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  1. Going to the NJ BON in Person for License

    Interesting! People are saying that it takes 2-6 months to get a NJ Compact license approved. That is way too long! 😐
  2. Going to the NJ BON in Person for License

    Sorry to hear this. I would make the effort to go in person, and ask to speak to a license processor. Perhaps a piece of your application is missing or your fingerprints did not go through. How frustrating for you! Some states have a reputation ...
  3. PA to Ohio license

    Hi: Ohio will implement the Nurse Licensure Compact on January 1, 2023. Pennsylvania has not set an implementation date yet, but it will most likely be in 2023. Since you live in Pennsylvania, you will need to get an Ohio license. When Pennsylvania e...
  4. Going back to work

    There are plenty of outpatient clinics in the Raleigh area that use both RNs and LPNs -I have personally worked at many of them ( definitely UNC, and Duke). You should probably learn how to draw blood (lots of great videos on You Tube). I believe th...
  5. Is a long commute worth it?

    I work in a large teaching hospital. Many of my coworkers have really long commutes. Most have been doing this for years-even decades. Whether or not this will work for your daughter depends on so many different variables: What is the traffic l...
  6. Endoscopy new RN orientation help

    Do you regularly do pre/post procedure or do you have nurses who only work in pre/post. Do you have an anesthesia team on your unit? ( for: propofol drips-intubations) Pre: good IV start skills-a checklist that clearly shows reasons to cancel p...
  7. Help! Struggling with IV placement in hand

    Watch "ABCs of Anaesthesia" on You Tube. He has about 20 videos on how to start IVS. All of them are excellent. He will answer all of your questions on how to start IVs. He even has a few tips for the "I can get an IV in anyone" nurses. Enjoy!
  8. Interventional Radiology Nurse Specialty Pay

    Every hospital I have worked in is a little different. Most give specialty pay to OR nurses. Most also give specialty pay to Cardiac Cath Lab nurses. Some give specialty pay to procedural unit nurses, and not ICU nurses. Some give specialty pay to La...
  9. Endoscopy new RN orientation help

    It depends on whether or not your unit does ERCPs . This procedure takes a little bit longer to learn (especially the tech role). And what other advanced procedures do your physicians do? Do you use an actual OR for some of these cases? Circulating a...
  10. IV Cannulation Start

    The best "You Tube" channel to watch for IV cannulation advice is: ABCs of Anaesthesia. The channel owner is an Australian anesthesiologist. He has about 20 different videos on how to start IVs; all of them are excellent. Follow his advice, practice,...
  11. ED NP Fellowship Blog - Albany Medical Center

    Thanks for the info. Sounds interesting.
  12. Albany Medical Center Review?

    So sorry to hear this.
  13. NCLEX in CA or CO

    Yes, www.NCSBN.org (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) is a great website to look at, if you have any nursing licensure questions.
  14. NCLEX in CA or CO

    Probably. My guess is that you won't be able to get a Colorado license until your California license is active. If you choose this route your Colorado license will not be compact until you have a Colorado address. Just something I have noticed: the C...
  15. NCLEX in CA or CO

    Take your NCLEX in CA or CO (whichever is closer to where you reside at the moment you want to take the exam). Apply for your ATT (authorization to test) from Colorado. Use your Colorado address on the ATT application. Good luck to you!