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Good morning! My Christmas break begins on December 18th and I cannot wait!! I return back to school on January 2nd. That and the gender reveal party (I'm 5 months pregnant) that I'm throwing on... Read More

  1. by   mag426
    Quote from MrsK_Nurse
    This Friday (Dec 15) Is our last day! We come back on January 2. I've just got to make it 4.5 more days!
    Same here!! Cannot wait
  2. by   iggywench
    We get out on December 20th at 3pm, and I return January 8th (students on the 9th). The beauty of being in high school is that next week our students have semester exams, and they release at 11:20. I will be spending my break driving my son to and from early morning cross country/track practice, and reading as much as humanly possible.
  3. by   NutmeggeRN
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    Me too and I think tomorrow maybe a day off!
    Storm coming in...
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  4. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    My school's last day is 12/15 and we return on 1/3. My son's last day is 12/21 and he returns on 1/8 (obviously, he doesn't go to my school ). So, all in all, my last day is 12/15 and I return 1/8!! Since I'm part time and can work extra for "comp days", I've done just that to cover the first week of January so I can hang with my family for an extra week! We're excited and will be going skiing in NM. He's super excited about skiing this year as his daddy has said he gets to go up the mountain with him the last day they ski instead of going to ski school since he's gotten so good the last few years! They're both looking forward to it!! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL break!
  5. by   bsyrn
    Last day Dec 22, return on Jan 2. Too short this year
  6. by   BiscuitRN
    Break starts Friday and we're off until January 3rd. This is also my first year as a school nurse, and I was stuck working both Christmas Eve and Christmas night shifts last year so I'm SO excited to get Christmas and New Years off. It's also my mom's first year working out of the hospital (she's in a Nephrology office) so we're so jazzed to have time to make Christmas cookies and celebrate together.
  7. by   dd_txlvn
    We have early release the 21st, then a staff day on Jan 8th. Kids come back Jan 9th. I am so ready!!
  8. by   KKEGS
    Last day with student's is December 21. I work on December 22 because it's a Professional Development day. Staff returns January 2 (another PD day) and students return the 3rd.

    I use my break to celebrate with family and friends, sleep late and just enjoy the break! We're taking our daughters to see Beauty & the Beast at a local children's theater as well. I work a per diem hospital job but I do NOT pick up any shifts over my winter break. I just relax and enjoy my time off. It is well deserved by this point in the school year!
  9. by   kidzcare
    Our last day is Thursday Dec 21 (students have a 1/2 day) and we return on Monday January 8.

    This is not my first year as a school nurse but it is my first year NOT working 2 jobs. So I will be off all holidays and not be worried about when I can pick up extra shifts.

    We will have Xmas eve with my family. I am divorced and my kids will be with me Xmas eve and with their dad on Xmas day. It works out well for my family too since my sister and her husband are surprising their 4 girls on Xmas morning with tickets to California to visit their dad's side of the family- so I may go over to her house early in the morning to watch them tell the girls "Merry Xmas! Go pack a bag, we leave in 4 hours!" They are going to be very excited! Every time I see my oldest niece (14) she is saying how she wants to go to CA soon because she is planning a combined quincenera with her cousin who lives out there and they want to plan in person.

    I will have the kids for NYE too and I'm trying to figure out something for us all to do. I told them we'd go out for a nice dinner and then I'm not sure. They keep saying that they want to spend it with their cousins, but I can't let them know that they will be out of town lest they let the cat out of the bag.
  10. by   aprilmoss
    We are in school until Friday 22nd and back on Jan 2. I'm working to have the cath kids excused to my office toward the end of the last period so both they and me can be on our way in short order.
  11. by   moreoreo
    We are in full swing until the weekend before Christmas, off until 1/9. I hear this is a great way to do break so we don't spend a week of it stressed out preparing for the holidays.

    But sitting here this Friday I do wish we were starting tomorrow . I am in my third trimester of pregnancy and combined with break being so soon, it's hard to be motivated! I am almost grateful when the office is full because it keeps me focused and the time passes more quickly.

    Wishing you and all your families a happy and safe holiday season!
  12. by   kidzcare
    Quote from moreoreo
    We are in full swing until the weekend before Christmas, off until 1/9. I hear this is a great way to do break so we don't spend a week of it stressed out preparing for the holidays.
    I agree! I like having Xmas fall right after we are off and then having the time off to relax.
  13. by   OhioBPH
    I start Thursday with the students. It literally cannot come sooner.