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  1. Seeing Myself Out

    Hard time with preceptor

    Hope things work out for you. If you ride it out I doubt your preceptor will be working on the same unit and on the same shifts all the time, and having different patient loads would keep you out of each other's hair most of the time unless she is often the charge nurse or resource/break nurse. But once again, it's important to document everything and take note of who is in the vicinity when more "incidents" occur, so you can have solid defense if she is the one that goes to HR/management first. If they are violating safety/professional standards, you will definitely be the one in the right.
  2. Seeing Myself Out

    Rejected from OR nurse residency

    Just got accepted into an OR residency. PM me if you want to know more
  3. Seeing Myself Out

    Disappointing Interview

    Tell them you are disinterested in continuing working in psychiatry and would like to change specialties that interest you more personally.
  4. Seeing Myself Out

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    I hope you were joking.
  5. Seeing Myself Out

    Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    Pulled IV tubing out of the bag of fluids that was still half full.
  6. Seeing Myself Out

    Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    did the nap...I mean Niacin smell good in the morning?
  7. Seeing Myself Out

    New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    Been disliking nursing since graduating too.
  8. Seeing Myself Out

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    Male, 265 questions, but passed instead of failing as my instructor predicted because she said it's always the men failing though.
  9. Seeing Myself Out

    Back to Psych I Go!

    I am unhappy working in psych and probably will go NP if I can't get hired for anything else lol.
  10. Seeing Myself Out


    My program required at least a 75% cumulative in every course to pass the program. I didn't do many assignments and a good number of my classmates completed bombed individual quizzes, but everyone scored high enough to pass.
  11. Seeing Myself Out

    Back to Psych I Go!

    Hope you will be happy going back. I dislike both psych and bedside just from nursing school and watching others. But now I work outpatient psych part time, so I just make enough money to pay bills and be left alone to enjoy my life for most of the week.
  12. Seeing Myself Out

    How to get a clinic job?

    I work at a clinic. It was a referral from my staffing agency after I completed numerous contracts with them. It's surely repetitive but I don't encounter as many unstable patients compared to an inpatient setting and have more downtime and flexibility for lunch and breaks etc.
  13. Seeing Myself Out

    My very first squad call

    It's a good chance that they are going to re-do the splint or make a cast at the ER, so splinting on scene while you are awaiting transport probably isn't a necessity. If EMS is concerned about the dislocation getting worse from the patient getting moved or getting bumped around riding the ambulance, then it's their job to splint the injury. Can't think of anything to splint a knee dislocation other than perhaps a vacuum splint, which I doubt you would have as a school nurse. Here is a good article I found on the EMS side, but I think some of it applies to your setting too. https://www.jems.com/articles/print/volume-41/issue-2/features/ems-evaluation-and-management-of-limb-threatening-knee-injuries.html
  14. Seeing Myself Out

    Are O2 sats a vital sign?

    O2 Sat was one of the most important vital signs when I was at the PACU for my LVN preceptorship. But of course there are other tools such as end tidal capnography, ABG, and CMP. But at end of the day we have to check the patient like skin condition, work of breathing, lung sounds and not rely on numbers alone.
  15. Don't get stuck in non-bedside specialties like psych if you aren't completely sure about wanting to do it for your whole life and not regretting it. Get a year of med-surg or similar experience then re-evaluate, so you won't be like me.
  16. Seeing Myself Out

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    Dont always need to see nursing as your career. Personally I see it as an end to pay my bills, without having to get additional schooling. With that said I work hard on my job and don't think I owe anyone more than that. There are certainly nurses who moved on from nursing partially or completely, it takes time to decide what you really want to do and good luck.