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  1. Seeing Myself Out

    Are O2 sats a vital sign?

    O2 Sat was one of the most important vital signs when I was at the PACU for my LVN preceptorship. But of course there are other tools such as end tidal capnography, ABG, and CMP. But at end of the day we have to check the patient like skin condition, work of breathing, lung sounds and not rely on numbers alone.
  2. Don't get stuck in non-bedside specialties like psych if you aren't completely sure about wanting to do it for your whole life and not regretting it. Get a year of med-surg or similar experience then re-evaluate, so you won't be like me.
  3. Seeing Myself Out

    Med error . I’m devastated

    You didn't try to hide it, you followed up, and did your best to monitor/stabilize your patient before he was sent to ER. Sounds like pre pouring meds is common practice at your place like most psych facilities. Don't be hard on yourself and I'm certain you won't let it happen again.
  4. Seeing Myself Out

    Toxic Environment?

    Omg sorry to hear that, I was in a similar environment at a non nursing internship several years ago, and needlessly to say I quit because I didn't have much to lose. A close friend of mine recommended filing a law suit, but I decided it wasn't worth the additional stress dealing with them. Depending on how your HR department handles the complaints, seeking legal actions may become a likely option. Good luck and take care.
  5. Seeing Myself Out

    Insulting pay raise

    You sir/ma'am has been trolled by your workplace. Hope you get a better job soon.
  6. Seeing Myself Out

    I’m burnt out

    Do you rely on your job for benefits? If not I suggest getting a per diem job and quit your current job once you get the hang of it. Sometimes flexibility is much better than being married to a job especially if you don't like it. I haven't worked full time since January 2017 due to burn out, sure I lost a lot of potential income but I don't really regret it.
  7. Seeing Myself Out

    What's up with this RN?

    I have seen different versions of how nurses refer to themselves when they chart, over the years I chose to use "writer" just because it suits my writing style the best.
  8. Seeing Myself Out

    Medication error

    Did you repeat back the order after the physician ordered it? I know in real life everyone is busy and doing that could get some unpopular responses, but in this case it could be beneficial.
  9. Seeing Myself Out

    Am I the *******?

    As the title reads I keep on asking myself this question. To save your time from reading all my past posts, I would just sum up my experience briefly. I worked hard throughout my career as an LVN first then an RN under the overall umbrella of psychiatry/mental health, then became burnt out after a year into working as a staff RN on an inpatient psych unit. Tried a few career changes FROM NURSING (yes, you read that correctly) unsuccessfully, only to end up coming back to nursing being more miserable before. Even though I became desensitized to the difficult coworkers and patients I encounter, I am still unhappy with how working in psych is preventing me from working everywhere else including traditionally entry level specialties such as med-surg and non psych nursing homes here in California thanks to its job market. I am beginning to think that the entire nursing profession wants to keep everyone in their current specialties and never give people a chance to transition to specialties that interest them more. Even when I socialize with people I avoid talking about work and lie about being an artist or something if I ever get pressured into telling others what I do for a living. I am tired of playing along at work everyday and saying that mental health is my passion and that's all I want to do when that is not. If I am completely honest with psych nurses I work with, they will call me an ungrateful a**hole for sure. Just looking for other opinions/support about my career long struggle.