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Just a thank you. I work for the DMH here in Mass. I was talking with my sister (who also works for DMH) about the peer program that was instituted a few years ago. Put simply in psych we do our best,but we don't always understand what is going on in the patients minds. I had a thought at the time that there must be Nurses with schizophrenia out there.

You are a valuable resource,not to mention a courage s person.


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I was accepted to Nursing school. I am schizophrenic. I have been stable for 6 years. As long as I take meds everyday I do not have trouble. Currently I am on SSDI. I want to become a Nurse but I am afraid I will not be able to get a job. My doctor said she would sign off for my physical that I am stable. But will the BON let me sit for my NCLEX? I do not have any cognitive impairment. I made a 100 on math TEAS V. When I was younger I would be in out of hospital because I would stop taking my meds. The meds have side effects like impotency and weight gain. I talked to Vocational rehab and they said that they could help me get job when I get licensed.

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Forgive my ignorance. May I ask what a declaratory order is? I'm assuming it's some type of certificate that a mental health professional must sign indicating you are cleared to work as a nurse. Am I correct?


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Hi, I know this thread is old, but I have been having a little bit of trouble finding this topic or anything relatable. I am 22 and I am in nursing school, I have had symptoms of mental illness for a little while that has progressively gotten worse. I am pregnant right now, and I feel like becoming pregnant has made my symptoms worse. I am afraid to talk to a doctor about what it might be, because I'm afraid I won't be able to find a job if my employer asks about any illnesses I may have. Is this an issue you experience or have experienced? My grandma had schizophrenia, and I know how difficult it was for her to finish normal tasks in her daily life, and I hope I don't become that bad. I have been very depressed, but I still Ace my tests and take care of myself. I don't recognize myself in the mirror, haven't for a few years, and it scares me sometimes. When I'm alone in my house at night, I always feel like someone else is there, walking behind me or in my room. Sometimes I see things in my room, but I usually cover my head and have an anxiety/panic attack type episode for an hour or more, and then I am OK. It has started to effect my sleep and my dreams. Sorry, I know this is a long post.. Another thing is that, when I did try to talk to doctors about my symptoms, they have brushed me off or dismissed me and just said I needed sleep. I don't have the money to see a doctor now, I stopped working when I became pregnant, well.. It was actually when my grandma died in November. I got pregnant in March. It's just hard for me to keep friends and I have had trouble in the past with my ex's family calling me names, saying I was crazy and needed to be medicated.. I think it made me worse..


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Please seek help! Find a community resource that will get you the help you need because you are not working. Not sure what state you are in but I am sure there are services out there ...don't struggle alone!


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I have questions for nurses with schizophrenia who are working in the field.

I am 25 year old nursing student in Canada

I was first diagnosed when I was in first year nursing school.

I am high-functioning with medication on - I study full-time, work part-time and volunteering.

My symptoms was delusion (I thought there was spearding bad rumors about me and people take a picture of me and put it on facebook).

School is very stressful, but I am well managing.

But I am so worried about my future.

Do I necessaily disclose the illness when I write a board exam? when I get a job?

I will be frustrated to death if I am not allowed to get the license.

The stigma around schizophrenia is huge. I dont think I cant fight against the stigma.

Also, what happens when I do not disclose it? Isnt it illegal for employer opens my medical records?

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@bravotheblessed, most Canadian provincial regulatory bodies have a list of their registration requirements on their website. In Ontario, on the College of Nurses of Ontario website, the requirement for Health and Conduct states "You must declare whether you suffer from any physical or mental condition or disorder that could affect your ability to practise nursing in a safe manner. The College must also be satisfied that you will practise with decency, honesty and integrity, and in accordance with the law". Suggest you look at the requirements on your provincial college website and then speak to your therapist/psychiatrist about whether they have any concerns about your illness impacting your ability to practice safely. I agree that the stigma is huge. FYI it is illegal for employers to open your medical records, your right to privacy protects you from others snooping in them.