Nurses' Week

  1. Kid from the news/media classroom came in to interview me for Nurses' Week! There's nobody in here. Two easy softball questions (Why is school nursing important?) and b-roll of me auscultating my clinic aide's lungs (from the back she looks like a student).

    Day. Made.
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  3. by   MHDNURSE
    Love it! I don't even know if my school is aware that it is nurse's week. Last week was teacher appreciation week and they went all out and I was included in everything so I doubt they will acknowledge nurse's week. That's ok.
  4. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    I was included in the Teacher Appreciation week last week too! I'm totally cool with piggy-backing off of their week BUT! I was surprised on Friday with a pedicure and a facial from my principal and our admin. assistant for Nurse's Day! It blew me away!! I also had multiple teachers come in and wish me a Happy Nurse's Day and then this morning I came in to a big sign on my door from my older kiddos wishing me a Happy Nurse's Day! Apparently none of them knew about Nurse's Day or Week but once one found out, they all knew! It was such a great surprise!!!
  5. by   scuba nurse
    I was included in the teachers week lunch provided by the principal (which was really no big deal), but I highly doubt I will get any other acknowledgment, even though the superintendent sent out a big thank you to the nurses!
  6. by   Jedrnurse
    What? There's such a thing as Nurses Day????
  7. by   ruby_jane
    Quote from Jedrnurse
    What? There's such a thing as Nurses Day????
  8. by   Farawyn
    Quote from Jedrnurse
    What? There's such a thing as Nurses Day????
    Apparently not.
    I got one note from a kid. That's it.
    This is when I miss the hospital. They did it up right.
  9. by   100kids
    I am included in Teacher Appreciation Day here and one teacher brought me flowers for Nurse's Week.
  10. by   MrNurse(x2)
    I received a dozen Cinnabon sized cinnamon rolls from a student, homemade and better than the commercial brand. My nurses' day made!
  11. by   zombieghoast
    I'm no longer in the schools but the medical assistants in our office brought us breakfast and lunch!
  12. by   NanaPoo
    I brought a homemade Kahlua cake in and left it in the faculty lounge Monday. I think that's the closest we'll get to any sort of celebration or recognition around here this week. I'm pretty sure no one has any idea it's Nurse's week.

    Bah Humbug.
  13. by   MrNurse(x2)
    One of the DJs yesterday announced Nurses' Week and said a sappy internet thing and then said a nurse may be the only person between you and a hearse. Found a smile on my face after that.
  14. by   OldDude
    Our district head nurse gave me a $15.00 gift card to a local liquor store