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  1. I want to share my great news with you guys! I finished my Master's in Nursing Education this weekend! Woo!

    I have been in school since 2015- first to complete my bachlor's, then to become certified in school nursing, and the master's was the last (for now?) piece! I plan to stay where I am but I get to move up the pay scale now!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
  4. by   OldDude
    That really is a grand accomplishment! Congratulations! Your Dad be smilin... - proud of you girl!
  5. by   GdBSN
    Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment. It will probably feel strange for a while not having to do school work. Enjoy your new found free time.
  6. by   Amethya
  7. by   nycNurse2b
    Congrats!!! Well done!!!
  8. by   dd_txlvn
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Congrats......happy you get a pay bump too. Thankas for taking good care of the school children, not my cup of tea.
  10. by   MHDNURSE
    Way to go! What an accomplishment- be proud of yourself and celebrate BIG!!!
  11. by   lyrern
    You have accomplished an amazing amount of goals since 2015 - congratulations!
  12. by   Avill
    yay! Congrats!! hard work pays off!
  13. by   kbrn2002
    That's wonderful! Congrats to you!!
  14. by   WineRN
    You are amazing! Congratulations!!!