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    Possible relocation to Chapel Hill area

    Hi Mass Nurse- UNC Chapel Hill Hospital is the only hospital in Chapel Hill. It is a large referral center (around 950 beds), so there are plenty of jobs. If you are used to working in a teaching hospital, you will probably like the work environment. Chapel Hill is pretty expensive to live in, so many people commute from Durham ( 4-12 miles away, depending on where you live in Durham). Parking for hospital employees is one of the things that most people complain about. New hires usually get assigned to park-and-ride lots that are 2-4 miles from the hospital. It can take years to accumulate enough state employee time to get reassigned to on-campus parking, and perhaps 8-10 years to get a convenient parking garage assignment. It used to be easier for nurses to get good parking, but the university changed the rules a couple of years ago. Not sure who gets all of those "across the street" from the hospital parking garage spaces now-professors-graduate students-who knows????? Good luck in your job search.
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    Indiana bill to join NUrse Licensure Compact

    This bill should become a law soon. It has passed in both branches of the Indiana State Legislature. Indiana will be the 32nd member of the Nurse Licensure Compact. The state of Illinois also has a NLC bill that is moving through it's state legislature.