human nature being what is, the repeat performance will likely escalate. What should occur in a situation I've described is the person acting out in a public should be hauled to jail and charged with disorderly conduct; a law which is on the books in every state in the union. A law written and enacted by those voted into office to represent "we the people," i.e., the opinion of how society should act in public.

    I believe this lack of enforcement of societal rules over time has tentacles that creep outward and take hold and simmer with those who have a propensity to be a bad actor. Those who have had life slap them in the face for the multitudes of possibilities. Those who face little or no possibilities of obtaining mental or emotional health intervention (but the lack of mental health services now is a different rant). The results of continuing to allow unchecked violations of the "public peace" and tolerance and excuse making for public displays of outright vulgarity and societal degradation has grown like a deadly virus and is manifesting in the inhumane behavior we are now seeing.

    Laws won't fix this because we already have laws in place that address each and every bad or evil commission deemed unacceptable by society. Only "we the people" can fix this by returning to the public climate where it is NOT acceptable to use vulgar language and gestures and unacceptable actions in a public place and those who do must be punished and responsible for their actions. Then and only then can, (with the assistance of some REAL mental health revision) over a couple generations, we remold the respect people deserve from each other and how to address objections in a civil and objective manner.

    I read this morning that no kids died over there in California yesterday - 2 sadly received gunshot wounds but will recover; undoubtedly due to quick thinking by school personnel to lock down the building. Praise be to GOD. Other innocents were murdered...praying for God to give those left behind the strength for tomorrow. Just as those murdered at church 100 miles up the road a couple Sundays ago.

    OK, if you made it through, thank you for listening. I feel blessed to be able to take part in such a forum for GOOD as is here with you wonderful people. And BTW, it's Far's fault for starting the thread...thank you Farawyn for reminding us of the deadly reality that lurks out there. Keep your heads up and looking everyone.
  8. by   Flare
    Very well stated, Old Dude.
  9. by   River Song, RN
    I won't lie, when I started this job one of the first things I mentally went through was how I would respond to an active shooter. My office is right next to the front door and if I weren't in the direct line of fire, I would be in a position to know quickly what was happening. Our school is new construction and designed such that the specials areas (cafe, gym, music room, library) are at the front and the individual classrooms are far away in a separate area and would not be aware.

    I also have deadbolts on both my entry doors as well as a deadbolt on my bathroom door and a shower in my bathroom. My plan would be to lock my doors while calling on the walkie to alert those staff who have a walkie then hunkering down in the shower. In the hospital, we had active shooter annual training and having a plan was encouraged. One of the key aspects for survival was how quickly you can process and realize this IS happening. Some people stay in the mode of denial too long to take appropriate action.

    I thought it might be silly to be thinking this way then I learned that just a year ago a Dad shot the Mom of two students in the park across the street and as we have sadly seen, domestic violence and shootings can often go hand in hand.
  10. by   kidzcare
    I like your post OD. I will say that while there may be a societal change that needs to take place (it is!! Look at men with power being held accountable for their despicable behavior! It's a tiny step, but an important one) we also need some provisions in place while those societal changes evolve.

    Some say "Now is not the time to talk about politics" when it comes to shootings and gun control. But if we wait, then there is never a "right" time. NO ONE needs the kinds of weapons that many perpetrators of mass shootings have. The Vegas shooter had 23 guns and copious amounts of ammunition. Why should someone be able to attain those items without triggering any red flags?

    A friend from HS posted a heinous picture on facebook that showed two Peanuts characters sitting under a tree with one asking "How do we stop mass shootings?" and Charlie Brown answering "Shoot back" Why can't we try to stop mass shootings before they start? How would this have helped in Vegas? Even if the entire crowd was armed, would it have been helpful for everyone to aim their guns at an unknown target and start shooting?

    I've heard the phrase "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" but that argument holds no weight. None of my research has shown a worthwhile percentage of "good gun owners" stopping "bad guys" in fact, armed civilians who have intervened are more often injured in their attempts. I'd wager that most armed citizens would not intervene even if they were present at a crime. We like to imagine how we'd react in emergency situations, but the truth is, in our imagination we are always more badass and witty than we end up being in real life.
  11. by   Eleven011
    OldDude, I read every word and agree wholeheartedly. To see what my kids are growing up around, as compared to what I did, is devastating. I am thankful my little bubble of the world is holding on as tight as possible before becoming infected with worst of it. We still have people holding onto those long forgotten ideals. We have one parent who decided to make a scene and shout and cause trouble, she is no longer allowed to enter the building without a principal or superintendent escorting her. We say the pledge every morning and stand for the national anthem. I pray that we someday have leaders that will turn us around, heading back into a direction of peace. But I fear it will take something far more unimaginable than anything that's happened to spur that on. I also pray my children will be neither part of the problem, nor victim of it. But instead be the solution.

    And mortal enemy.
  12. by   Flare
    It's funny - my friends and I played a game from the time we were young - we called it "force field" where we would pretend that a force field would come over wherever we were - sitting in the Burger King or Trapped in the Library - this was before Columbine- so the idea of having to evacuate due to a mass shooting was the farthest thing on our minds. Anyhow - we would discuss who we thought would panic, who would try to take charge, how we could try to escape. It was a game that I continued to play in my own mind pretty much everywhere I went while I was waiting for food to come or waiting in a queue or any time my mind went into idle - and still do to this day. I only realized fairly recently that this escape / survival game had become a reflex and now had a much more real and darker purpose 20 some years later.
  13. by   ABRN2012
    I agree! OldDude you said it all!
  14. by   WineRN
    Quote from kidzcare

    Some say "Now is not the time to talk about politics" when it comes to shootings and gun control. But if we wait, then there is never a "right" time. NO ONE needs the kinds of weapons that many perpetrators of mass shootings have. The Vegas shooter had 23 guns and copious amounts of ammunition. Why should someone be able to attain those items without triggering any red flags?

    I completely agree with you Kidz

    I moved from a state with pretty strong gun laws to a state that is VERY pro gun and it was a culture shock. My close friend down here just bought a gun "for protection" and to be 100% honest, she has no business owning a gun. She never even held one before that day and is still unsure on how to load and use it. She just got one because she is scared about what she is seeing on the news and how people here respond is by "getting protection".

    We don't require background checks, we allow both closed and open carry and we don't require registration of weapons.

    This ALL scares me. And I have close friends who are Libertarian, who have heatedly debated me about federal regulations and how the "bad guys don't follow the laws anyway". But something needs to change.