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Let's try this....what kind of information should we be looking for? i am curious who/how many nurses we have around here, what state we are from, and whether we are working or not, what field of work our nurses are in, Something like a this:

I'm Michelle, from Ohio. Sobriety date 4/17/2009. In Alternative program. Got my license back (with restrictions) November 2009 (lost my license the morning of the sobriety date) and currently not employed, but actively seeking.

Actually I am in talks with a possible job oppurtunity, in dialysis, should know by this week. What other information would you like to see listed in this check in? I think it might help others know, how long you looked for a job before you found one, how long it took for you to get your license back, what fields are recovery friendly, idk....maybe this is a silly idea. Let's see how it goes. xo Michelle

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So if we are done a peer assist contract and decide to move, you have to complete another contract? I am just trying to understand your situation. PA does require nurse support but you can consult with your case manager about your situation.

yes i completed a alternative program 3 1/2 yr completed in 6/2010 and it was suppose to be reciprocity with Pa. prog. but my residing state where i was in the program would not send the paperwork to Pa. every 3 i was caught in the middle of both states and now Pa. said I have to do their program but putting me in their discplinary prog. saying i refused their voluntary prog. which is not now i will be doing 3 more yrs. of DMP for Pa., now one question you said Pa. requires the nurse peer group, if one doesn't have one to go to i will talk to my casemanager but are the managers in Pa. pretty good to work with? The alternative program i just completed my monitoring agent was very nice and never gave me any problems.....just wondering what to expect....thanks...

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I have completed a program in TN but I have friends who completed the PA peer assistance who say the Case managers are pretty good to work with. Good luck to you!

rn clean since 10/27/08

license suspended in '08 for failure to respond to nj bon's request to go into recovery program-ramp here in nj-license reinstated july i carry the scarlet letter(in nj, there will always be a "yes" under board action when someone does a license search on me...not on the oig list(thank god as i was almost on it but called them after completing iop/entering ramp and had my file closed), rn since 2000, experienced in everything from maternal/child to ltc-no restrictions from the board but have to follow ramp's "private letter agreement"...ramp restrictions for me are similar to many other nurses returning to work after such action......basically, i was told i need to "set myself up for success, not failure" in any position. have been actively, no let me rephrase that....hyper-actively searching for a nursing job(everywhere and anywhere) since july, have had several real good interviews where everyone was "ramp-friendly", only to not hear a freakin thing since. why is that? am i still being considered? at least 2 places told me they were going to call me back for a 2nd interview, and oven after numerous thank you letters/followups, nothing...any ideas????i know the economy is a large part of it, and i am grateful as new grads arent even getting interviewed. this is a very challenging journey, and i am desperatley fighting off giving up ever working as a nurse again. but something, my higher-power and/or my undying passion to return to nursing, is keeping me going. (besides that, you want something done?-tell an addict they cant do it!)

prayers for all and from all of us are in order. we have so much to offer, and in my experience, "better to deal with the demons you know vs the saints you don't"! at least, this is what employers need to be educated about when considering us for a job!

Thank you perserverance nurse. I am finished with ramp , also did physicians peer review for 1 year first. My clean date is 5/25/1999. I lost my last job in april due to downsizing. The last 3 jobs I had I was lucky all 3 interviewing RN's had either a daughter, brother or sister in recovery. The first 2 I did not have my license, but was hired as a manager who had medical knowledge. i have been looking since April, no luck. Took a refresher at Rutgers, all 20 students were offered jobs, some have not been employed for 20+years. So do you think it is my background? Yesterday I was on line and saw something that made me cringe, there were several jobs posted stating criminal background must be clean. Well I just stay close to recovering people, pray and am greatful. I have applied to NY and am waiting so I could apply there. Since I have 12 years sobriety I have to be evaluated before starting work. I know someone who was addicted, in jail, many years ago and had no problem getting hired in a hospital. Keep the faith. Lorettat24

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Diane....RN....Clean since 12/03

