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  1. perserverance nurse

    has anyone ever gotten a job after being suspended?

    you will be required to take a nurse refresher course, so start looking while awaiting reinstatement. and congrats on the sobriety! i too, am in recovery and just got reinstated after a 2 yr suspension, the economy sucks right now jobs are scarce, but i am not giving up, and i wish you the best. you may have to enroll in the RAMP program too if you want to practice again, also. google nj ramp if you need info , and best wishes.
  2. perserverance nurse

    Roll call...status call...

    rn clean since 10/27/08 license suspended in '08 for failure to respond to nj bon's request to go into recovery program-ramp here in nj-license reinstated july 2010...so i carry the scarlet letter(in nj, there will always be a "yes" under board action when someone does a license search on me...not on the oig list(thank god as i was almost on it but called them after completing iop/entering ramp and had my file closed), rn since 2000, experienced in everything from maternal/child to ltc-no restrictions from the board but have to follow ramp's "private letter agreement"...ramp restrictions for me are similar to many other nurses returning to work after such action......basically, i was told i need to "set myself up for success, not failure" in any position. have been actively, no let me rephrase that....hyper-actively searching for a nursing job(everywhere and anywhere) since july, have had several real good interviews where everyone was "ramp-friendly", only to not hear a freakin thing since. why is that? am i still being considered? at least 2 places told me they were going to call me back for a 2nd interview, and oven after numerous thank you letters/followups, nothing...any ideas????i know the economy is a large part of it, and i am grateful as new grads arent even getting interviewed. this is a very challenging journey, and i am desperatley fighting off giving up ever working as a nurse again. but something, my higher-power and/or my undying passion to return to nursing, is keeping me going. (besides that, you want something done?-tell an addict they cant do it!) prayers for all and from all of us are in order. we have so much to offer, and in my experience, "better to deal with the demons you know vs the saints you don't"! at least, this is what employers need to be educated about when considering us for a job!