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  1. rural_nurse

    Woo Hoo

    4 days left with kids then 9 days and summer vacation starts
  2. rural_nurse

    My day just got a little bit brighter!

    how very sweet =-)
  3. rural_nurse

    Nursing and tattoos

    I have a large butterfly on my (L) shoulder blade, 3 small butterflies on my ® shoulder blade, turtle on my ® ankle, moon and stars with daughters names on my (L) calf, butterfly on ® foot and swirls covering (L) inner foot...they can all be concealed with clothing =-)
  4. rural_nurse


    I feel your pain...lol. Plus I am the elementary secretary due to budget cuts so my days can be pretty crazy!! Yesterday I had a kiddo come to me for an ice pack for this bruise he had on his leg since Monday...really?!?!?!? When I am at my wits end with some of the teachers I just simply escort the student back to class with the parent phone number and tell them I cannot do anything for them so if they want to talk to the parents they sure can. =-)
  5. rural_nurse

    Parents not giving ADHD meds...how far should we go?

    I work in a pretty small school...about 240 kids pre-k-6 and 160 in Jr-Sr High. I am not only the nurse but the elementarty secretary (budget cuts and all) I give (5) 8:00 am meds, (5) noon meds, (1) 2 pm med, and (1) 3 pm med. I agree with all the posts...yes, parents need to be responsible but as nurses, if we can help the child learn we must do out part also. It can get frustrating at times but I guess I would rather give the med here at school just so it is consistant.