Had a problem with opiates after being given rx's for Morphine for Migraines for over a year. Voluntarily surrendered because I couldn't afford their program after being let go from my job because of addiction. Received 3 years probation with usual stips (not only RN on duty, no narcs, no nights or home health). Moved away and am just getting up the courage to re-apply, but am not sure how to go about it. Spoke with atty general in MO and he told me to just re-apply for boards because it had been more than five years. The way I read it, I am hoping to get a second chance without stips since I waited out my time, but I could be totally wrong. I am so nervous and worried (especially after reading some of the stories here!). I have an extreme fear of being completely ashamed. Didn't go through any official programs, but went through a private addiction specialist physician and then group meetings through him as well. Not sure what will happen and honestly, as of this morning, the fear is about to overtake the desire to try and get my license back.

Anyway, I'm new here...also posted a thread asking for info if anyone has any I would greatly appreciate it.


Hey everyone, some what of a new poster can call me "C" or waldo. I live in Indiana and I am 26 years old. Graduating nursing school in 4 weeks and preparing to take state boards, but that appears to be kind of tricky with a history of addiction!

I have been recovering from "a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body" since July 15, 2009. DOC Alcohol and xanax...or anything that was in your medicine cabinet.

Thanks for letting me share.

Hello Sunset 2010: you asked what the Disciplinary Monitoring Program in Pa was like. I have to attend three NA/AA meetings a week, plus two professional support meetings a month. I am lucky to be living near Philadlephia and was able to find a couple of different professional support groups. (these can be hard to find-the one group only has a few members, including a dentist and a pharmacist...) I must submit a list of these meetings to my case manager by the 4th of every month, and of course, I am involved in First Lab's random drug screening (twice a month). It has been unbelievably expensive, stressful, dfficult...if I want to go on vacation, I must let my case manager and First Lab know, in writing, at least 2 weeks before I leave. At one point, I was contemplating joining "PNAP," a new program in Pa that is supposed to help recovering nurses with counseling and even job help by representing you to a potential employer. I also happen to see an addiction doctor each month and this is voluntary on my part, as I was so freaked out that I became an addict at age 46 after a lifetime of not ever abusing drugs or alcohol. I had him take a look at PNAP's contract, and he advised me to "not sign it and not join PNAP"...I had already had an initial evauation by a PNAP addiction doctor-I had to borrow the $500.00 for the evaluation!! Ironically, the honest reason why I even comtemplated PNAP was because I could not find a job in nursing and I was hopeful that they would be able to help. I eventually found a job-in dialysis-on my own and it took a lot of perserverance; I must have filled out literally hundreds of applications and made many phone calls-no one wanted me because of my "On Probation" status, despite my 23 years nursing experience in just about every specialty, with multiple certifications..I wish everyone all the luck in the world-hang in there- you WILL get through this!!

i am a nurse from mo. clean date spring 2005.

short version = opiate diversion 2005 reported by employer and dismissed from job. bon probation 5 years but not disciplined until 2008. requested probation reduction from bon in 2009 = denied. requested probation reduction in 2010 = approved. probation reduced to 3 years = ends feb 2011.

job = internet customer ops x's 3 years now.

credit goes to:

supportive family

physical exercise



supportive family

living simply

nurses in recovery group which meets close to my home.

the very clear realization that none of us will get out of this alive.

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Skeen RN from Cali......clean and sober for 4975 days, one day at a time

I have been clean/sober since 8/12/2008. I moved to another state in the middle of my recovery program, so I am doing extra time for that reason (had to start my 3 years over after completing one year). I self reported myself to the board (after being terminated from a job I truly loved). I am in a diversion program, so luckily, my license is in good standing. I am working 2 diversion programs, one from the state I started it in, and the other for my current state in which I reside.

Hi Grateful RN,

did you already have a CA license when you transferred into their program? I am moving to CA and just started a monitoring program in NJ. I read in another forum that if you were in a program in another state and didn't already have a CA license when you transferred, CA would put you on probation which thought left a permanent mark?

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