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RN nclex reviews???

I have taken the RN nclex 2 times now and I can't seem to pass. I have used the ATI, Saunders, and Lippincott books as well as purchased a program called Review for Nurses. Not blaming anything for my failed exams, just seeking additional help. Welcoming any advice......THANKS!!!

Did you do Kaplan? Everyone I know that completed the program had passed. It helps you undestand how to answer questions & areas you need more practice in.

I have been hearing alot of buzz about Kaplan....just didn't know if it would be similar to the nclex here in Indiana. Will look into it though....thanks!!!

Ashley_RN specializes in ICU/Critical Care.

Do not be discouraged. If you are determined to do this, you will! Like LauRN mentioned above, I definitely recommend Kaplan. I took it myself and couldn't be happier with my decision. Also, all but one of the students I took the class with have passed. How are you approaching your studying? I gave myself a solid 4.5 weeks to prepare, forcing myself to do 100-150 ques/day. (Any more and I think your brain will not process information properly). I also found it helpful to study with another student who was also taking the exam. You would be surprised how many little facts/details you and your friends remember from nursing school that end up being very helpful. Everybody's exam is different, as I'm sure you are well aware, so giving you advice based on mine would be worthless. However, I will say, KNOW YOUR PRECAUTIONS. It seems to be a reoccurring trend with everyone I've spoken too.

If you have any questions or need any advice, don't hesitate to message me! And goodluck!!!

Ashley_RN :nurse:

Thanks Ashley and LauRN.

My study habits, I think are extreme. For the last 2 months I have studied all kinds of things. I guess that could be my problem. Heck, maybe I am studying to much. I really don't know where to begin. I am definitely gonna look into Kaplan's program and go from there. My anxiety levels during the test are a whole different story. I appreciate you two!

Summer Breeze specializes in PICU.

I would recommend Kaplan as well. Their question bank was helpful and they really seemed similar to the questions I had on the NCLEX.

I would also recommend Saunder's for more detailed information. I love to know details (i'm extremely detail oriented), so Saunders helped complement my Kaplan review book. I didn't really use the questions on Saunder's, I only went through questions on content areas I needed help on.

ALSO, look up mnemonics from allnurses. The infection control mnemonic really saved my life i.e. spiderman.

Good luck! =)

hi worriednurse :)

i too was a repeat test taker for the nclex. i had been out of school for about 4.5 yrs when i asked my employer if they would pay for my way to the sylvia rayfield review class. this is the review class they payed for the nursing students that went through the facility's nursing program funded by a local community college. i was actually ready to pay out of pocket when they told me they would cover my fees to attend the class. i was so excited!! this is a $310 class and imho so worth every penny! i went through the class which was amazing and my instructor was phenomenal. i know kaplan works for alot of people, but it did not work for me; and that's not to say that it won't work for you. but in the end what also helped, was alot of faith and prayer, and building my confidence back up. the review class i attended helped me gain my confidence back. i also learned to stay calm and be positive. before my last attempt at the exam, i was also thinking negatively...i had failed before, what if i fail again? i was so fearful...but this time it was different. i had positive coworkers, family, support from allnurses.com and i learned to stay calm. being nervous was helping me pick the wrong answers instead of the right answers. keep trying and don't give up. hard work and perseverance always pays off!! here is a link that a very generous person posted in the nclex discussion forum: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-tackle-guide-501435.html the previous posters mentioned the infection control mneumonics, they are all here as well, along with other helpful information. know your different positions, infection control backwards and forwards, know the diets and know the classifications of certain drugs. for labs, just know the ranges and what it means if they're low or high. you don't have to memorize every single lab value. know your diabetes, insulins, endocrinology: hyper/hypothyroidism. know how to prioritize patients, the linda lacharity book is a great example many have used. lastly, believe in yourself and trust your instincts!

all the best,

jadu1106 :)

Thanks Ashley and LauRN.

My study habits, I think are extreme. For the last 2 months I have studied all kinds of things. I guess that could be my problem. Heck, maybe I am studying to much. I really don't know where to begin. I am definitely gonna look into Kaplan's program and go from there. My anxiety levels during the test are a whole different story. I appreciate you two!

That could be part of the problem. There is NO WAY that you will be able to know everything. Heck, I had to make some educated guesses myself. Knowing how to answer NCLEX questions is key. If you decide to go ahead with Kaplan, I would suggest that you jot down the topics that you missed after you take the test & review those topics. Studying everything from books won't help.

I used the Saunders books (one that was a review book of topics with some questions on every topic and another that just had Q and A). They also had cd roms in back of the book for more practice questions that I did. Then about a week before the test I read over the Kaplan review book. I found all of these helpful and have also heard great things about kaplan. They guarantee passing or get your money back.

I took Kaplan also and believed it really helped me. The Question Tree that teaches you how to answer questions really seemed to help me during the NCLEX. I also liked the Question Trainer/QBank questions and felt that they were pretty similar to the NCLEX.

I too just took NCLEX today and I am so worried that I didn't pass. I took Kaplan and did all the testtakers and the Qbank questions. I am just really worried that the outcome is not going to be good.

I took the Sylvia Rayfield Review Course which I thought was ok, but it helped a lot of people I went to school with. Also, I've heard Hurst is good. I would try something different. If just doing questions didn't work the first time, try something else. Also review new medications and top medications. Good luck and hope my advice helps in some way!

JbreezyRN specializes in LTC/Pediatrics.

Hi worriednurse. Kaplan worked wonders for me. First time I took the nclex I only used saunders and failed. I bought the strategy guide and qbanks and passed the second time around. If you can't afford qbanks, I'd go with Lacharity's prioritization,delegation and assignment..another life saver for me. If I were you I'd just do practice questions since it seems like you have done enough content review already. Good luck to you!

thank you all so much....I will never give up! Will have to wait for 45 days to take again....but will definitely keep you all posted!

I used the Sauders and NCSBN.org learning extension. I felt the NCSBN website really helped me, and it's only $50 for three weeks. Give it a try :nurse:


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