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  1. Epidural

    New Grad RN looking for a job out of state

    FYI: the main hospital systems in this area are Sentara and Bon Secours. Virginia Beach is not known for having good salaries for nurses.
  2. Epidural

    Nursing Scrubs Policy Question

    Nurses at my hospital wear ciel blue scrubs with black t-shirts or turtlenecks underneath. I have never seen anyone get anything embroidered on their scrubs, besides the name of the hospital. People get creative with their shoe colors (any color seems to be OK). Other hospital departments also have specific scrub color requirements.
  3. Epidural

    NCLEX-RN practice exam

    I passed the NCLEX, but I think paying $150 for two practice exams without any kind of explanation of your results is a waste of money.
  4. Epidural

    Possible Relocation--Wake Forest

    Hi-Are you moving to Wake Forest, NC or do you plan to work at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (actually in Winston-Salem)? The hospitals near Wake Forest, NC are Wake Med and Rex.
  5. Epidural

    Feeling like I made the wrong decision by getting into nursing

    Here are a few questions that I would ask myself: Do you enjoy interacting with people who are going through some really difficult times? Does just being there with them make you feel fulfilled? Are you able to deal with a lot of blood, many other types of body fluids, and extreme emotional distress while remaining calm, focused, and supportive? If you can answer yes to both of these questions, then you are good enough. Healthcare is changing. Alternative treatments are becoming more popular. Hospitals are starting to focus on good nutrition, meditation, and improved quality of life as ways of treating illnesses. I too love hard science. ICU nurses use a lot of hard science in their jobs (titrating drips, evaluating heart rhythms, catching and treating small medical problems, before they become life-threatening medical problems). CRNAs especially, need to do well in hard science classes to get their degree. Is nursing a good career choice for you? Only you can answer that question. As much as I love biology, chemistry, and even physics, I have never regretted my choice to be a nurse.
  6. Epidural

    Indiana bill to join NUrse Licensure Compact

    Yes, you do need to get a new nursing license when you change your legal residence from one state to another. You can, however, work using your old license until your new one is issued ( if you move from one compact state to another). Also, it is much easier to interview for an out of state job when you already have a compact license. For nurses who live near state borders, they have the choice of working for several different employers in more than one state with just one license, if all of the states are members of the compact. Travel nurses benefit immensely from the compact. Many of us who are not travel nurses can also benefit from the flexibility that a compact license awards.
  7. Epidural

    Indiana bill to join NUrse Licensure Compact

    34 states are now members of the compact. Most nurses would like to have a compact license. Almost all of the states that are not in the compact will be soon. Some nursing unions seem to be fighting compact legislation in a few states. I do, however, think the compact will help improve things for the nursing profession. Those of us who are not satisfied with our wages or our working conditions will find it much easier to get a better job, in an area where good nursing care is valued.
  8. Epidural

    Feeling like a new grad all over again. Stick it out?

    Great advice!!!! Just remember that in a large hospital some patients that you previously considered "step-down" patients will be on a med-surg floor, and patients that you think should be in "critical-care" may be on a "step-down" unit. Hang in there with a smile on your face, and keep projecting a can-do attitude, even if you don't feel that way....yet. The learning opportunities in a large hospital are invaluable; you may find that you love working in such a challenging and rewarding environment.
  9. Epidural

    Pennsylvania Compact State??

    The www.ncsbn.org website is a great place to start looking for advice. Click on the "Take Action" tab in the "NLC" section and you will see a whole tutorial on what you can do to support the compact. You can use the provided letter template, or personalize your appeal with some of your own issues. I have had several different state licenses at the same time, and the large amount of paperwork involved in keeping up with these licenses has been a little overwhelming. Some travel nurses need spread sheets to help them complete all of their license renewal requirements. Also, non compact states all require different amounts of time to get a new license by endorsement. It is not acceptable to have to wait six months for a state license, when all of the paperwork has been submitted correctly. It is always best to contact the legislator who actually represents you, as you may have voted for them. It is also a good idea to contact any legislators who are healthcare workers. Nurses and doctors in the legislature are strongly supporting the compact. New Jersey just passed the compact. Because many New Jersey nurses actually work in Pennsylvania, this should help improve the likelihood that the compact will also get passed in Pennsylvania. As the baby boomer nurses retire, the need for licensed nurses will increase. Anything that makes it easier for nurses who live near the borders of two or more states, to work in two or more states is wonderful for the patients receiving care, the hospitals who need healthcare workers, and the nurses who need job flexibility.
  10. Epidural


    The New Jersey State Legislature just passed the "Nurse Licensure Compact". Once the governor signs the bill, the NJ BON will start working on an implementation date.
  11. Epidural

    Pennsylvania Compact State??

    Good Luck! I have had the most success with legislators who are health-care professionals. It is wonderful to see how many nurses are serving our country as congressmen and congresswomen.
  12. Epidural

    Pennsylvania Compact State??

    Hi, The website: www.ncsbn.org has the most up to date and comprehensive information about the nurse-compact. The new bill is Pennsylvania SB655. The primary sponsor for this bill is Senator Lisa Boscola (18th Senatorial District). This bill has a lot of co-sponsors, so there are probably a few senators that you could contact.
  13. Epidural

    Pennsylvania Compact State??

    Pennsylvania has a brand new nurse-compact bill.
  14. Hi-The compact licensure rules are a little complicated, but here is my understanding of how they work: You must apply for and receive a compact nursing license in the state that is your home state (the state where you have a driver's license, etc.) in order to qualify for "compact" privileges (if this state is a member of the compact) Once this license is approved, you can practice in all 33 compact states with only one license ( Kansas and Louisiana will become compact on July 1, 2019, Alabama will become compact on January 1, 2020, and Indiana is still working on a start date) If you change your legal residence from one compact state to another state that is also compact, you must reapply for a new license in this new state (ASAP). You can, however, still work in this new state with your old compact license, but just until your new license is approved. If your state just became compact, and is not one of the original compact states, you must ask for, and submit the appropriate paperwork and a "compact fee" to get a compact license. This is not automatic. If your state did not previously require fingerprints and a background check for RN licensure, a compact license application does require both of these.
  15. Epidural


    New Jersey bill S954 for compact licensure has passed through the NJ State Senate, and is now in the NJ State Assembly. Both the NJ State Board of Nursing, and the State Nurses Association support this bill. Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, a former critical care nurse, also supports this legislation. She can be reached at: aswmunoz@njleg.org

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