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On 7/4/2019 at 6:51 PM, Leader25 said:

Hate to tell you darling but having graduated as MD is nothing,you have to prove yourself as a Resident,then we will see what you are made of.I do not feel you can mention you were a nurse and then act like you forgot where you came from and pull rank on overworked ,tired nurses.Then they will really find you annoying,right now do not act like certain jobs are beneath you because you are Mr.MD.We love docs that are competent,not afraid to get down and dirty,that do not need a lot of handholding,or a maiden to serve then.

We had a NP once that would announce "is everything ready for me?" and we watched as a nurse put her in her place.

I am there to work with you not to serve you or clean up after your mess.Lets see how you fare as a resident first ...,good luck.

God almighty, you are one angry individual.


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Bringing this back to the original post, what was said that was rude? We're still waiting on that response, and it looks like OP has been on within the last day.



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So, 1.) I don’t really believe this person got their BSN, worked as a med-surg nurse for 3 years plus home health and then graduated medical school by 26, despite the “graduated earlier” story.

2.) I’ve never seen any nurses be actually be mean to new residents, ever. We know they’re going to be there for years; we want to make friends.

For the record, questioning orders isn’t the same as being mean.

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7 hours ago, KarenMS said:


For the record, questioning orders isn’t the same as being mean.

Exactly, and neither is questioning a brand new one time poster's bona fides or motivation as trolling is both an art and pastime for some folks.

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7 hours ago, falconersys said:

Bringing this back to the original post, what was said that was rude? We're still waiting on that response, and it looks like OP has been on within the last day.

I'd like to know this myself. Rudeness is so often in the eye of the beholder, it may tell us more about where the OP is coming from.


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Interesting topic. ?

Some nurses are rude, and some doctors are rude.

Some people who work in hospitals are crazy, and some are angels.

Welcome to life ?



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Congrats on graduating med school. I can't wait to be back in the ER hanging with my nurses. Knowing how we are (nurses), this should not have happened. Day 1, I'm bringing in coffee and meeting every single nurse in that department...1st impressions are lasting...and we all know nurses love doctors who actually work and are personable. Sorry it's going bad for ya...not too late to change it. Good luck

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It is possible if not likely the nursing staff has not found merit for respect if you are new to the unit.

I have worked with APNs and physicians of varying age and experience.

Do you treat your clients with respect and listen to their concerns and nursing concerns no matter how small?

Do you present yourself as knowledgeable to a fault or do you break things down so everyone is on the same page?

Nursing is cut throat but Im not sure I would change it.



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Nurses don't just eat THEIR OWN young, lol. I know plenty of kind, understanding, helpful nurses who truly get joy out of helping young nurses (and doctors). I also know plenty who get joy from others' misery. Sounds like you are getting a lot of the latter. Don't take it personally; it speaks more of them than it does you. Best to you.

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What were you asking the nurses to do?

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I suppose that timeline for becoming an MD is possible, but just barely! You would've had to have started college at age 16 while most likely not being able to start a clinical rotation for the nursing degree until age 18 and still somehow manage to earn enough credits and meet all requirements to graduate with two degrees in three years. Not very likely but not impossible. Then a three year break from schooling to work as a nurse gives you just enough time to start med school at 22 and finish by 26 years old. So if you truly managed all that kudos to you! How you managed though to go through medical school while working full time without any scheduling conflict I'll never figure out.

As far as the nurses being rude, are they really? You say looking young might be a factor, well guess what? You are young. I can't imagine any doctor with some maturity under their belt complaining about nurses being mean. That being said age shouldn't be a factor in how well you are treated. Do these nurses treat you any differently than any other new doctor? Do you treat these nurses any differently than any other new doctor? Maybe your own nursing background is causing you to have some preconceived notions of how you should be treated and the reality just isn't living up to your expectations.