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Cococure has 7 years experience.

Started out as a patient care tech/CNA, then went on to be an RN. After working in cardiac and mother-baby I went and got my BSN. During that time I got married had 2 little ones. Now on my final education quest, I am in an FNP program and loving it!!

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  1. Cococure

    Are Braids Professional?

    You hair is beautiful! And yes is it professional...no need to worry about that. Just pull it back in a pony tail and rock it Cococure
  2. Cococure

    Husband Wants to Become a Nurse Too

    Hello, My hubby and I are nurses, we didn't go to school together. I went first and then he started right after I graduated. It nice to have a partner that truly understands the stress of a crazy shift and we always have great stories to share....lol We don't work in the same area I am in OB and he is on a stroke unit. I think you guys will be fine...hang on for the ride...nursing school is a challenge! Good luck Coco
  3. Cococure

    New Grad NP feeling Overwhelmed, Scared

    Oh Lordy, Come on guys, how did the conversation go sideways so soon? The OP just wanted some support and guidance on being a new NP. Can we all agree that we are all playing on the same team. Providers be it an MD, NP or PA are trying to deliver the best care possible to the patients? Yes, there are problems with the NP programs, yes there are good and bad providers, and no I don't think anyone is trying to compare NP education vs MD education that would be crazy. The academic hospital is a great setting for a new NP because most do have a very good orientation program and after they work in teams. But, so is anywhere that is willing to help guide and new NP whether it's a specialty practice or primary care. I work for a pretty large academic hospital and the NP's/MD's/PA's all seem to work well together, why is it on this board it appears so differently? I guess the anonymity of this place will allow ones true colors shine through. Just me 2 cents for now I will keep my rose colored lenses on and look on the brighter side...lol
  4. Cococure

    New Grad NP feeling Overwhelmed, Scared

    This is a great suggestion but it is not always possible. I did more than the required hours each semester, but when the semester was finished I was not allowed to shadow for any extra time due to legal issues. Also, other students were scheduled to precept after my hours were completed. If it is possible to gain extra experience by doing extra hours then that is a great idea, but for many students it may not be possible. I personally don't think that being nervous as a new NP is a terrible thing, it would seem pretty natural and expected because we are dealing with patients lives on a whole new level. Also, because we are nervous we would double check to make sure we are doing whats best for the patient.
  5. Cococure

    New Grad NP feeling Overwhelmed, Scared

    First off...congrats on being a NP graduate!!! I am in the same boat as you, just finished school and preparing for boards. I am nervous and excited all at the same time, I too am terrified I won’t be able to find a provider that knows the NP role especially a new grad NP. Right now I am just focused on taking it one day at a time and doing self care (eating healthy, exercising etc.) I must say working out helps reduce my stress level. My plan is to prep for the boards and after passing start looking for a job. I will continue to work as a nurse and take my time looking for a job that is supportive to new grad NP’s. I don’t expect my first job to be my dream job but I do expect a learning curve and I do expect to feel like an “imposter”. Basically the same feelings I had when I was a newbie nurse.
  6. Cococure

    Does name of school matter?

    I am not sure which part of the country you are located in but the big name schools do like Duke, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown, UPenn, etc do set up clinicals. Have you looked into PA programs? They set up all rotations etc and you don’t have to choose a specialty track like NP programs. Good luck Coco
  7. Cococure

    Does name of school matter?

    Ok I understand now. Honestly, you have the education already so whatever school you attended it will be a breeze for you. That being said it will depend on what part of the country you are located, as a previous poster said if it’s a saturated area it might be a bit harder. But when they see your education and experience I am sure you will be fine. So good luck and all the best! FYI go to a school that sets up preceptors for you!
  8. Cococure

    Do It Just One. More. Time. and I Will....

    Omg I can so relate to many of these triggers but the disappearing Diane is my fav! My new attitude is a let it roll of my shoulders ...yes I know it sounds easy but if I don’t I will be cranky all shift and take it home with me. Also, I have learned over the years to say no and to clearly express that I am focusing on charting my go to a section where no one else is to chart. I also eat well exercise and I find that the gym is a great way to relive my stress.
  9. Cococure

    Can an RN make $200K a year working 24 hours a week?

    Possible in California with OT but you will need that kind of salary to afford anything. Travel nurses make bank in Cali!
  10. Cococure

    Does name of school matter?

    With your background as a MD you will be fine, you have more than enough education. Question why didn’t you want to be an MD in the states? I am unfamiliar with the process.
  11. Cococure

    APRN Dual Certifications Benefits?

    Yes I think if you want more options. I originally wanted to pursue this type of degree because I wanted to have the choice to be a hospitalist or outpatient because most hospitals want the ACNP for inpatient roles. But I am finished with my FNP and I am good.
  12. Cococure

    Will you get your DNP

    I had thought of it for a brief second but after looking at many schools curriculum, it's not clinically based it's geared towards management/leadership and that not my cup of tea. Also, it's crazy expensive and I don't want to write another APA paper ever in my life...like EVER!!!
  13. Cococure

    Preparing for the First Semester of NP School

    I did this as well and I too planted trees in my own yard...lol Another thing I purchased was a dry erase board. I would pretend I am teaching about a specific topic like HTN and write down the cause, risk factors, meds and the guidelines. I am sure I looked crazy talking to my plants...lol But it has helped me tremendously. I study as if I am going to explain the topic to someone who has no idea about the subject.
  14. Cococure

    Why don't more NPs advocate for better training?

    I have to agree with your point...The NP organization meetings I attend are always talking about pushing independent practice and my school sends out emails about demanding full practice and we need to show up at the Capitol etc No one ever mentions the quality of education. I am fully aware that some healthcare organizations will not hire new np grads from certain online schools. Some practices won't even precept students from fully online programs. Also, I am hearing from previous grads that they are asking during interviews if you had actual class times, how was your exam done etc. I believe education is what you put into it, however, the school needs to give a good foundation.
  15. Cococure

    How did your program teach physical assessment?

    I am attending a state school which is a hybrid program and for the physical assessment, we had online content as well as a lab portion that was divided by system HEENT, skin, cardio etc. We met for lab and practiced on our partners and our professor was there for instruction and lecture. Our checkoff was done in front of our professor. We had 90 min to complete the checkoff...why so long? We would be stopped and asked a question during the checkoff. Example what is the normal diaphragmatic excursion? And what does it mean when not in normal range? What condition would this present in? For the male/female exams we had live models! Hope this helps
  16. Cococure

    How I Passed the AANP :D

    Congrats! Thanks for the tips

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