personal days/sick days?

  1. For anyone willing to share I am trying to get an idea of how many personal/sick days you get as the school nurse per year. I just got my contract and I am hoping to negotiate less sick days and more personal days but just wanted to see where other school nurses were with this.

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  3. by   mycsm
    I have 4 sick and 10 personal. The personal carry over to the next year if i dont use them. The sick change into personal if I dont use them
  4. by   rural_nurse
    I get 10 sick and 3 personal. The sick carry over but the personal days are use or lose.
  5. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Goodness! I get 5 sick and 5 personal. I envy those with 10 sick. I've already used all my days between my own sickness and my foster baby getting sick constantly!
  6. by   Flare
    i get 10 sick, 4 family illness 1 personal without reason and 2 personal with contract approved reason
  7. by   mycsm
    wait..I said it backward. I have 10 sick and 4 personal. Sorry for the confusion
  8. by   Artistyc1
    I get 10 sick, 5 family sick leave, and 3 personal. Not that I ever get to take any- getting subs to cover for me is very difficult.
  9. by   bsyrn
    I get 14 sick days, 1 goes to the sick bank so actually 13 and 4 personal days
  10. by   parkay
    2 personal each year and we accumulate sick leave hrs each day we work (not sure the ratio). I wish the # of sick leave hours would roll over to extra personal days the following year so if I wanted a vacation I could take one :-) I'm contracted for 5.5 hrs daily and if I'm sick I can only take 5.5 hrs for that day and nothing more even though I may have 100+ hours banked under sick leave.
  11. by   nursebooboo
    I have 2 personal and we get 1 sick day for every month that we are in school and the sick days accumulate. If you don't use your personal days, they turn into sick days and roll over to the next year. I hardly ever miss but sometimes I think I need to use a "sick day" for mental health hehe.
  12. by   Supernrse01
    I have 3 sick days and 3 personal days. If I don't use any of my sick days, I can cash them (3) in at the end of the year. Makes for a nice bonus and the end of the year!!
  13. by   NutmeggeRN
    15 sick, three of which can used for personal time...but the district is pretty easdy about the need for time off if needed. Bankable up to 90, no cash out at this point.