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  1. jenac

    Need pupil dilation chart....

    Perfect! Thanks!!
  2. jenac

    Need pupil dilation chart....

    I know I've seen them-the ones that show comparision sizes? Anyone know a site where I could find it? Google has WAY too many, and none of what I want. Help! Thanks.
  3. jenac

    need info on ec

    Thank you both for your comments- I'm glad to know you face no such problems! As I said- I am ernestly looking into this option. It's nice to know all the effort wont be lost.
  4. jenac

    need info on ec

    I'd like to expand on this alittle...I've heard rumors that EC grads are having a difficult time finding jobs afterwards. Can anyone clarify this? I have been an LPN for two years now- with lots of experience (My nose always seems to be in the right place:-) I have thought tons about EC and have gotten the info-but would like some input into the world beyond. I believe the OP would be interested in this info also. Thanks all!
  5. jenac

    mydriasis and Strattera for ADHD

    This has been a long running battle with meds for us. He started with the Ritalin in the 1st grade, tried the Adderal, herbs/ interventions and Concerta, -now the Strattera (8th grade). Of all-I felt the Concerta did the best, but after several years, he was all of 80 lbs. soaking wet, which upset him alot. We've switched to the Strattera manily due to the non-stimulant effect. It is formulated to build to a therapeutic level to supposidly maintain throughtout a 24 hr. period- but I haven't seen that yet. After two months- he has gained atleast 25 lbs, but it definatley doesnt seem to be working so well. He is still VERY impulsive and forgetful. His moods do seem to be happier-but than he has always had extreme emotions- Really happy/ Really mad at the drop of a hat. He's stuggling in school, has gone from B's to failing certain classes. At this point- I'm not overly thrilled with the Strattera. I do realize that the dosing may need adjusted (he's still on a low dose for his weight)-and maybe a higher dose would work. He does complain about not sleeping well at night (we first gave it at night, have since switched to morning) and now the mydriasis. To be honest- I'd rather he have the Concerta, atleast it seemed to help him. I do plan on calling the Dr. on Monday- we need to do something. Thank you for all your replys. I appreciate it.
  6. Anyone with experience with Strattera...my 13 year old is displaying constant dilation of both pupils. Aside from the fact that this drug really seems to have no effect on his impulsitivity and hyperactivity- how concerned should I be with this particular AR? Any long term affects from this? I am planning on calling his Dr today but any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. My whole life- I was taught to stand up for myself. To do my best, always. Did I take criticism to heart? Yep-still do. But I will stand up when I feel others are wrong. In nursing school- I personally had a horrible time with my Med-Surg instructor. She was the first to claim it was a personality comflict, even going so far as refusing to act as a reference for me professionally due to her "personal feelings" about me, yet I passed anyway. Did I rock the boat? Nope-and I'm an LPN today because I kept my mouth shut and took her abuse. Witnessed abuse. Virtually every day- I had one student or another, even staff nurses during clinicals comment on how hard this particular instuctor was on me. I once took care of a former student's husband-to which he told me I was doing great and not to let her chase me away. Would I have ever stood up to her? No way-not if I wanted to make it through. I watched her antagonize and bait so many others. I watched her turn a blind eye on blatant mistakes from her "favorite". This particluar woman had the power to make or break me. I went home almost every day in tears- but I kept my mouth shut. Would I do the same if I met her on the street today? Definately not. Does that mean I will take the same abuse now? Not for a second. But-the experience has taught me how to deal with rude, obnoxious physicians. And it has made me a better nurse for it.
  8. jenac

    LPN to BSN bridge programs near Canton.

  9. Can anyone lead me in the right direction here? I am near Canton- and am hoping to find a bridge program closer to home. I know that both Kent and Akron U have them-anyone else? Thank you!
  10. jenac

    Caring for patients with VRE (lots of questions!)

    Try this page for more information: http://www.cinetwork.com/otero/vre.html Tons of reults on Google. Hope you find what your looking for.
  11. As for the competency question- this man is obviously depressed. The fact that he is stating he would choice death over care makes that a bit obvious. The question than becomes one of if he was not so depressed-would he make the same decision to refuse care? Follow me here? A severly depressed person may quit eating- but, were they not so depressed, they wouldn't. His refusal to me shows that he is not thinking of his own best interested-let alone that of his mother. APS should most certainly be involved. His decison is posing a very real imminent threat to himself. I had a women once who kept falling at home-repeatedly. Broken hip, broken ankle-etc. The last time-she laid for three days before getting help. APS came in and forced her to stay in the hospital pending legal proceeds. She was court ordered into our facility for a month-to get rehab. before she was deemed apporpiate to be home alone. Even than-APS had the right to go back to court after that 30 days to extend it. She posed a threat to herself by repeatedly making decisons that were not in her best interests. I've also taken care of a gentleman who refused care to the point that the Dr. himself called the local sheriff-who called EMS. APS came in and forced this man's family to pursue guardinship, or they would have. These people-while seemingly competent-were unable to make decisions regarding their own care. They were a threat to themselves. APS is there for cases just like this. Get this man help. He may not be happy about it- but the alternative is to sit by and let him kill himself. Does he have a right to do so? Certainly. But are you sure that is turely his wish- or his depression talking?
  12. jenac

    LPN's are Nurses Too? Aren't they?

    Beautifully said!
  13. jenac

    Do families HAVE to suffer while in school?

    As everyone has said- having a supportive partner and family willing to chip in makes all the differnce. As one of the first posters said- some of those horror stories come from people who aren't so lucky in their choices. Some of us saw nursing school as a way to better our lives, in more than one aspect. Is it difficult, yes. But not impossible. You'll do just fine if you work hard enough. Good luck.
  14. jenac

    Nursing Home ratios??

    I think 1:20/25 with two aides and a float is pretty much the norm around here, on day shift anyway. On midnights it goes up to 1:40/50.
  15. jenac

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    1- Nurses who claim to have done a drsg. change- yet, it's exactely the same one I put one yesterday (or three days ago)and my initials are still on it! 2-The LTC nurse who grips about having her aides hrs. cut due to low census- but whines about doing an admission. (Typically the one who has five/25 open beds and nothing major going on) I will do anything I can to help if you TRUELY don't have the time- write the orders, do the assessment- or even work a 14 hr. day to do the whole darn thing. But, come on. I like to get paid- how about you?
  16. jenac

    CNA in LTC needing to talk

    It is horrible (not to mention unproffessional) the way you are being treated. Unfortunitly- I have seen this many times, as a CNA, and as an LPN. Staff complain about lack of help- yet they chase the "newbies" away. You sound like a good person- atleast your trying. There is never a cause for this type of behavior. You don't have to take it. I would resign immediately- and definately let the DON know what's up. Somebody seriously needs to address this issue. Good luck to you.