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I was wondering if any of you entered nursing with stars in your eyes, that is... did you think you would save the world so to speak then found things to be otherwise ? I will be entering nursing school next year and think I might be glorifying things a bit. Just curious. Thanks to all.

Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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Yes. I fantasized about working for a friendly old country doctor- getting to know everyone in a small town, having a normal life w/ holidays and weekends off.

The reality is it's pretty rough out there.


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No Rose Colored glasses here:)

Mattigan, RN

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nope- I took nurse aide training in HS- expected of us members of the Future Nurses Club. I worked at a hospital for a few years before I got into nursing classes. I knew EXACTLY what it was.Did it anyway.


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Nope...My mom and my dad were both nurses so I had a pretty good idea. They tried to talk me out of it. I did it anyway...


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My family is full of nurses and a doctor here and there.......that and I worked as a Candy Striper at an inner city hospital, and as a NA in a county nursing home. After that, it all looked rosy to me!


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my mum and gran were both nurses and I worked as a NA in learning disabilities unit before starting my the rose tinted glasses were shattered pretty quickly!



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Worked in surgery as a secretary for four years before nursing school. No surprises here!

Nurse Ratched, RN

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Also an aide prior to nurse, so no real misconceptions (altho I will say I still had NO CLUE all the things nurses were responsible for. I wasn't one of those "the nurse is just sitting on her butt behind the station" people; I knew they were working, but I didn't realize the full extent of what they did.)

Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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I, too, started as a hospital volunteer, CNA, LPN and am now an RN.

However, I still had the "friendly country doctor's office" fantasy.

I respected LPNs and RNs sooooo much when I was a CNA. I thought they were just *IT*.

It was a big shock when I first became a nurse to experience the lack of respect first-hand.


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Nurse aid and paramedic prior to nursing school, no rose colored glasses here either.


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Same here- CNA first than LPN. I had no rosey ideals, just a lot of eye-opening experiences!

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