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  1. new circulator, but want to scrub too

    I disliked circulating and preferred to scrub. Unfortunately that made me dislike my OR residency that was only preparing us to circulate and ultimately that and discrimination from a few powerful people resulted me being let go from the OR and the e...
  2. ADHD in the OR

    OP, I'm rooting for you. I was a successful nurse for most part working in psych before getting into an OR residency. I probably have ADHD but was never diagnosed, and my residency instructor/preceptor for most of the bad days I worked was likely to ...
  3. Hard time with preceptor

    Hope things work out for you. If you ride it out I doubt your preceptor will be working on the same unit and on the same shifts all the time, and having different patient loads would keep you out of each other's hair most of the time unless she is of...
  4. Rejected from OR nurse residency

    Just got accepted into an OR residency. PM me if you want to know more
  5. Disappointing Interview

    Tell them you are disinterested in continuing working in psychiatry and would like to change specialties that interest you more personally.
  6. Concealed a nurse?

    I hope you were joking.
  7. Leaving the OR

    Sorry to hear that. Not everyone fits into the specialty they were hired into right after nursing school, myself included. I think it's completely ok to dislike some nursing specialties and work towards a change. Where are you located? I'm begging t...
  8. Rude nurses

    What were you asking the nurses to do?
  9. Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    Pulled IV tubing out of the bag of fluids that was still half full.
  10. Paramedic discrimination?

    If I'm a former paramedic I would be a much better nurse today especially dealing with emergencies. Whoever that judges you for being a paramedic is an idiot.
  11. I'm a nurse, not a babysitter!!!

    Add security and secretary onto the list too...
  12. Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    did the nap...I mean Niacin smell good in the morning?
  13. Nurse Recruiters for the OR

    Does anyone know nurse recruiters who help nurses who are new or have no experience to get placed into OR jobs that provide training? Been doing a lot of searching and just can't find enough programs near me (California).
  14. Rejected from OR nurse residency

    Have a phone interview tomorrow. Really anxious.
  15. What is it like to work in a good hospital?

    While some hospitals are better than others, I don't think there will be a place where I like everything. If I am having a good time I probably won't get paid for it.