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  1. nycNurse2b

    School nurse thesis topic?

    I’m struggling on what to do my thesis on for my school nurse certification program. Classes haven’t started yet but I’m trying to get ahead. I’m interested in LGBT youth in schools, diabetes management in school, and vaping but unsure how to turn ...
  2. nycNurse2b

    MiddleSchool health office

    Wondering about the look/decor in your middle school health offices. What do you have on the walls? Do you have anything to occupy the students who are waiting? Where do they put their books when they come in? Anything else you can think of...
  3. nycNurse2b

    Students with 1:1 nursing

    The district I sub in has a student with similar medical needs. He has a 1:1 agency nurse and a district employee as his 1:1 classroom aide.
  4. nycNurse2b

    Interview Questions

    Can’t thank u enough for taking the time to respond and give me all these questions and scenarios. I’m most appreciative! It appears my subbing days have paid off. I feel like I have seen or heard of many of these scenarios firsthand. ...
  5. nycNurse2b

    Interview Questions

    Hi, I’m finishing up my School Nurse Cert (required in NJ) and will hopefully be interviewing soon. i understand the interview questions are very different than what you’d see in a hospital interview. I’m told it’s tons of situation type quest...
  6. nycNurse2b

    Camp help in PA

    Alex, thank you for your detailed response and for all the great questions you brought up. My girls will be 7 and 10. The little one is outgoing, athletic and up for new adventures. The older one is slower to warm up and not sports-oriented. ...
  7. nycNurse2b

    Camp help in PA

    Also my profile reflects old jobs - I'm currently working as a school nurse.
  8. nycNurse2b

    Camp help in PA

    Looking to do a short term sleepaway summer camp next year in NEPA that I can bring my girls to. There are SO many in the Pocono area. If anyone can make a recommendation or tell me who to stay away from i would greatly appreciate it. Also, wh...
  9. nycNurse2b

    Kidzcare, MSN

    Congrats!!! Well done!!!
  10. nycNurse2b


    I'm in NJ where Certified nurses get paid on the teachers scale. Most schools in northern NJ where I have been looking start in the high 50's or low 60's depending on how much education you have. I think starting at $58k for example is great...
  11. nycNurse2b

    No nurse a month before school starts

    Hi. I'm in NJ where school nurses need to be certified. I am currently attending school to obtain my certification. I sub now but always have an eye on job openings for when I am certified. We are about a month away from school starting a...
  12. nycNurse2b

    Field Trips

    I love field trips! But that's because I'm a sub and that's usually when they call me. ;-) I'm currently in school for my school Nurse Certification (it's required here in Jersey) and I just study on the bus. Some of the trips have been fun, ...
  13. nycNurse2b

    Part Time school nurse

    Does anyone work as a part time school nurse? Or are you the full time school nurse who has a part time school nurse on your staff? Ive applied to a few part time jobs and they seem to want to just pay me the sub per diem rate and it kind of makes ...
  14. nycNurse2b

    School Nurse Salary?

    Hi! So nice to see someone else from NJ. I'm currently in school for my cert and subbing in my local district / working per Diem at the hospital. I'm curious how things turned out for you with getting hired!
  15. nycNurse2b

    School Nurse Salary?