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  1. SororAKS

    What you didn't know

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. SororAKS

    The Culture of Nursing

    Yes. I have many years of experience and definitely use technology. The stereotype of the old nurse that can't use a computer does not apply to all experienced nurses. It is just an excuse. Just like assuming newer nurses cannot be committed to one job or specialty for long. A good nurse manager looks beyond the physical appearance or age bracket and knows how to bring out the best in everyone.
  3. SororAKS

    Former LVN With Current Felony Charge

    Hopefully we get kinder and more sure of ourselves as well. If we are fortunate we learn how to both set personal boundaries and that we have more options than we see. If we are really fortunate, we stop fighting each other and learn the supreme value of supporting each other. A few will realize that collective power works.
  4. SororAKS

    Former LVN With Current Felony Charge

    My own story has many parallels with your own. I left nursing for a lot of the same reasons. I got charged and convicted with felonies for benzodiazepine theft. I let my license expire and the BON suspended it. I went back to college, got a second degree, and attempted to restart in another career. A few years ago I decided to come back, or at least try to come back to nursing. I started completing the requirements, one by one, including getting a psychiatric evaluation, paying fines, signing a monitoring contract, completing continuing education, etc. I recently applied for Reinstatement, and was granted Probation with conditions. I also got my felony convictions and arrests expunged. I tried everything I could to leave it all behind, but didn't have much success starting over. Had I faced things with the nursing board when they happened, things today would be a great deal less complicated in terms of getting back to active practice. At the time, I thought I'd never return, didn't want to return, had no plans of returning. I had deviated so far from the ideals I had established for myself during the time I practiced, and was so ashamed, that I felt my only option was to leave. So I did. Back when all this was happening, and I was facing charges, I was petrified. It was very scary. I had a good support system, and just tried to take one day at a time. At the sentencing, I got Probation and suspended sentences that ran concurrently, ordered to go to treatment and receive an evaluation, court costs/fines. After that, I worked my way through the probationary periods and successfully completed both. Once I did that, I worked as a housekeeper for a time. Eventually I went back to college. What I'm basically saying is that I get where you're at, and you're most certainly not alone. I shared my story, painful as it is even after all these years, to let you know that you aren't the only one. Had I known that, and had I had access to the forum we now post on, perhaps my story would have taken a different turn. One thing that has helped me through the years with all this, is to take things one day at a time; another is to realize that the emotions I feel are not who I am. They are a part of my experience, but they are not ME. I let them happen, let them pass through. I find that I remain. Many of us here have made it through similar things to yours and emerged with better lives. So can you.
  5. SororAKS

    I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    This is an old post, but the points are salient. This echoes a lot of what my husband goes through and experienced earlier in his life. He is a bit older than you, and his parents just thought it was "him". Thank goodness there is more understanding about these issues today. My hat is off to you, to my husband, and to the many others out there who deal with it every minute of every day.
  6. SororAKS

    Throwing the Rubik's Cube at Nurse Burnout

    Thank you so much for sharing. I would not be in my present situation had I been able to see what you were able to in time. I appreciate your gut wrenching honesty.
  7. SororAKS

    Nurses Have Feelings Too

    You did everything you could. The family was acting out because they lost a family member, suddenly. That doesn't excuse their actions, but it didn't have anything to do with you. I'm so sorry this happened. Been there. *Hug*
  8. SororAKS

    Who are the lucky ones not working the holidays???

    Definitely Per Diem. I've done my time.