Any nurses in here with schizophrenia. i have been practicing for 2 yrs. and i work in ped private duty. i just wanted to know about others and the experiences you have had. how long have you practiced for? have you always gotten a doc to sign of your declaratory order? what was your past like>? in what area of nursing do you work in ?

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Welcome to Allnurses, and thank you for posting!

If I may make a suggestion......would you mind telling us your own story, if it wouldn't be too uncomfortable for you? If you can share some about what it's like to live with schizophrenia, it might be helpful in bringing in other nurses and students to share their stories as well.

Some things that would be interesting are what your symptoms are like, how old you were when you developed the disorder, if you have any co-morbidities, and how it affects your life and work. Please don't worry about being judged here; as you can see, all sorts of nurses have been talking about mental illness, and the membership has been gracious and even curious about what it's like to live with schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, depression, bipolar etc.

Hope you enjoy your time with us and become an active member. Thanks for joining!

Well ive had schizophrenia since 21. I am very stable on my meds because i avoid alcohol and dont do drugs, i get my sleep, and i take my meds. i know if i dont i will bbe in trouble communicating with people. My doctor just signed off on my declaratory order in feb. My main symtom is hallucinations. i get them while i am talking to people. i hear alot of diffeent things. for instance if i am not looking agt them i will hear something and not knw if they said it. i just have to figure itout. but that doesnt happen while im on meds. i do have some delusions while im off meds. they are delusions of persecution. but with all that being said i react well to stress as of right now. i dont get any extra symptoms when im streessed as long as i do the things listed above. i have never seen a schizophrenic that is per say in their 40s or 50s. i want to practice nursing and retire with it. i plan on becoming a nurse professor. just because when i am older i dont want to have problems lifting people ect. i would like to hear from some nurses that have schizophrenia and are older. just to see what i have to look foward to and what i can learn from them.


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Hi, I'm an RN who also carries the diagnosis of schizophrenia. I began having symptoms when I was in my last semester of nursing school, when I was 19, but didn't get the offical diagnosis for about a year. Before I started meds I was very paranoid and having auditory/visual hallucinations. I had a rough first year, being hospitalized 5 times and trying every medication under the sun. Right now I am stable and able to work a full time job (as an RN in mental health, no less). I take my clozaril, see my psychiatrist, and also my therapist. Right now I am back to struggling with some anxiety at work, but have not been hospitalized for about two years. Just thought I would share my story.

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Yay!! I am so glad to hear from a couple of nurses with schizophrenia! I'll calm down now. But, seriously, I was wondering if anyone on here had schizophrenia. I am personally fascinated by people with schizophrenia (don't ask me why, I just am).

Hello, and welcome! Glad you joined us! :D


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Very cool, ladies. I am glad that you are able to manage this part of your life and are willing to share your story. I hate that mental illness is so stigmatized in America. You guys are good examples of how proper treatment and adherence can lead to recovery. I would imagine that schizophrenia would be a very scary ordeal to go through. Thanks for sharing!

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I am so happy to hear that those of you affected with schizophrenia are able to be stable on meds and work. I couldn't imagine living with visual and/or auditory hallucinations. Thank you for sharing your stories.

thanks for sharing kay28. may i ask how old you are ?


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I'm 22

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Thank you all for sharing. I think some people who have some understanding of schizophrenia believe the bast a person can do is live like John Nash in a very controlled environment focused on one thing. I have to admit that even though I know better sometimes my mind drifts back to the movie "A beautiful Mind". It still is hard to imagine nurses who multitask and deal with huge stressors able to manage this disease. It is obvious you do.

it is so important to get this information out to everyone. Nurses are a good place to start.

Thanks again.


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did you have to go through a monitoring program kay 28? or did you not disclose? if so what was your experience with it?