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Let's try this....what kind of information should we be looking for? i am curious who/how many nurses we have around here, what state we are from, and whether we are working or not, what field of work our nurses are in, Something like a this:

I'm Michelle, from Ohio. Sobriety date 4/17/2009. In Alternative program. Got my license back (with restrictions) November 2009 (lost my license the morning of the sobriety date) and currently not employed, but actively seeking.

Actually I am in talks with a possible job oppurtunity, in dialysis, should know by this week. What other information would you like to see listed in this check in? I think it might help others know, how long you looked for a job before you found one, how long it took for you to get your license back, what fields are recovery friendly, idk....maybe this is a silly idea. Let's see how it goes. xo Michelle

Diane....RN....Clean since 12/03

Had a problem with opiates after being given rx's for Morphine for Migraines for over a year. Voluntarily surrendered because I couldn't afford their program after being let go from my job because of addiction. Received 3 years probation with usual stips (not only RN on duty, no narcs, no nights or home health). Moved away and am just getting up the courage to re-apply, but am not sure how to go about it. Spoke with atty general in MO and he told me to just re-apply for boards because it had been more than five years. The way I read it, I am hoping to get a second chance without stips since I waited out my time, but I could be totally wrong. I am so nervous and worried (especially after reading some of the stories here!). I have an extreme fear of being completely ashamed. Didn't go through any official programs, but went through a private addiction specialist physician and then group meetings through him as well. Not sure what will happen and honestly, as of this morning, the fear is about to overtake the desire to try and get my license back.

Anyway, I'm new here...also posted a thread asking for info if anyone has any I would greatly appreciate it.


I know it has been a while since this post...Hoping you still check the site. Wondering how this all turned out for you.. in a very similar situation but am only in the beginning stages..Hoping for insight ..

In the PEER program in Oklahoma. Self reported 9/1/2016 and joined PEER shortly after. Was able to return to work 12/30/16. My employer allowed me to return with the stipulations I was given. I am go blessed they allowed me to return to the ER. Life was bleak at the beginning but now it's looking up!

Specializes in Psych, Addictions, SOL (Student of Life).


sobriety date 10/22/04

Diversion completion date may 2009

Currently working In-patient Psych and loving it.

Specializes in ER, ICU/CCU, Open Heart OR Recovery, Etc.

I have been clean since 2000, left nursing that same year. I didn't decide to come back until 2013/14, began the lengthy process of getting my license unsuspended at that time. I completed a one year monitoring with my original state of licensure to facilitate that, and completed it last year. My license there is currently on Probation, with some conditions imposed that are difficult to fulfill because I've lived in another state for three years.

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