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  1. "worriednurse"

    RN nclex reviews???

    thank you all so much....I will never give up! Will have to wait for 45 days to take again....but will definitely keep you all posted!
  2. "worriednurse"

    hiv exposure?

    If you had opened areas or stuck yourself with a needle, then yes. If there was no actual contact with the patient's body fluids, there is no need to worry. Obviously, you learned a valuable lesson the day this happened. Remember to treat all your patients as if they are infected, and protect yourself!
  3. "worriednurse"

    Is the WIA grant for any nursing student??

    I applied for the WIA or workforce investment act, here in Indiana. It was a great program! They paid my entire tuition, helped with uniforms, books, utilities and even gas vouchers. It was a quick and easy process. Good luck :)
  4. "worriednurse"

    RN nclex reviews???

    Thanks Ashley and LauRN. My study habits, I think are extreme. For the last 2 months I have studied all kinds of things. I guess that could be my problem. Heck, maybe I am studying to much. I really don't know where to begin. I am definitely gonna look into Kaplan's program and go from there. My anxiety levels during the test are a whole different story. I appreciate you two!
  5. "worriednurse"

    RN nclex reviews???

    I have been hearing alot of buzz about Kaplan....just didn't know if it would be similar to the nclex here in Indiana. Will look into it though....thanks!!!
  6. "worriednurse"

    RN nclex reviews???

    I have taken the RN nclex 2 times now and I can't seem to pass. I have used the ATI, Saunders, and Lippincott books as well as purchased a program called Review for Nurses. Not blaming anything for my failed exams, just seeking additional help. Welcoming any advice......THANKS!!!
  7. "worriednurse"

    what would you do?

    Sad thing is if you quit there and go somewhere else, it will probably be happening there as well. All my experiences in long term, have been that way. On another note I would definitely speak to someone about the things that are happening. Eventually, you won't have many friends there; or someone may actually do something about it. Good luck :)